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Full text of "A register of the members of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, from the foundation of the college. New series"

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A Register of the Members 
of St. Mary Magdalen 
College, Oxford 

From the Fozmdatzon of the College 


FELLOWS: 1882— 1910 








I 9 I I 



The first volume of this Register of the Fellows was 
issued in 1894, and it is with thankfulness to Him Who 
has granted to me continuance of ability for the work, that 
I now close the record at the end of the year 1910. It 
is a record of which the interest is maintained throughout, 
interest which should animate all who can call themselves 
Alumni Magdalenenses to seek to uphold our noble 
foundation in ever-growing fulfilment of the Founder's 
designs as a House of Religion and Learning. 

In the existing roll of Fellows wellnigh every branch of 
scholarship and study is fully represented. And in order 
that the representation may be perfect in detail, and that 
the record may be accepted as authoritative, and recognized 
as showing minutety the varied spheres of work, pro- 
fessorial, tutorial, or in research, which find, or in recent 
years have found, their exponents and students amongst 
us, I have been enabled by the ready help of colleagues to 
furnish full lists of printed evidences attesting multifarious 

There is no need to add in this volume, as in the others, 
a list of College records which have been consulted. The 
Register kept by the Vice-Presidents furnishes an annual 
summar}^, and the President has from time to time supple- 
mented it. Mr. H. A. Wilson has never failed me in his 



wonted critical oversight and ready help. And The 
Magdalen College Record of living members, privately 
printed in two parts in 1909-10, by the compiler, John 
Murray, junior (the loyally attached Honorary Secretary 
of the College Association), has in several cases given me 
information. To the skilled Readers at the Clarendon 
Press I desire to tender my acknowledgements of the care 
and accuracy displayed in the revision of proofs. 

And now, with failing head and hand, but with unfailing 
heart and will, I end this my work. 

W. D. Macray. 

May, 191 1. 

Stet fortuna Domus. 
Setnper henedicat Benedictus. Atnen. 



Extracts from Registers and Bursars* Accounts i 

Fellows 35 

Honorary Fellows . 97 

Presidents not previously Fellows .... 102 
Extracts from the Earliest Bursars' Books . .118 

Addenda 123 

Corrigenda 125 

Index 127 


Portrait of the Author . . . * . facing p. 54 

Fac-simile of two pages from the earliest 

Batell-book ...... facing p. 122 

RECENT ADDENDA: June, 1911. 

Vol. vi, p. 159. Hessey, R. F. Died 15 June, aged 84. 
Vol. vii, p. 84. Raleigh, W. A. Knighted at the Coronation. 







1881. I Feb. £20 towards repairs of the Schools at Old 
Shoreham ; £25 towards the restoration of the Church at New 

Mr. C. S. Routh appointed Attorney to act for the College in 
all matters relating to the manors of the College. 

3 May. The new Statutes of the College were confirmed by 
Her Majesty the Queen in Council. 

12 May. Sale of certain duplicates from the College Library 

£10 towards the erection of a spire on the tower of Alton 
Church; £10 towards rehanging the bells, &c., at Hilmarton 

The office of Bursar was divided into the distinct departments 
of Estates Bursar and Home Bursar, Mr. Henderson becoming 
the former and Mr. Hopkins the latter. 

21 July. The printing of Mr. Macray's Notes from the 
Muniments of the College authorized. 

£25 towards repairs in Wanborough Church. 

No Gaudy was held this year on account of alterations in 
progress in the kitchen. 

10 Nov. An annual payment of £5 105. from the Crown 
redeemed at 30 years* purchase. 

£25 towards the erection of a parsonage house at St. George's, 
Tilehurst [transferred to the building the Church there, i Feb., 
1884]; £10 towards repairs at the Church at East Ilsley; £25 
towards the restoration of Appleton Church; £10 towards 
increasing the School accommodation at Aston Tirrold; £5 
towards restoration of the Church at Garford ; £10 towards 

B 2 


repair of the roof of Dinton Church ; £200, in four years, 
towards internal fittings for Chalgrove Church. 

15 Dec. £10 towards the restoration of the Chancel of the 
Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Oxford; £1 is. annual 
subscription to the Clothing Club at Tubney. 

The maximum fee payable for boys at Wainfleet School 
reduced from £8 to £6. 

Consent to the sale of the advowson of Brandeston ; [sold to 
Mr. E. Fellows for £500, 3 Dec. 1884]. 

1882. I Feb. £250 granted towards the endowment of the 
Bishopric of Southwell, payable in five years. £10 towards 
repair of the Church at Beighton, Suffolk. 

II April. Thanks of the College to the Prior of the Monastery 
at Downside, Bath, for the gift of a printed Sarum Breviary, 
which appears, from memoranda in it, to have been formerly in 
the possession of a member of the College. [See vol. ii of this 
Register, p. 221.] 

II May. £10 towards repair of the Church at Ivychurch, 
Kent; £2 2s. to the School at Headington Quarry. 

25 May. £5 55. to the Schools at Barcheston, Warw. ; £10 
towards increasing Infant School accommodation at West 
Tarring, Sussex. 

26 May. The Waynflete Professorship of Physiology founded, 
with a Fellowship attached. 

28 June. Rev. J. G. Boyd, M.A., resigned the mastership 
of Brackley School. 

5 July. Walter Parratt, Mus. Bac, resigned his office as 
Organist, on appointment to the like office at St. George's 
Chapel, Windsor, ^'suadente serenissimo Principe Leopoldo, 
duce de Albany, necnon domicilio ampliore ibi oblato." 

20 July. £5 to Oseney Parish School ; £10 to Teffont School, 

22 July. No invitations for the Gaudy were issued on account 
of the lamented death, on the loth inst., of J. E. Henderson, the 
Estates Bursar. [See vol. vi, p. 166.] 

5 Aug. Rev. Isaac Wodhams, M.A., Cambr., appointed 
Master of Brackley School. 



10 Oct. The School and School House at Brackley to be 
repaired at a cost of £164. £10 towards the repair of Otham 
Church tower. 

21 Oct. John Varley Roberts, Mus. Doc, elected Organist, 
from twenty-one candidates. 

14 Nov. £50 towards the rebuilding of Brandeston Church 
tower; £50 towards the restoration of St. John's Church, 

12 Dec. £5 towards defraying a debt on Cowley Parochial 
School. The subscription to Wanborough School withdrawn, 
a Board School being established there. 

The quarter-days of the College ordered to correspond with 
the usual quarter-days. 

1883. I Feb. A final subscription of £100 towards the 
restoration of Selborne Church ; £50 towards the restoration 
of Marston Church, Oxon ; annual subscriptions of £1 to the 
Coal Club and £1 to the Clothing Club at Wanborough. 

10 May. £2 per an. for three years towards a coflfee-and- 
reading-room at Willoughby, Warw., [deferred till 1885] ; £25 
towards erection of a rectory-house at Fritton, Suffolk. 

11 June. The angels' heads over the doorway of the Great 
Tower to be restored. 

The College ringers forbidden to apply for or to receive any 
fees on election of Foundation members or on any other pretext 

19 July. Further donation of £10 towards the restoration of 
Appleton Church, Berks; £5 towards repairing the bells at 
Headington Church. 

The College will give land to the value of £500 as a site for 
a Church and Parsonage at Wandsworth, and subscribe £10 
annually for five years towards the maintenance of a Curate. 

The subscription of £5 5s. to the Choir Benevolent Fund to 
be discontinued after this year. 

25 Oct. Details respecting the new entrance-gate settled. 

£15 to the Infant School at Fritton; £15 towards the restora- 
tion of Wanborough Church ; £5 towards heating apparatus at 
Beighton Church ; £30 towards a mission room for the parish 




of St. John, Horsleydown, and £10 annually to the parochial 
charities there. 

I Dec. The Bishop of Oxford [Mackarness] preached in the 

13 Dec. £10 towards the repair of Ashbury Church ; £1 15. 
towards repair of the organ at Denchworth ; the annual sub- 
scription to the Schools at Standlake increased to £10. 

1884. I Feb. £10 towards the restoration of Oddington 
Church, Oxon ; £10 towards the enlargement of the British 
School at Benson. 

The glass in the screen between the Chapel and Ante-Chapel 
to be removed. 

16 Feb. Frederick Pocock Bulley, M.A. (son of the President), 
appointed Home Bursar. 

13 March. An offer through the Rector of Exeter College of 
two emus was accepted ; [only one came, and this died in about 
a year's time. The other died on the way in coming]. 

£5 towards the warming and lighting of Tysoe Church; £5 
towards repair of the bells at Aston Tirrold Church ; the sub- 
scription to Candlesby School raised to £6 65.; £10 towards 
the expenses of the Northants Agricultural Society's meeting at 

24 April. £5 towards repair of damage done to South New- 
ington Church by a late gale ; £5 towards repairs of Ducklington 

The hour of evening service in Chapel altered from 5 o'clock 
to 6, and that of dinner to 7, throughout the year. 

4 May. Dr. Edward King (afterwards Bishop of Lincoln, 
then Canon of Ch. Ch.) preached in the Chapel. 

21 May. Application to be made to the Visitor for the 
suspension of elections to Fellowships for seven years, the 
expenditure of the College being in excess of its income. 

The bells and belfry to be repaired. 

£25 to Wandsworth Free Library; £100 towards the restora- 
tion of King's Somborne Church ; £5 for repairs at Ropley 
Church ; the subscription to Lowestoft School increased to £3 3s. 

18 July. £25 towards the expenses of the Thames Preserva- 



^ion Association; £225. to the Wainfleet Foal Show; £225. 
annually to Bramdean Parochial School. 

28 Oct. Settlement of plans for the new Gateway, [and on 
3 Dec.]. The acacia tree in front of the President's lodgings 
to be removed. 

The bells to be rung by the College ringers only, and by 
them on the customary days alone. 

£5 towards repairs of North Somercotes Church; £1 15. 
annually to St. Peter-le- Bailey Parochial Schools ; £10 annually 
to Quinton Parochial Schools. 

The infliction of fines on Fellows for absence from College 
meetings abolished. 

2 Nov. Rev. Charles Gore, Fellow of Trinity College (now 
Bishop of Birmingham), preached in the Chapel. 

3 Dec. £50 for a mission room at Hempton, and a site; 
£5 towards repair of Bablock Hythe bridge. 

On Christmas Eve the full peal of bells were again heard 
ringing their joyful midnight salutation. During nine months 
they had been partially silent while some were being re-hung. 

1885. I Jan. The death of Major-General Rigaud, brother 
of our Fellow, John Rigaud, who had been some years pre- 
viously admitted as a member of the College, and at one time 
had occupied rooms in it, is thus recorded in the Vice-Presi- 
dent's Register : Omnibus qui in Collegio aderant ingentem 
luctum effecit nuntiata mors Magistri Gibbes Rigaud, societati 
nostrae non solum adscripti verum etiam sincero amore devincti. 
Vir militia clarus, etiam inter belli studia rerum antiquarum 
diligens exstiterat scrutator: postquam arma pro toga com- 
mutarat, in Academiam honoris causa adscitus, res in Oxonia 
et in Collegio olim gestas, locorum atque sedificiorum situs, 
summo studio exquirere, aliis quserentibus enarrare, semper 
amabat. Bonus ipse, omnium bonorum amicus fuit, necnon 
operam bonis operibus dabat assiduam. Morbo correptus 
subitaneo ultimo Decembris die, postridie ex hac vita migravit, 
amicis suis (qui quidem quamplurimi erant, tarn inter Mag- 
dalenenses quam inter extraneos) desideratissimus." (See 
Annals of the Bodleian Library, second edition, 1890, p. 480.) 




He was buried on 5 Jan. in Holy Cross cemetery, Oxford, an^ 
on the same day in the same cemetery a most promising and 
esteemed commoner of the College, Edmund Roscoe. Tablets 
in memory of both were placed in the Ante-Chapel in April. 

1 Feb. The President of Trinity College (now Bishop of 
Hereford) preached in the College Chapel. 

24 June. The office of Third (Junior) Bursar abolished. 

1886. 24 Jan. H.R.H. Prince Christian Victor, of Schleswig- 
Holstein, dined in Hall. Two days later his son Prince Christian 
Victor was matriculated as a member of the College. 

Feb. Frederick Pocock Bulley, M.A., was re-admitted Home 

27 May. The College boat was at the head of the river. 

28 June. A general College ball was given for the first time 
in the Hall ; 300 were present. 

14 Nov. Dr. F. Paget, Ch. Ch., Prof, of Pastoral Theology 
(now Bishop of Oxford), preached in the Chapel, [and again on 
4 Nov. in the following year]. 

18 Nov. Edward Richard Christie, M.A., Corp. Chr. 
Coll., Cambridge, was elected Head Master of the College 
School; summarily removed 20 Jan. 1888. [Died 19 Apr., 

1887. I Feb. Owen Seaman, B.A. of Clare College, Cam- 
bridge, appointed Usher of the Grammar School ; resigned in 
July of the following year. [Now Editor of Punch.'] 

7 Dec. Fresh bye-laws respecting the Chapel Services were 

1888. 2 Jan. John Harris, who had held for almost forty 
years the office of Keeper of the Daubeny Laboratory, resigned 
his office. John Job Manley appointed as his successor 19 Jan. 
[See Giinther's History, p. 25.] 

2 March. The Rev. Frederick Heathcote Sutton, the last 
of the Gentlemen Commoners, died. He was matriculated 
29 May, 1851, and took the degrees of B.A. in 1856, and of 
M.A. in 1858. The College testimony to the last member of 
his class is of the most honourable kind, as to one who was 
altogether a Christian gentleman. He became Rector of Brant 



Broughton, Line, in 1873, and a prebendary of Lincoln in 1883. 
" Per multos annos insignissimam famam prae exquisitissima 
scientia artis ecclesiasticae apud viros doctos consecutus erat." 
V. P. Reg. He suggested to Mr. Bodley the main idea of the 
design for the Memorial Tablet to President Bulley. 

7 March. The Rev. William Edward Sherwood, M.A., 
Ch. Ch., was appointed Head Master of the School. 

24 May. On the College boat beating NewCollege and becoming 
again head on the river, it is recorded that ^^quidam barbari 
caerulei ex Hungaria" (the Blue Hungarian Bandl) ^'fidibus 
tibiisque perscitissime " assisted in celebration in the Hall. 

6 Aug. Charles Edward Brownrigg, B.A., formerly Exhibi- 
tioner, appointed Usher of the School by the Head Master. 

10 Aug. Further new Statutes, promulgated on i Feb., were 
approved by the Queen in Council. 

3 Oct. The new Lodgings, erected under the direction of 
Messrs. Bodley and Garner, were occupied by the President. 

25 Oct. On the 200th anniversary of the Restoration of the 
Fellows in 1688, the Visitor, and Bishop Durnford of Chichester, 
Honorary Fellow, attended the dinner. 

5 Dec. The presence of a Notary Public no longer to be 
required at the admission of Fellows. 

24 Dec. The first part of the Messiah was sung in the 
Chapel, and only the Carols in the Hall. [But after 1889 the 
old custom was resumed, and the whole celebration of the Eve 
took place in Hall.] 

1889. 16 May. H. W. Chandler, M.A., Fellow of Pembroke 
College, the Waynflete Professor in our College of Moral 
Philosophy, died. " Vir et propter praeclarissimam eruditionem 
in litteris Aristotelicis in Academia nostra insignissimus, et ab 
omnibus qui eum familiarius cognoscebant propter comitatem 
et facilitatem dilectissimus. In sermonibus ejus . . . et in con- 
tionibus . . . tantum salis et venustatis erat ut memoriam eorum 
in mentibus auditorum nulla unquam oblivio delere possit." 
V. P. Reg. 

1890. 6 Feb. Mr. Gladstone breakfasted with the President ; 
the Vice-President and some Fellows and undergraduates were 




present, "quos omnes senex, diu et multum in Republica 
versatus, egregio sermonis lepore mire delectabat." V. P. Reg. 

30 July. Regulations regarding the Chapel Services. 

£100 granted for enlargement of Chinnor School, Oxon (and 
further on 25 May, 1892), with annual subscription of £5 in 
place of £10; £5 towards repair of St. 01ave*s Church, 
Southwark, with annual subscription of £1 is. ; £25 towards 
repairs of Upnately Church, Hants. 

Some repair of the Great Tower was during the Long Vacation 
completed; it was partially refaced, its outer surface having 
become decayed, and a new statue of St. Mary Magdalen was 
put up on the eastern side. 

1891. 22 Oct. The portraits of Dr. Routh and Bishop 
Phillpotts were lent for exhibition in London at the Exhibition 
of the era of Queen Victoria. And leave was given to the 
Bishop of Winchester, the Visitor, to have a copy made of the 
portrait in the President's Lodgings of the Founder. 

16 Dec. Sales of land at Speen, Berks, and at Ewhurst, 
Hants (to the Duke of Wellington); purchase of land at 
Chalgrove, Oxon. 

£10 granted towards enlargement of the School at Charlton- 
on-Otmoor, Oxon ; £20 towards improved water-supply at 
Denchworth, Berks, (and additional on 14 Dec. in the next year). 

1892. I Feb. Enfranchisement of copyholds in the manors 
of Candlesby and Multon Hall, Line. 

Grants for repair of Saltfleetby Church, Line, (and additional 
on I Nov. 1893), and to parochial charities at Bradford, Somerset. 

16 March. Loan of a MS. of Gregory Nazianzen granted 
for use in the University Library at Strasburg. 

Sale of a small piece of land at Southwick, Sussex, being all 
that remained there from the 15th century in the possession of 
the College. 

New buildings at Hempton, Oxon, and Westham, Sussex. 

25 May. Grants for Church restoration at South Newington, 
and towards erection of a vicarage-house at Northmoor, Oxon, 
and for increased School accommodation at Theale, Berks, and 
Headington Quarry, Oxon. 




20 July. Proposal for the foundation of the Wayneflete 
Professorship of Pure Mathematics carried. 

Electric lighting of the Hall adopted experimentally for one 

Sale of a farm at Aynho, Northants. 

22 July. The Bishop of Winchester, our Visitor, was present 
at the Gaudy. 

2 Nov. Resolved that the proposed new School House be 
built on the other side of Magdalen Bridge. 

Sale of 19 acres at Brackley. Grant of a site for school at 
Harwell; Berks. 

14 Dec. Grant to Wainfleet School of £3 per an. for an 
exhibition, and £40 per an. for a special exhibition for a boy 
to be transferred to the School in Oxford. 

Portraits to be painted of the three successive organists, 
Sir John Stainer, Sir Walter Parratt, and Dr. Roberts. 

Sale of nine acres of land at Wandsworth. 

Grant towards maintenance of the Patten tomb in the church- 
yard at Wainfleet, and to the Infant School at West Hanney, 

22 Dec. More than 150 applicants stood for the vacant place 
of Head Cook ! George Huxley was appointed, [who still holds 
the office]. 

1893. I Feb. Committee appointed to arrange for restora- 
tion to the Chapel of memorial brasses removed when the 
warming apparatus was installed many years ago. 

Sale of Beech Place farm at Alton, Hants. 

Eleven acres of land at Wandsworth sold for a cemetery. 
[And ten acres more i Feb. 1897.] 

Grant of £10 towards additional burial ground at Syresham, 

15 March. The plan prepared by Sir A. Blomfield for the 
new School House adopted. 

Leave granted for a copy of the portrait of Prince Henry to 
be made for the Grammar School at Evesham. 

Grant of £50 annually for five years to St. Mary Magd. 
parish, Wandsworth. 



Grants to Schools at Great Houghton, West Tisted, and 
North Marston. 

31 May. The list of annual subscriptions to various charities 
in several counties revised, and in some cases contribution 

Design for proposed east window in the Chapel of Brackley 
School referred to the Bursarial Committee. 

Grants for repairs at Ashbury Church, Berks, and Fritton, 

Pension of £52 per an, to John Brooker, an old and esteemed 
servant, on superannuation. 

20 July. Portrait of Bishop Butler presented by Dr. Fell. 
[Now in the Lodgings.] 

St. Swithin*s Building to be electrically lighted. 

Grants for repairs at Deddington Church and Horspath. 

24 July. H.R.H. Princess Christian lunched in Hall, accom- 
panied by about 70 nurses, together with the President, Sir 
H. W. Acland, and others ; and afterwards in the Chapel 
Dr. Roberts gave a performance upon the organ. 

I Nov. Grants for Church repairs at Swerford, Horsington, 
and Saltfleetby All Saints (and additional on 4 Nov. 1896), and 
for enlargement of School at Northmoor. 

10 Nov. After boating success on the river, the rejoicings of 
the undergraduates in College were so riotous that all leave for 
entertainment of guests or absence from College was suspended 
for a fortnight. [In the next year on a similar occasion in May 
there was a supper in Hall at which some of the Fellows were 
present, "neque ultra terminos decentis hilaritatis progressum 
est " ; V. P. Reg. And again in 1895, on a fourth victory, the 
like festivity took place, followed by a bonfire in the meadow, 
at which the Vice-President and Senior Dean of Arts were 
present. And similar rejoicings in later years for victories at 
football and other athletic sports.] 

13 Dec. Grant towards erection of new Schools at Headington, 
and enlargement of School at Whitfield, Northants. 

A portion of the site of the Bodleian Library in the Schools' 
quadrangle, being the site of the old Logic School, which had 



been originally leased to the University by the College in 1613, 
and held at an annual rent of £3, was sold to the University 
for £7,000, the lease having expired in 1892. The College 
undertook to make an annual grant to the Library, conditionally, 
subject to future arrangements and the statutory contributions 
of the College to University purposes. A full statement of the 
case is given in the University Gazette of 2 May, 1893. The 
purchase was sanctioned in Convocation on 16 May by 64 to 46. 
An explanatory statement as to the position of the College in 
the matter was issued by the President on the preceding day. 

1894. I Feb. Grants towards additional School accommoda- 
tion at Bradwell, Suffolk (increased on 7 Nov.), and at Standlake 
(increased on 7 Nov.), on 7 March for Brancaster and Appleton 
Schools, on 30 May for Candlesby School, and on 7 Nov. for 
Syresham, Horspath, Tubney, and East Bridgeford. 

At the beginning of October the School removed from the 
houses occupied by it in High Street to the new and large 
buildings erected on the further side of Magdalen Bridge. 

7 Nov. Two exhibitions of £20 for one year given to boys 
from Brackley School to come to the College School at Oxford. 
[One was renewed in 1896 for two years, and a special grant 
was made on 4 Nov.] 

An offer of American ostriches from Baron Ferdinand 
Rothschild for the College Grove was declined. 

Grant of £100 in three years towards restoration of Ropley 
Church, Hants. 

12 Dec. Sale of Spital Farm at Aynho. 

1895. I Feb. Consent was given to the union of the benefice 
of Aston-Tirrold with that of Aston-Upthorpe [but the proposal 
was not carried out]. 

A Committee was appointed to enquire whether a copy of the 
Reynolds portrait of Edward Gibbon was obtainable. [In 1896 
an offer was made of a portrait supposed to have been painted 
by Zoffany ; but it was declined for want of absolute verification 
as to the person represented. Sir George Scharf advised 

Grants for increased School accommodation at Fritton 




Suffolk, and again on 13 March ; towards repair of the roof 
of Lowestoft Church, and to a Reading-room at Ramsdale, 
Hants; and for Garsington School on 13 March, and Dench- 
worth, Berks, and Pyrton, Oxon, on 29 May. 

29 May. Grant towards restoration of Kirton Church 
[additional in 1900]. 

20 July. Grant of £10 for three years for a Mission to rail- 
way labourers on the Great Central Railway, land in Northamp- 
tonshire having been bought for the railway from the College. 

Grant towards increased School accommodation at Duck- 

25 July. A ball in College at which about 500 were present. 
[A like number in 1898.] 

6 Nov. Purchase of land at Standlake. Repair of Church 
tower at Chinnor. 

II Dec. Grants for additional School accommodation at 
Brackley, and at Belton, Suffolk ; for enlargement of St. Ann*s 
Church, Wandsworth; and £100 for Shoreham Church. 

1896. 18 March, 27 May, and 4 Nov. Various sales of land 
at Basingstoke, Wolmer Forest, King's Somborne, Petersfield, 
and Marston, with sale of the vicarage house at Old Shoreham. 
And purchases at Standlake, Helmdon, in Oxford and London, 
and at Syresham. 

Grants to St. Mary Magd. Church, Wandsworth, to Titchwell, 
Frampton, and Swannington Churches, enlargement of church- 
yards at South Newington, Oxon, and Horspath, Oxford Eye 
Hospital, &c. 

The condition of the Chapel windows was brought under 
consideration by Mr. Underbill on 27 May, and in consequence 
one window was cleaned by Messrs. Hardman in this year. 
But on 17 March, 1897, it was decided that the cleaning should 
not be carried further. 

It is worth noting that on July 7 the afternoon service in 
Chapel was ready without any portion being choral, because the 
choristers in coming to College were caught in a violent 
thunderstorm, and, being wet through when they arrived, were 
wisely sent back at once. 



[Unfortunately, the years 1896, 1897, are blanks in the Vice- 
President's Register, no entries having been made.] 

1897. I Feb. Sale of land at Wandsworth to the Wandsworth 
Burial Board. 

Grants towards the restoration of All Saints' Church, Wain- 
fleet, and for enlargement of the churchyard at East Ilsley. 

17 March. Mr. Fred. Bulley resigned the office of Home 

The brass gas-standards in the Ante-Chapel ordered to be 
adapted for electric lighting. 

Sale of two wharfs in Southwark. 

26 May. Ordered that the University Sermon on St. John 
Baptist's Day be always preached from the Stone Pulpit, with 
the consent of the Vice-Chancellor for the time being, and weather 

Sale of property in Holywell Street and the Strand, London, 
to the London County Council ; of a farm at East Meon, Hants. 
Land bought at Syresham. 

20 July. Ordered that a stone tablet in the churchyard of 
St. Peter's in the East, marking the site of the old vicarage- 
house, and bearing an inscription written by Dr. Routh, be 

£200 to be expended on improvement of the Chapel organ ; 
the College arms to be inserted in a window in Kirton Church, 
Lincolnshire ; grant for improvement of the path on the zig-zag 
at Selborne ; for alterations in Candlesby Church ; for a reading- 
room at Syresham. 

A committee appointed to consider the condition of the 
Founder's Chantry in Winchester Cathedral. [A report was 
subsequently obtained from W. St. John Hope, M.A., the 
Assistant Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries, and printed, 
and on i Feb., 1898, it was ordered, in accordance with the 
report, that the doors should be cleaned.] 

On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 
a dinner was given in Hall to all the College Servants, and on 
June 24 a tea to their wives and families, for which a band was 


3 Nov. Consent given for the pulling down of the tithe barn 
at East Ilsley, Berks. 

Purchase of land at Little Barford, Oxon, and of seven houses 
in Bethnal Green. 

15 Dec. £40,000, the sum obtained from the sale of Gunshot 
Wharf in Southwark, assigned to the purchase of property in 
Euston Road, &c., in St. Pancras parish, London. 

1898. 16 March. Committee appointed, on the proposal of 
Mr. Greene, to consider the College heraldry ; reported 25 May. 

Thanks given to H.R. H. Prince Christian, for his gift as 
Ranger of Windsor Park, with the approval of the Queen, of 
two does. 

Land at Wandsworth sold to Mr. Lionel Phillips for £16,000. 
Consent to the sale by the Vicar of Fittleton of 20 acres of 
glebe to the War Office. 

Grant for enlargement of the School at Amport, Hants. 

1 May. The Earl of Rosebery was present on the Great 
Tower at the singing of the Hymnus Eucharisticus, 

25 May. Land at Marston sold to Trinity College for a 
cricket ground. 

Grant towards enlargement of the School at Croughton, 

20 July. Much land bought at Horley and at Souldern, 
Oxfordshire, and at Willoughby, Warwickshire, and twelve 
freehold houses in London ; at a total cost of about £27,000. 

Grant of £50 for gymnasium, &c., at Brackley School. 

Grants to St. Saviour's, Southwark, and to the School at 
King's Somborne. 

2 Nov. Application to be made for the degree of M.A. to 
be conferred on Prince Christian Victor as a member of the 

Purchase of land and houses at Kirton, Line, Standlake, 
and Wanborough. 

Grant to the Friendly Society at Basing. Annual subscription 
to the School at Souldern. 

Exhibition at the College School given to a pupil from Wain- 
fleet School. 


17 Nov. Prince Christian Victor, Commoner of the College, 
planted two trees in the Grove. [Created M.A. by diploma 
29 Nov. Died at Pretoria 29 Oct., 1900. ^' Princeps non 
solum natura sed etiam indole et moribus, ab omnibus amatus, 
pro patria mortuus est ; requiescat in pace " : V. P. Reg. The 
President published his biography as The Story of a Young 
Soldier) see vol. vi, p. 190. And in May, 1904, he gave a portrait 
of him to the Junior Common Room.] 

14 Dec. The President was requested to sit for his portrait. 
[The portrait was painted in 1899 by Sir W. B. Richmond, and 
is in the Lodgings. A bromide facsimile is given in vol. vi of 
this Register.'] 

Continuance of an exhibition for a boy from Brackley School 
at the College School in Oxford is granted for two years 

The Ante-Chapel to be open to visitors for two hours daily. 
[See 4 Nov., 1908.] 

Consent given for the pulling down of the tithe barn at 
Fittleton, Wiltshire. Sales of land at Bramdean, Hants, and 
Westham, Sussex, and purchase at Wanborough. 

Grant to Brackley School with regard to instruction in 
Chemistry and Carpentry. 

Grants to the Schools at Headington and Candlesby ; towards 
erection of a Chapel at Petersfield Union House ; and for an 
addition to the Churchyard at Wainfleet All Saints. 

1899. 12 Jan. One of the carved figures in the Cloister 
Quadrangle was blown down in a storm. 

I Feb. A cast of a carved Assyrian slab, which had been 
given to the College in 1848 or 1849 by Mr. Hormuzd Rassam,* 
to be given to the Ashmolean Museum. 

Purchase of land, &c., at Candlesby. 

Grants to Schools at Shrivenham, Berks, and Barford 
St. Michael, Oxon. 

15 March. Committee to consider and report on moving 
some of the monuments in the Ante-Chapel. 

* See Annals of the Bodleian Library, second edition, 1890, p. 474. He died 
16 Sept., 1910. 


t8 extracts from the [1899-1900 

The Manor Farm at Chalgrove, Oxon, purchased for £4,000. 

An old door and panelHng from the President's old Lodg- 
ings, given to Ashbury Church, to be placed in a screen. 

Grants to Moulton Church, Norfolk ; Wanborough Church, 
Wilts; and for repairs to Syresham School, Northants [increased 
29 May, 1901]. 

24 May. On the 8oth birthday of Her Majesty Queen 
Victoria, verses written by the President and set to music by 
Sir Walter Parratt were performed before her at Windsor. 

31 May. A committee appointed to enlarge and reprint the 
Anthem Book used in Chapel. 

Land at Wandsworth sold to the School Board of London 
for £4,550. 

Two houses bought in High Street, Oxford. 

Grants for enlargement of Churchyards at Brackley and 
Standlake; for Fritton Church, Suffolk; to the Schools at 
Denchworth, Berks, East Bridgeford, Notts, and Wootton, Oxon. 

20 July. Land and cottages bought at Standlake, at Syres- 
ham, and at West Hanney, and woodland at Tubney. Land 
sold at Brackley. 

Grant towards restoration of Bramber Church; towards 
making new roads at Wanborough [increased on 12 Dec.]. 

22 Nov. Rev. W. W. Holdgate, M.A., of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, appointed Head Master of Brackley School on the 
resignation of Rev. Isaac Wodhams, [who in the following year 
was presented by the College to the rectory of Great Houghton, 
Northamptonshire]. On his resignation, the College records its 
sense of his long and unsparing devotion to the best interests 
of the School", and requests him to accept the sum of £100 in 
token of the same. 

13 Dec. Grants for the Schools at Basing and Chinnor, &c. 
1900. I Feb. Grant of £10 to the Wandsworth Technical 


14 March. 45 acres of land at Selborne sold to Lord Sel- 
borne, adjoining his estate. 

Annual subscription of £2 2s. to the Wainfleet Foal Show. 
£10 to Swaby Church. 




9 May. The King of Sweden visited the College. 

30 May. An Exhibition of £40 granted to a boy at Wainfleet 
School to enable him to go to the College School at Oxford. 

Subscriptions to the Schools at Benson and Northmoor, Oxon, 
and Somercotes, Line. 

Land at St. Ann*s Hill, Wandsworth, sold to the Wands- 
worth District Board. 

28 June. Land and cottages bought at Hopton, Suffolk. 

6 Oct. John Holiday appointed Junior Porter on the death 
of William Allnutt, who is said in the Vice-President's Register 
to have been most faithful in the discharge of his duties, and, 
after much suffering borne with fortitude, ''morte sua tam 
senioribus quam junioribus nostris verum dolorem praebuisse." 

11 Oct. Resignation by Rev. W. Sherwood, M.A., of the 
Head Mastership of the College School. The College there- 
upon record their strong sense of his assiduity, loyalty, and 
devotion, and of the substantial services he has rendered to the 

Thanks were given to the King of Sweden for the gift of his 
Works in prose and verse ['^Samlade Skrifter af Oscar 
Fredrik"], printed at Stockholm, 6 vols, 1855-95. 

7 Nov. Charles Edward Brownrigg, M.A., formerly Exhibi- 
tioner of the College, Usher of the School, elected Head 

Report from Mr. St. John Hope on the Chapel Porch 

Sales of lands at Petersfield, Hants; Nuffield, Oxon ; Framp- 
ton. Line. ; Headington, Oxon, &c., and purchase of 1,348 acres 
from Lord Macclesfield's Trustees, of the Manor Farm at Aston, 
Oxon, and of land at Ashbury, Berks, and Berwick Salome and 
Ewelme, Oxon. 

Grants for restoration of East Bridgeford Church, Notts, and 
to the School at Ropley, Hants. 

12 Dec. Percy Dighton Pullan, M.A., Ch. Ch., appointed Usher 
of the School. 

Leave given to Mr. Bowdler Sharpe to make excavations at 
Selborne Priory. 




During this year bonfire-rejoicings were rather frequent ; on 
I March, on the relief of Ladysmith in the Boer War ; 21 May, 
on the rehef of Mafeking ; 30 May, on the College boat becoming 
the head of the river. 

1901. 12 March. " Mortem obiit Johannes Robson, per xxv 
annos apud nos Clericus laicus, quem virum, indole in arte 
musica non mediocri praeditum, constantia simul et verecundia 
singulari imbutum, suspiciebamus et verebamur omnes*'; 
V. P. Reg. 

13 March. £50 granted towards the celebration of the Ter- 
centenary of the Bodleian Library; twenty-five guests to be 
entertained in College. 

The stipend of the Organist, Dr. Roberts, raised to £300, and 
additions of £5 and £10 after five or ten years' good service to 
be made to the stipends of the Lay Clerks. [See vol. vi, 
pp. 68, 69.] 

Purchase of land at Syresham. 

All the College property at Tempsford, Bedfordshire, pro- 
ducing about £60 per an., to be sold by auction. 

29 May. On a report from a Committee appointed to consider 
a proposal for re-opening the old doorway called " The Pilgrims' 
Gate" (opposite the Botanic Garden), it was resolved in the 

Grant of £2 25. towards enlargement of Ducklington School, 

Sale of land at Croughton, Northants, and purchase of land 
at Benson, Oxon. 

24 June. A memorial to four members of the College who 
have died in the war in South Africa to be placed in the Ante- 
Chapel. [Resolved on 17 Dec, 1902, that it be a tablet.] 

20 July. Eight Exhibitions of £18 185. each to be founded in 
the College School at Oxford. 

Sale of 6i acres of land at Basingstoke to the People's 
Investment Company. 

Sales of land also at Otterbourne and at Sheet, Hants, and 
purchases at Chalgrove and Pyrton, Oxon, and Wanborough, 




Annual grant of £10 to the British School at Athens continued 
for five years further, and like grant to the British School at 
Rome for five years. 

6 Nov. The limit of expenditure on Brackley School raised 
to £800, 

Thanks to Lady Stainer for gift to the College Library of 
books by Sir John Stainer. 

Two sites for Churches to be reserved on the Wandsworth 

Grants to Schools at Basingstoke, Findon, Selborne, Horspath, 
and Northmoor. 

Purchases of land at Gorleston, Suffolk, and Clevancy, 

11 Dec. Leave given to the Committee of Art for Schools to 
reproduce the portrait (in the Hall) of Prince Rupert. 

Sale of land at Farthinghoe and Middleton Cheney, 

1902. I Feb. Two houses in King Street bought from 
Merton College. Sale of land at Saltfleetby. 

Subscription of £15 155. continued to the Schools at Cuddes- 
don, Oxon, which was formerly given by the Macclesfield 

12 March. The Daubeny Laboratory to be enlarged and 
re-arranged at an estimated cost of £1,746. 

The Report of the Committee on the re-roofing of the Hal! 
accepted; to be carried out by Mr. Kett, of Cambridge, at an 
estimate of £3,556. 

28 May. Sale of six: houses in Sardinia Street, London, to 
the London County Council for £16,500. 

Entertainment to be given to the children of the College 
servants in honour of the Coronation of King Edward VH. 

Grants of £2 25. towards restoration of Snargate Church, 
Kent, and £4 45. for North Somercotes Church, Line. 

21 July. Report on the restoration of the Chapel Porch, as 
proposed by Mr. Gunther, accepted. 

Purchase of farm at Sandford-on-Thames. 

Sale of land at Thornborough. 




5 Nov. Regulations respecting admission of Rhodes Scholars 
at the College ; not more than four in any one year. 

Land (7 acres) at Otterbourne bought from Winchester College. 

17 Dec. The attendance of the Aularius [the chorister who 
called for the Gratiarum Actio] in Hall to be discontinued on 
ordinary days. 

The Caldecott Hall estate in Suffolk sold to Sir S. Crossley 
for £10,250. 

Land at Glympton and Wootton, Oxon, sold to Mr. H. Barnett. 

A quit-rent of 35. /\.d. at Northmoor, Oxon, payable to the 
owner of Nuneham, redeemed by resignation of rights over 
a path by the river. Two small quit-rents at Thornborough 

1903. 2 Feb. Sale of land at Lowestoft to the Lowestoft 
Water and Gas Company. 

£10 towards repair of the Chancel roof of Fittleton Church. 

II March. The stipend of the Head Master of the College 
School increased by £50 on the Choristers' Account ; future 
choristers to pay £9 9s. towards their tuition. 

New buildings and improvements at Brackley School ; esti- 
mated cost, £3,500. 

The use of Selborne Hill granted for five or six days during 
the ensuing summer for military manoeuvres, subject to consent 
of copyholders. 

27 May. In regard of the provisions of the new Education 
Act of Parliament it was ordered that annual subscriptions to 
parochial Schools should be discontinued, and future grants be 
made only for building or enlargement. 

Grant of £50 towards excavations at Cnossus. 

29 June. The work of the new roof of the Hall was begun 
under the direction of G. F. Bodley, and on the same day the 
donor of the cost, H. E. Garnsey, died at Bath. [See vol. vi, 
p. 157.] The work was completed during the Long Vacation. 

4 Nov. £100 granted to Rev. Kirsopp Lake, M.A., of 
Lincoln College, towards examination of MSS. at Mount Athos, 
Rome, &c. [A further grant of £15 was made on i Nov., 1905.] 

£50 for additional school accommodation at Horspath. 



14 Nov. Count von Talleyrand-Perigord matriculated from 
Germany as one of the Rhodes Scholars. 

8 Dec. John J. Manley, the Keeper of the Daubeny Labora- 
tory, created Hon. M.A. 

16 Dec. Grant of £50 for apparatus for research work in the 

Grant to Mr. Gunther (increased on i Feb., 1904) towards 
reproduction of drawings by Buckler (now in the British Museum) 
of the buildings of St. John's Hospital. 

£50 towards a new organ in the Chapel of Brackley School ; 
[and on 21 July, 1908]. 

Pension of £52 to George Grant, a College servant, retiring 
after 40 years' service. 

1904. I Feb. Grant of £50 towards rebuilding of the Church 
Tower at Souldern, Oxfordshire ; and £ 10 toward a Reading and 
Recreation Room at Garsington. 

25 May. An application from a gentleman at Brussels for 
leave to purchase deer from the Grove was refused. 

£5 for repair of churchyard wall at Barford, Oxon. 

22 June. W. Marconi, the inventor of wireless telegraphy, 
was entertained in College by Professor Miers on the occasion 
of his receiving the honorary degree of Doctor in Science. 

20 July. Grant of £50 to the Cretan Exploration Fund. 

A gift of two black swans from the Vintners' Company was 
accepted. [One died and has been replaced by another.] 

House and farm at Standlake bought for £1,700; cottages 
and land bought at Northmoor, and at Bampton Aston, Oxon. 

Small grants towards enlarged School accommodation at Swer- 
ford, Hillmarton, and Basing, [the latter increased by a grant 
on Nov. 2]. 

2 Nov. Grants towards repair of the tomb of Dr. and 
Mrs. Sheppard at Amport, Hants ; for bells, &c., at Selborne 
Church ; improvements at Otterbourne School, &c. 

14 Dec. Grants to the Daubeny Laboratory. 

Loan to the Church History Exhibition at St. Albans, to be 
held in June, 1905, of impressions of the seals on various epis- 
copal and conventual documents. [On 15 March, 1905, it was 




further agreed to lend the MSS. of Cardinal Wolsey's Gospel- 
book and of a twelfth-century Pontifical, each being insured 
for £250.] 

1905. I Feb. The report of a conference between the School 
Committee and the Higher Education Sub-Committee of the 
Local Education Authority was received. It was agreed that 
the College School should be opened to the whole of Oxford 
for the higher classical education to the extent of provision for 
130 boys, the present number being 90. 

£50 for repairs at Wanborough Church, and £25 towards 
additional School accommodation at Headington Quarry. 

15 March. Property in Cowley Place, Oxford, purchased 
from Christ Church for £8,500, and property in Southwark 
purchased for £19,000. 

Sale of the remainder of the College property at King's 
Sombourne, Hants, for £6,000, and of property at Westbury, 
Bucks, for £2,500. 

£50 for cases to contain Cretan collections given to the Ash- 
molean Museum through Mr. Hogarth. 

Small grants to Schools at East Bridgeford, Notts, and Aston 
Tyrrold, Berks, and for Church repairs at Denchworth. 

31 May. £15 to Mr. J. K. Fotheringham towards photo- 
graphing MSS. in Italy; £100 for additional stops, &c., in the 
Chapel organ ; £50 to Dr. Grenfell for exploration in Egypt ; 
£100 for work in the Water Walks. 

£10 towards a memorial in Tilehurst Church, Berks, of 
J. W. Routh, late Rector ; £50 annually for four years towards 
enlargement of St. Mary Magdalen Church, Wandsworth ; 
£100 in two years towards restoration of Ashbury Church. 

Bonfire and fireworks in the meadow for success of the 
College boat on the river. [In 1906 also at the head of the 
river, when one of our present Fellows, J. L. Johnston, rowed 
in the boat.] 

20 July. Cottages and land at Brandiston, Norfolk, purchased 
for £925. 

£5 towards a parish clock at Sheet, Hants ; £10 towards repair 
of Church spire at Quinton, Glouc. 




22 July. A presentation took place at a meeting in the Hall, 
at which all the Choir were present, to Dr. John Varley Roberts, 
the Organist, of a silver salver, by subscription of many 
members of the College in recognition of his marked ability in 
the training of the Choir, of his eminence in his profession, and 
of the high regard in which he is held. The President gave 
happy expression of the sense universally entertained of his 
services, and was followed by Mr. Brightman (as Dean of 
Divinity), Dr. Macray (who mentioned Dr. Roberts as the fifth 
organist he had known, worthily carrying on the work of his 
immediate predecessors Sir John Stainer and Sir Walter 
Parratt), and Rev. E. Vine Hall (formerly Chorister and Clerk, 
and afterwards Precentor of Worcester Cathedral). The in- 
scription on the salver (written by A. D. Godley) is as follows : — 
^loanni Varley Roberts, Mus. Doc. in Collegio B. Mariae 
Magdalenae Organistae, munus vicesimo quarto iam anno exer- 
centi et cum sua tum Choristarum quos informat peritia aures 
animosque delectanti hoc voluntatis indicium d. d. amici Mag- 
dalenses a. s. mcmv.'* The Vice-President (A. E. Cowley), in 
his Register, describes him as one who not only for twenty-four 
years had charmed ears with sweet melody and hearts with 
kindness, but also as being Choristis suis propter benignitatem, 
Sociis propter pietatem, carus, ab omnibus propter peritiam artis 
musicse docendse et exercendse pariter sestimatus 

I Nov. Portrait of the Estates Bursar, G. E. Baker, to be 
painted ; to be placed in the Bursary. [Painted by Will. 

A gift of 2,000 conifers from the Royal English Arboricultural 
Society accepted, to be planted at Tubney. 

* Dr. Roberts, fourth son of Joseph Varley Roberts, of Stanningley, York- 
shire, born 25 Sept., 1841 ; matric. at Christ Church, 9 March, 1871 ; B.Mus. 
8 July, 1871 ; D.Mus. 29 June, 1876 ; F.R.C.O. 1876 ; organist at Armley, near 
Leeds, 1862 ; at Halifax Parish Church, 1868 ; appointed organist at our College 
1882, in succession to Sir Walter Parratt. On leaving Halifax he was presented 
with a large silver salver and an illuminated address, together with other gifts. 
Married in 1866 Elizabeth Yates Jane, daughter of Rev. Parsons James Maning, 
Vicar of Parsley. His compositions, well known to all musicians, include over 
fifty anthems, much organ music, Church services, Christmas carols, sacred 
Cantatas, and songs. He is also the author of a well-known treatise A Practical 
Method of Training Choristers^ 4to, Oxford, 1898. 




Grant of £140 for desks, apparatus, &c., at Brackley School. 
Exhibition of £40 at the College School in Oxford for a boy 
from Wainfleet School; [increased to £48, 13 Dec.]. 

Land bought at South Newington, Oxon. Land sold at 
Findon, Sussex. 

£5 for additions to the School at Ashbury ; £2 25. annually 
for District Nurse at East Bridgeford, Notts ; £2 2S. towards 
restoration of a chantry in Lymington Church, Somerset, in 
regard of Wolsey having been appointed Rector of that parish 
in 1500; £20 to the Acland Nursing Home, Oxford ; &c. 

13 Dec. The stipend of Dr. Roberts, Organist, was raised 
to £400. 

Appointment of a Standing Committee for the care of College 

The large portrait of Archbishop Boulter, formerly in the 
Hall, to be placed in the School Room. 

£10 to Mr. E. G. Hill for carrying on research work in the 
Daubeny Laboratory ; £15 to Mr. Gunther towards construction 
of a map, in relief, of the Phlegrsean Fields. 

The advowson of Saltfleetby St. Peter^s, Line, to be purchased 
from Oriel College for £500 [see p. 28] ; land at the back of 
houses in High Street from New College for £350. £625 for 
improvements in houses in Vine Street, Clerkenwell. 

£100 granted towards the repairs of Winchester Cathedral; 
and the repair of the Founder^s Chantry undertaken. [See 
17 March, 1909.] The annual grant of £10 105. to the British 
School at Rome continued for five years. The annual subscrip- 
tion to the Eye Hospital at Oxford increased to £3 35. 

1906. I Feb. Property purchased at Andover (£1,600) and 
at Headington (£200). 

£10 towards Reading-room at Findon, Sussex [and £2 25. 
annually for 3 years, 12 Dec] ; £25 for Parish-room at Chal- 
grove, Oxon ; £5, enlargement of Churchyard at Cuddesdon. 

14 March. Exhibition of £20 for three years to L. E. Brown, 
of Brackley School, elected to an Exhibition of £30 at 
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, [continued for two years 
longer, 21 July, 1909]. £20 annually for three years to the 



Oxford University Day Training College. £ 10 towards restora- 
tion of pictures in the Bodleian Library. 

Plans for infirmary accommodation at the College School, 
by Sir A. Blomfield, approved ; £600. 

£10 to the British School at Athens for excavations in Laconia ; 
[£io additional granted 12 Dec.]. 

Permission given for a copy of the portrait of Lord Selborne 
to be made for the National Portrait Gallery. 

£10 to the British School at Athens for five years. £5 towards 
enlargement of the Churchyard at Beighton, Norfolk ; £2 25. to 
a Rifle Club at Chinnor, Oxon. 

27 June. Sale of property at Thornborough, Bucks. 

Improvements on various estates in Norfolk, Oxfordshire, 
Northamptonshire, and Lincolnshire. 

7 Nov. Women students to be admitted to College lectures 
at the discretion of Tutors and Lecturers. 

£5 for improvements at Bourton Church, Berks. 

Land purchased at Standlake for £600. 

12 Dec. The Schoolmaster at the College School to have 
the School House rent free. 

£10 towards restoration of Bradwell Church, Suffolk; £5 
towards enlargement of the Churchyard at Garsington, Oxon ; 
£2 25. for three years to the Village Institute at Fin don, 

1907. 27 Jan. The Visitor of the College (Bishop Ryle) 
celebrated Holy Communion in the Chapel. 

I Feb. £25 for a reading-room at Selborne. 

Scheme for electric lighting approved ; to be carried out 
during the Long Vacation. 

20 March. Stipend of the Waynflete Professor of Pure 
Mathematics increased. 

Pension of £50 per annum to William Brooker on retirement 
from faithful service for nearly thirty-nine years as a bed-maker. 

£10 towards cost of the Catalogue of the Oxford Exhibition of 
Historical Portraits. 

Grant of £100 to Vicar of Basingstoke towards Church 




Consent to acceptance of a site given by Earl Howe for 
a Church at Beaconsfield. 

£25 towards a Reading-room in the district of St. Andrew's, 
Wandsworth ; £20 towards repair of the roof of Tubney Church. 

Twenty teachers attending a Conference of the National Union 
of Teachers in Easter week to be accommodated in College. 

29 May. Agreement with Oriel College for the union of the 
benefices of Saltfleetby All Saints and Saltfleetby St. Peter's, 
with alternate presentation. 

The Founder's buskins and sandals lent to the Society of 
Antiquaries of London for exhibition. [Engraved, and described 
by Mr. W. St. J. Hope, in vol. Ix, 1907, of the Archaeologia, 
pp. 485-7-] 

The manuscript Calendar of the documents relating to 
Tempsford, Bedfordshire, lent to Mr. A. F. Leach, M.A. 

Thanks for a gift of £50 for two years by Mr. J. Allen and 
Mr. A. B. Ramsay to increase the salaries of masters at Brackley 

Sale of a farm at Ashurst, Sussex, and of two houses in 
Pembroke Street, Oxford. 

Purchase of small quantities of land at Headington and 
Stanlake, Oxon. 

£5 for repairs at Beighton School, Norfolk; £10 to the 
Chapel-of-ease at Andover, Hants ; £20 towards repair of the 
tower of Gorleston Church, Suffolk. 

20 July. Foreign geologists to be entertained on a visit to 
Oxford at the end of September. 

Purchase of a house in Cornhill, London, and of land at 
Thornborough, Bucks. 

22 July. Latin service used at celebration of the Holy 
Communion in Chapel. 

6 Nov. Offer accepted from Rev. W. D. Fanshaw, M.A., 
of an Exhibition of £50 per an. for ex-choristers who are 
candidates for Holy Orders. 

Purchase of house and land at Horsington, Lincolnshire. 

Topping's Wharf, Tooley Street, Southwark, to be sold by 
auction with a reserve price of £13,000. 


Sale of six houses in High Street, Oxford, to Queen's College ; 
completed 18 March, 1908. 

Brackley School : (i) Permission for construction of an organ 
chamber on the north side of the Chapel ; (2) a house adjoining 
the school to be let to the head master at a rent of £20; 
(3) Loan of £ 150 for providing a bathing-place. [An additional 
grant on 26 May, 1910.] 

£5 towards repairs of Quinton School, Gloucestershire. 

Annual subscription of £2 25. towards providing a Village 
Nurse at Wanborough, Wilts. 

II Dec. Consent to the union of the benefice of Boyton, 
Wilts, with the adjoining one of Sherrington, with alternate 

Grant of £20 to Mr. A. M.Woodward, formerly Demy, to assist 
excavations at Sparta. [Further grant of £ 15 on 18 March, 1908.] 

Consent to sale of about 53 acres of glebe at Swerford, Oxon. 

£50 towards repairs at Otterbourne Church, Hants ; £5 
towards repair of the spire of Great Houghton Church, 
Northants; £5 towards alterations at Ewelme School, and 
£2 25. to Barford St. Michael School, Oxon. 

£20 to Rev. Kirsopp Lake towards photographing the New 
Testament portion of the Codex Sinaiticus. 

1908. I Feb. Scheme for the regulation of the College School 
at Brackley, in conjunction with the Northamptonshire County 
Council, approved. 

100 acres of land at Tubney leased to the Abingdon Golf Club 
for 21 years, at an annual rent of £50. 

£5 granted for repair of the roof of Old Shoreham Church; 
£2 25. towards restoration of the Village Cross at East Hanney, 
Berks ; £10 towards re-hanging the bells of Shrivenham Church. 

18 March. Application from Mansfield College for leave to 
put the arms of the College in a window in their Chapel, and 
from Mr. E. H. New for permission to dedicate a drawing of 
the College to the President and Fellows ; both granted. 

MS. 223, Cardinal Wolsey's illuminated Gospel-book, lent 
to the Burlington Arts Club for four months; to be insured 
for £200. 




25 March. Charles Edward Plumb, M.A., Chaplain 1897- 
1903, consecrated as Bishop of St. Andrew's. He was created 
D.D. honoris causa on 12 March. 

27 May. Grant of £100 to Worcester College towards 
rebuilding portions that had fallen. 

Report of a committee for erection of bath-rooms, approved ; 
to be carried out in the course of the Long Vacation. 

Improved heating of the Hall and Smoking Room to be carried 
out also in the Long Vacation. 

£20 towards providing a Mission-room at Kirton Skeldyke, 

21 July. Repairs to the Great Tower and the Muniment 
Tower to be carried out, as recommended by the Antiquities 
Committee ; the State Rooms to be re-decorated ; a new clock 
to be placed in the Great Tower by John Smith & Co., of Derby. 

Leave given to the Dean of Christ Church to print the 
Hymnus Euchartsticus in an Oxford Hymn-book now being 

£25 towards repairs at Horsington Church, Line; £10 
towards rehanging the bells in Berwick Salome Church, Oxon ; 
£5 towards repairs at Frampton Church, Line; and £25 to 
Quinton Church, Glouc. 

£5 annually for two years to the fund for preserving the 
Roman villa at North Leigh, Oxon. 

15 Oct. C. Beesley, Chapel Porter, retired after many years' 
service with a pension of £60 per an. He was one who was 
heartily devoted to his duties and to the Chapel, which he loved 
and cared for faithfully, as I can bear testimony from personal 

4 Nov. Several small pieces of land bought at Quinton, 
Glouc, Denchworth, Berks, and Frampton, Line; a piece sold 
at Headington, and mowing rights at Garford, Berks. 

Leave given to the Bradshaw Society to print MS. 226, an 
English Pontifical of the twelfth century, to be edited by 
Mr. Wilson. [Issued by the Society in Nov., 1910.] 

The Ante-Chapel to be open for not less than four hours 
every day. 


Permission to the Teachers' Conference to hold their annual 
meeting in January, 1909, in the College. 

Ivy to be removed from the Great Tower. 

9 Dec. The Library copy of Sir T. M ore's English Works 
(Lond. 1557) lent to the University Library at Montpellier for 
nine months. [An extension of the period granted on Nov. 3, 

1909. 2 Feb. The new Oxford Hymn-book adopted for use 
in the Chapel. 

Thanks to Rev. W. C Masters for gift to the Library of 
a box containing manuscript letters from A. Welby Pugin, the 
architect, to Dr. Bloxam. 

Consent to the holding of the living of Stixwould together 
with that of Horsington, Line, by the present incumbent of the 

Grants : £50 in aid of the publication of Professor Burnet's 
Lexicon to Plato ; £50 towards endowment of a new Church 
at New Headington, Oxon; £50 additional for enlargement 
of Syresham School, Northants, and £10 for enlargement of 
North Marston School, Bucks ; £5 towards repairs of the 
Chancel of Aston Tirrold Church, Berks; £25 yearly, renewed 
for three years further, to the University Day Training College ; 
£5 towards a rifle range at Headington: and £10 yearly for 
five years towards payment of the officer commanding the 

Loan towards enlargement of School buildings at Horspath, 

17 March. Report accepted from Mr. T. G. Jackson on 
necessary repairs to the Founder's Chantry in Winchester 
Cathedral, dangerously injured by the subsidence of the 
foundations of the Cathedral ; cost estimated at £378. 

Land at Harwell, Berks, sold for a Parish-room and Club. 

Land at Wandsworth sold to the London County Council. 

£20 towards repair of Burgh Church, Line, and £5 to 
All Saints' Church, Wainfleet. 

£100 annually for two years to the 'Working Men's Tutorial 
Classes '. 




26 May. Committee appointed for arranging the printing of 
the Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John Baptist, in conjunction 
with the Oxford Historical Society, under the editorship of 
Rev. H. E. Salter, M.A. 

The old piece of tapestry formerly used as a cover for the 
High Table at College meetings to be hung, for preservation, 
in the President's Lodgings. 

An Appendix, containing the words of thirty-four additional 
anthems, to be added to the Chapel Anthem-Book. 

Consent, under conditions, to the provision of a bathing-place 
in the Cherwell, near St. Clement's Church. 

£5 towards the re-hanging the bells at Helmdon Church, 
Northants; £10 to the Royal Bucks Hospital. 

Three acres of land sold in plots at Headington. 

21 July. Sale of four acres of land at Headington on the 
Shotover Road, and purchase of 74 acres at Bramdean, Hants. 

£10 towards a Reading-room at Whitfield, Northants; £2 25. 
towards re-hanging the Church bells at Thornborough, Bucks. 

22 July. The Archbishop of York was amongst the guests 
at the Gaudy. 

3 Nov. Thanks to Mr. E. P. Warren for gift of copies of 
drawings by him of the Great Tower. 

Sale of seven acres of land at Shotover ; and of 84 acres 
at Otterbourne to the Corporation of Southampton for water- 

Grant of £120 towards repairs of the rectory house at Basing; 
£10 towards the making by Wadham College of a raised 
pathway at Marston; £5 towards repairs of the School at 

Consent to assignment of £60 per an. to the living of 
Basingstoke to meet a like sum from the Ecclesiastical Com- 
missioners for provision of a curate. 

The carvings given by Bishop Phillpotts to the College in 
1865 [see vol. vi, p. 60), which had been dispersed in several 
places, were replaced in their original situations in the Hall, 
at the end of November, by the Vice-President, Mr. Greene. 

8 Dec. The College, on the resignation by Mr. Baker of 



the Estates Bursarship, the office held by him through 25 
years, records its deep sense of his services and its regret 
at the loss of his able and experienced guidance. He retires 
with the maximum pension of £400, and is re-elected as a 
Fellow without emolument; re-elected, as the Vice-President 
justly notes, at the beginning of the next year, "ne omnino 
desideretur nobis talis viri prudentia, comitas, sagacitas." 

The stipend of the Head Master of the College School 
increased to £350. An exhibition of £50 per an. granted to 
a pupil at Wainfleet School to enable him to come to the 
School at Oxford. 

Grant of a site for a parsonage at New Headington ; £5 
towards a Reading Room at Golden Common, Hants ; £5 
for improvements at Tysoe School, Warwickshire. 

1910. I Feb. £10 towards re-hanging of the bells in 
Candlesby Church, Line. 

16 March. Rev. Rob. Forster Ashwin, M.A., Pembroke 
College, Cambridge, appointed (out of 80 candidates) Head 
Master of Brackley School on the resignation of Rev. W. W. 
Holdgate, upon the latter's appointment as Head Master of 
Sutton Valence School. 

Six acres of land bought at Selborne. 

Grants: £100 towards providing additional school accommo- 
dation at Brancaster, Norfolk; annual subscription of £1 15. 
to the Buckingham Nursing Association, and also to the 
Brancaster Association; £10 to the Oxfordshire Agricultural 
Association towards their show this year in Oxford. 

25 May. Grant of £50 to the Keeper of the University 
Archives (Mr. Poole) to enable him to deal with the arrangement 
and recording of a mass of documents relating to proceedings 
in the Chancellor's Court. 

The gift by Mr. Percy Fitzgerald of a bronze bust of Charles 
Reade gratefully accepted. 

Purchase of 19 acres of land at Evenley, and of a house in 
St. Ebbe's, Oxford, and sale of 33 acres at Braishfield, Hants. 

£3 35. for improvements at Hopton School, Suffolk. 

21 July. Grant of £100 annually to Rev, R. F. Hessey, 




vicar of Basing and Upnately, towards employment of an 
additional curate. 

£20 to special fund for several parochial schools in Oxford ; 
£10 towards repair of the spire of Slymbridge Church; £20 
towards enlargement of Bramdean Church; £10 towards erec- 
tion of a vicarage house at Marston ; £10 towards enlargement 
of the parochial school at Belton; £10 towards re-hanging of 
the bells and repair of the Church tower at Tysoe. 

On this day James Moody, butler of the College and Senior 
Common Room attendant, one valued for long and faithful 
service, died suddenly in sleep. The President, Vice-President, 
and many others attended his funeral. 

8 Oct. The President resigned the office of Vice-Chancellor, 
which he had held with unwearied energy, prudence, and care 
for four years, years full of important discussion and move- 
ment. In his valedictory speech in Convocation (which was 
privately printed) he gave a review and commemoration of all 
the noteworthy events and transactions during his term of office. 
Here it need only be added that he retired from office with 
the highest appreciation by the whole University of his ability 
and his work. 

14 Dec. 75 acres of land at Wandsworth sold to Messrs. 
H. T. and H. Holloway, builders. 

Order respecting the care of the Founder's Cup and the 
Restoration Cup. [Described in vol. iii, pp. 223-4.] 


Existing Fellows are noted with an asterisk. 
1882. Burdon-Sanderson, John Seott. Admitted Fellow as 
Waynflete Professor of Physiology. Second son of Richard 
Burdon, formerly Fellow of Oriel College, who added the 
name of Sanderson on marriage to daughter of Sir James 
Sanderson, Bart., of West Jesmond, Northumberland. Born 
21 Dec, 1828. M.D., Edinburgh, 1851. LL.D. F.R.S. 
Lond. [and Edinb.], 1867. Hon. D.Sci., Dublin. Medical 
Officer of Health for Paddington, 1856. Professor of Phy- 
siology in University College of London, 1870-82. M.A. 
by decree of Convocation, 27 Feb., 1883. President of the 
British Association, 1893. Examiner in Medicine, 1885. 
Created baronet, 3 June, 1899. Regius Professor of 
Medicine, 1895 ) resigned 1903. Elected Honorary Fellow, 
29 May, 1895, on resignation of his Ordinary fellowship. 
Died 23 Nov., 1905 ; buried at Oxford, 28 Nov. 

Married in 1853 Ghetal, daughter of Rev. Ridley Herschell (died 
3 July, 1909). An excellent portrait painted for the College 
by Mr. C. Furse hangs in the Hall. It was ordered 28 June, 
1900. A full obituary-notice, with account of his researches 
and papers by F. G[otch], occupying 18 pages, is in Proceed- 
ings of the Royal Society, Series B, vol. Ixxix, 8^, Lond., 1907. 

Hamilton, John Andrew. Second son of Andrew Hamilton, 
Manchester. Matric. at Balliol College as Scholar, 28 Jan., 
1878, aged 18. First class in Classical Moderations, Trin. 
term, 1879, and in Litt. Hum., Mich, term, 1881. B.A., 
12 Apr., 1882. Elected Fellow, 20 July, 1882. M.A., 
17 Dec, 1884. Barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple, 1883. 
K.C., 1901. Appointed Counsel to the University, Feb., 

D 2 



1906. Justice of King's Bench, 4 Feb., 1909. Elected 
Honorary Fellow, 26 May, 1909. Knighted, 1909. 

*Underhill, George Edward. Second son of Henry Scrivener 
Underhill, Oxford. Educated at Christ Church Cathedral 
School. Elected Demy, 25 June, 1877. Matric. 26 Jan., 
1878, aged 18. Second class in Classical Moderations, 
Trin. term, 1879. First class in LitL Hum., Mich, term, 
1881. B.A., 8 Dec, 1881. Elected Fellow, 20 July, 1882; 
re-elected 28 May, 1890, 26 May, 1897, and 29 May, 1907. 
M.A., 31 May, 1884. Junior Dean of Arts, 1885, 1886, 1887. 
Examiner in Responsions, 1885. Examiner in Pass Schools, 
Feb., 1886. Classical Tutor, 1883-1910. Vice-President, 
1888, 1889. Senior Proctor, 1894. Examiner in Z///. Hum., 
1895, 1896, 1897. Delegate for the Extension of Teaching 
beyond the Limits of the University, 1895-1910. 

Married, April, 1904, Mabel Spencer, daughter of Edward 
Spencer Scott. 

1897, 2nd Lieutenant, 1899, Lieutenant, 1901-8, Captain, in 
the 2nd V.B. Oxfordshire Light Infantry, and 1908-9, 
Captain in the 4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light 
Infantry. Retired in 1909 with the privilege of retaining 
his rank and with the Volunteer long service medal. 

Edited for the Clarendon Press, in 1888 Xenophon's Hellenica, 
i. ii, with introduction and notes; in 1892 Plutarch's Lives 
of the Gracchi, with introduction and notes ; and in 1899 
Xenophon's Hellenica, i-vii, with introduction, notes, and 

Chapman, Edward. Eldest son of John Chapman, M.P., 
of Hill End, Mottram, Cheshire; born 12 Oct., 1839. 
Matric. at Merton College, 14 June, i860, aged 20. First 
class in Natural Science, Mich, term, 1864. B.A., 24 Nov., 
1864. M.A., 7 Feb., 1867. Delegate of Local Examinations, 
1879-96. Curator of the Botanic Garden from 1876. 
Curator of the Hope Collection. Delegate of the Museum 
1877-82. Appointed Lecturer in Natural Science on the 
first establishment of the College lectureship, 18 Nov., 1868; 
thanked by the College for undertaking to lecture to artisans. 



1876 (see vol. vi of this Register, p. 70). Elected Fellow, 
12 Dec, 1882, and admitted, i Feb., 1883 ; re-elected 20 July, 
1889, and, with the warmest unanimity, as Fellow without 
emolument, 6 Nov., 1901. Fellow of the Linnean Society. 
J. P. D.L. for Cheshire. M.P. for the Hyde division of 
Cheshire, 1900-5. Deputy Chairman of the Great Central 
Railway. Director of the South Eastern Railway. Lord 
of the Manor of Hattersley. 
Married in 1863 Elizabeth Beardoe, daughter of F. Grundy, 
of Mottram. Died 25 July, 1906, aged 66; buried at 
Mottram, 29 July. The crowds that attended the funeral 
attested in an extraordinary way the esteem and affection 
which this high-principled pattern of an English gentleman 
had won among all classes with whom he had come in 

An account of his work in College as Lecturer in Natural 
Science is given in Mr. Giinther's History of the Dauheny 
Laboratory, 1904, pp. 19-21, and a list of students who 
attended his lectures from 1869 to 1894 at pp. iir-27. In 
1870 he gave evidence as to the scientific instruction in 
College before the Royal Commission on the subject, which 
is printed in the Reports of the Commission issued in 1872. 
And on leaving Oxford in 1894 he printed the " Laboratory 
Register, 1869-1894", furnishing lists of all the members 
of the College who had entered the School of Natural 
Science and had worked in the Laboratory during that 
period, with brief notes of their subsequent careers. On 
his departure a beautiful silver cup was presented to him 
by his old pupils. A brass tablet was placed by subscription 
in the Ante-Chapel in 1907 as a memorial of his College 
work, and with the balance of subscriptions a prize was 
founded to be given periodically to a member of the College 
who within ten years from date of matriculation had been the 
author of what was esteemed the most valuable contribution 
to scientific knowledge. And Mrs. Chapman made an offer 
which was accepted at a College meeting on 4 Nov., 1896, 
of a commemorative medal for proficiency in modern 




languages for boys in the College School. The inscription 
(by H. W. Greene) on the Chapel tablet describes him 
justly as one "in rebus tarn externis quam domesticis 
diligenter versatus . . . who **liberalitate, mansuetudine, 
dementia, omnium benevolentiam et caritatem sibi con- 
ciliaverat". Mr. Chapman's feeling with regard to the 
College, its work, its Chapel, and the Chapel services, 
was one of devoted attachment. With regard to the Chapel 
I will quote in evidence his words in a letter to me, with 
reference to the first volume of this Register, dated 7 Jan., 
1895 : " The concluding words of your Preface are written 
in gold for me. That dear Chapel, and its services and all 
that they mean, has been to me the centre round which 
all the College clings, and the cessation of my daily 
attendance there is my great loss in leaving Oxford. Still 
when I do come up it is inexpressibly sweet to enter it 
again in conditions which make it to me like a return 
home." He gave a benefaction for Choristers on their 
leaving the Choir for their choosing a volume of music, 
which is then handsomely bound and stamped with the 
College arms. 

On 7 Nov., 1906, the thanks of the College were voted to 
Mrs. Chapman for a gift of books and apparatus. 
1883. *Godley, Alfred Denis. Eldest surviving son of Rev. 
James Godley, then of Ashfield, Cavan; born 22 Jan., 
1856. Matric. at Balliol College as Scholar, 20 Oct., 1874, 
aged 18. First class in Classical Moderations, Mich, term, 
1875. Second class in Lttt. Hum., Trin. term, 1878. 
Chancellor's prize, Latin verse, Hannibal ab Italia depulsus 
suos adloquitur^ ^^17- Gaisford prize, Greek comic Iambics, 

1878. Latin essay. Liter ce Grcecce apud Reges Ptolemceos, 

1879. B.A., 30 Jan., 1879. Craven Scholar, 1880. M.A., 
26 Oct., 1882. Honourably mentioned for Hertford 
Scholarship, 1875, 1876; for Ireland Scholarship, 1877, 
1878; for Craven Scholarship, 1879. Elected Fellow, 
13 Dec, 1883, and appointed Classical Tutor; re-elected, 
5 Nov., 1890, and 7 Nov., 1900. Senior Dean of Arts, 

1883] FELLOWS. 39 

14 Oct., 1885, 1886-9, 1892-3. Vice-President, 1890, 1891. 

Classical Moderator in the Honour School, 1887, 1888, 

1895, 1896, 1906, 1907. Pro-proctor, 1894. Elected Public 

Orator, 12 May, 1910. 
Married, 5 April, 1894, Amy, daughter of C. H. Cay, Fellow 

of Caius College, Cambridge. 
Author : — 

Verses to Order, 8^ Lond., 1892 ; second edit., enlarged, 
80 Lond., 1904. 

Aspects of Modern Oxford ; by a Mere Don, 8°, Lond., 

Socrates and Athenian Society in his day ; a biographical 
sketch, 8°, Lond., 1896. 

Latin Stories, 8^ Lond., 1893. 
Lyra frivola, 8^ Lond., 1899. 

Fables of Orbilius, 2 vols., 80, Lond., 1901 and 1902. 

Second strings, 8^, Lond., 1902. 

Oxford in the Eighteenth Century, 8<\ Lond., 1908. 

Contributions to various periodicals and magazines in 
prose and verse, including many in the Oxford Magazine. 
Translator and editor : — 

The Histories of Tacitus, books I, II ; with introduction 
and notes, 80 Lond., 1887; books III, IV, V, 8«, Lond., 

The Frogs of Aristophanes ; adapted for performance by 
A. D. Godley and D. G. Hogarth, with an English version, 
80, Oxf., 1892. 

The Odes and Epodes of Horace ; translated, 8^, Lond., 

Nova Anthologia Oxoniensis ; translations into Greek 
and Latin verse, by R. Ellis and A. D. Godley, S^, Oxf., 

Horace Smith's Rejected Addresses, 80, Lond., 1904. 
Locker's London Lyrics, 8^, Lond., 1903. 
Praed's Verses : a selection, 8^, Oxf., Clar. Press, 1909. 
Poetical Works of Thomas Moore, 8^, Oxf., Clar. Press, 




1884. Balfour, Isaac Bayley. Son of Professor John Hutton 
Balfour, M.D. Edin. ; born 31 March, 1853. M.D. Edin. ; 
D.Sci.; F.R.S.; LL.D. Reg. Professor of Botany, Glas- 
gow, 1879-1884. Elected Sherardian Professor of Botany, 
8 Feb., 1884. Matric. 20 Feb., 1884, and admitted Fellow, 
21 Feb.; M.A. by decree of Convocation, 7 March. Vacated 
his Fellowship on election as Professor of Botany at Edin- 
burgh, 24 Feb., 1888. Regius Keeper of Royal Botanic 
Garden at Edinburgh, and King's Botanist in Scotland. 

Married Agnes, daughter of Robert Balloch, Glasgow. 
Botany of Rodriguez, 8^, 1878. 
Botany of the Island of Socotra, 8«^, 1888. 

Editor, in conjunction with others, of the Annals of Botany. 
Edited various translations of botanical works, from the 
German by H. E. F. Garnsey, which are noticed in vol. vi 
of this Register, p. 157. 

Joint editor for England with P. Groom of (Ecology of Plants, 
by Prof. E. Warming of Copenhagen, 8^, Oxf., Clar. Press, 

1886. *Hogarth, David George. Eldest son of Rev. George 
Hogarth, of Barton-on-Humber, Line. Elected Demy 
(from Winchester College), 2 July, 1881. Matric. 15 Oct., 
1881, aged 19. First class in Classical Moderations, Mich, 
term, 1882. First class Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1885. 
B.A., 22 Oct., 1885. Appointed Classical lecturer, i Dec, 
1885. Elected Fellow, 7 July, 1886. Elected to Research 
Fellowship, 31 May, 1893; re-elected 28 June, 1900, and 
29 May, 1907. Elected Craven Fellow, 15 Dec, 1886. 
M.A., 10 Oct., 1888. Junior Dean of Arts, 1889; Senior 
Dean, 1890, 1891. Vice-President, 1893. F.S.A., 11 Jan., 
1894. Director of the British School at Athens, 1897-1900. 
Director of the Cretan Exploration Fund since 1899. 
Fellow and Member of the Council of the British Academy. 
Vice-President of the Hellenic Society. Times correspon- 
dent in Crete and Thessaly, 1897. Conducted explorations 
in Asia Minor and in Egypt, 1887-1907. Keeper of the 
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1908. 




Married, 7 Nov., 1894, Laura, daughter of Charles Uppleby, 

Barrow Hall. 
Author :— 

Devia Cypria, 8'^, 1890. 

Modern and Ancient Roads in Eastern Asia Minor, 8^, 

A Wandering Scholar in the Levant, 8^, 1896. 
Philip and Alexander of Macedon, 8^\ 1897. 
The Nearer East, 8^, Oxf., 1902 (in the Clarendon Press 
series of Regions of the World), 
The Penetration of Arabia, 1904. 
The Archaic Artemisia of Ephesus, 1908. 
Ionia and the East, 1909. 

Accidents of an Antiquary's Life, 8^, Lond., 1910. 

Editor, and part author, of Authority and Archceology, 1899. 

Edited Kinglake's Eothen, 8« Oxf., for the Clarendon Press 
Library of Prose and Poetry. 

Numerous articles in the Encyclopcedia Britannica, and in 
various periodicals. 
1888. Greene, Herbert Wilson. Eldest son of Thomas Greene, 
of Dublin; born 15 Aug., 1857. Educated at Harrow. 
Elected Scholar of Pembroke College and matric. 23 Oct., 
1875, ^g^d 18. First class in Classical Moderations, Trin. 
term, 1877, and First class in Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1879. 
B.A., 10 Oct., 1879. Called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple, 1881. M.A. and B.C.L., 15 June, 1882. Elected 
as Tutorial Fellow in Classics, 5 Dec, 1888; re-elected, 
6 Nov., 1895 and 11 Nov., 1902; resigned, 1910. Junior 
Dean of Arts, 1891-3. Vice-President, 1894-5 1908-9. 

Joint editor, with W. F. A. Archibald, of Broom's Commen- 
taries on the Common Law, 7th and 8th editions, Lond., 
1885, 1888. 

The Rubdiydt of Omar Khayyam translated into Latin 
Elegiacs', privately printed, Oxf., 1893 (One hundred copies. 
Reprinted at Boston, U.S.A., 1898; one thousand copies). 
Verses, reviews, &c., in magazines, generally over the signa- 
ture S. T. (Stephen Temple). 




To him this Register owes the full and careful description 
of the College plate printed at pp. 207-61 in vol. iii. And 
to the collection he added at the beginning of 1910 a silver 
three-handled cup with this inscription : SodaHbus suis 
e Coll. B. M. Magdalenae apud Oxon. d. d. Herbertus 
Wilson Greene, quater Vice-Praeses a.d. 1894-5, 1908-9"; 
and with these coats of arms : i. Magdalen, with the motto 
"Fecit mihi magna Qui potens est et sanctum est* nomen 
Ejus " ; ii. Party per pale or and azure, three bucks 
trippant counter-changed ; crest, on a wreath of the colours, 
a dragon's head erased azure, gorged or ; motto, " Nescia 
fallere vita." 

[Mr. Greene closes his full and admirably kept record as 
Vice-President at the end of the year 1909 with these 
valedictory words, "Dec. 210. Successori meo officium 
trado, cui Collegioque omnia fausta futura, propter tem- 
pestates et procellas quum in Academia tum in republica 
exortas, magis opto quam spero."] 

Kenyon, Frederick George. Fourth son of Professor John 
Robert Kenyon, D.C.L., London. Born 15 Jan., 1863. 
Elected Scholar of New College, from Winchester, and 
matric. 14 Oct., 1882, aged 19. First class in Classical 
Moderations, Mich, term, 1883, and in Lift. Hum., Trin. 
term, 1886. Hall-Houghton Junior Greek Testament prize, 
1885. B.A., 21 Oct., 1886. Chancellor's English Essay, 
Comparison of Ancient and Modern Political Oratory, 1889. 
Conington Classical prize, 1897. Elected Fellow, i Feb., 

1888, and Honorary Fellow, 30 May, 1906. M.A., 27 June, 

1889. Ph.D., Halle, 1894. D-Litt., Durham, 1895. Elected 
Assistant in the Department of MSS. in the British Museum, 
8 Jan., 1889; appointed Assistant Keeper, 1898; Director 
and Principal Librarian, 1909. Corresponding Member of 
the Berlin Academy, 1900, and of the Bologna Academy, 
1908. Elected Fellow of the British Academy, 26 March, 
1903. Fellow of Winchester College, 1904. Sandars 

* The second est is in the College grant as blazoned by the herald. 

i888] FELLOWS. 43 

Lecturer in Bibliography in the University of Cambridge, 
190 1. 

Married, in 1891, Amy, daughter of Rowland Hunt. 

Catalogue of Greek Papyri in the British Museum, 3 vols., 

Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts, 8° Lond., 1895. 
Palceography of Greek Papyri, 1898. 
Handbook to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, 

The Gospels in the Early Church (Essays for the Times, 
no. 3, 1905). 

Robert Browning and Alfred Domett, 1906. 
Editor : — 

Aristotle's Constitution of Athens (editio princeps), 1891, 
and translation in the same year ; new edit, of Greek text 
for the Berlin Academy, 1904. 

Classical texts (Herodas, Hyperides, &c.) from papyri in 
the British Museum, 1891. 

Orations of Hyperides against A thenogenes and Philippiaes, 
1892 — text of Hyperides, 1907. 

Bacchylides (editio princeps), 1897. 

The Brownings for the Young, 1896. 
Co-editor : — 

Robert Browning's Poems, 1896. 

Letters of Eliz, Barrett Browning, 1897. 

Poems of Eliz. Barrett Browning, 1897. 

Life of Robert Browning (revised edition of Life by 
Mrs. Orr), 1908. 

Facsimiles of Biblical MSS. in the British Museum, 

77?^ Codex Alexandrinus in reduced photographic facsimile, 

Contributions to periodicals :— 

A Medical Papyrus in the British Museum (Classical 
Review, vi. 237). 
Hyperides : the new French MS. (ib. vi. 285). 



Papyrus Fragments of Hyperides and Demosthenes {ih.y 
vi. 430). 

Two Greek School Tablets (Journal of Hellenic Studies ^ 
xxix. 29). 

Reports on Grceco- Roman Egypt y 1892- 19 10 (Egypt 
Exploration Fund, annual Archceological Report). 

Manuscripts (St, Margaret's Lectures on Criticism of the 
New Testament^ 1902). 

Hyperides and the Greek Papyri (Quarterly Review ^ 1894). 

The Septuagint Version of the Old Testament (ib,, 1896). 

Greek Papyri and Recent Discoveries (ib., 1908). 

Fragments d'exercices en rhe'torique conserves sur papyrus 
(Melanges Weil, 1898). 

Fragments of an epic poem (Album gratulatorium in 
honor em H. van Herwerden, 1902). 

The Palceography of the Herculaneum papyri (Festschrift 
Theodor Gomperz, 1902). 

Phylce and Denies in Grceco-Roman Egypt (Archiv fur 
Papyrusforschungf ii. 70). 

The Evidence of Greek Papyri with regard to Textual 
Criticism (Proceedings of the British Academy, i. 141). 

Articles on "Papyri" and "Writing" in Hastings' 
Dictionary of the Bible. 

Articles on " English Versions Greek Versions of 
the Old Testament " Text of New Testament ", and 

Vulgate" in Hastings' smaller Dictionary of the Bible. 

Many articles (unsigned) in Church Quarterly Review. 
Vines, Sydney Howard. Son of William Reynolds Vines, 
of Elm Grove, Ealing; born in London, 31 Dec, 1849. 
Student at Guy's Hospital, 1869-72. Matric. at Christ's 
College, Cambridge, as Scholar, Oct., 1872. B.A., Jan., 
1876. M.A., June, 1879. B.Sci., London, May, 1874. 
D.Sci., 1879. D.Sci., Cambridge, 1883. Fellow and 
Lecturer of Christ's College, 1876-88; Honorary Fellow, 
1897. University Reader in Botany, Cambridge, 1883-8. 
Elected Sherardian Professor of Botany at Oxford, 6 June, 
1888; admitted Fellow, 26 June; incorporated as M.A., 




15 Oct. F.R.S., 1885. Fellow of the Univ. of London, 

1892. President of the Linnean Society, 1900-4. 
Married, 30 Dec, 1884, Agnes Bertha, eldest daughter of 

W. W. Perry, Chelmsford, at the Chapel Royal, Savoy, 

Author : — 

Lectures on the physiology of plants, 710 pp., 8^, Cambridge 
Univ. Press, 1886. 
Student's Text-book of Botany , 820 pp., 80 Lond., 1895. 
Editor : — 

Sachs' Text-book of Botany (2nd Eng. ed.), 8^, 980 pp. 
Clarendon Press, 1882. 

The Dillenian Herbaria : an Account of the Dillenian 
Collections in the Herbarium of the University of Oxford^ ^r., 
by G. Claridge Druce, Hon. M.A., Curator of the Fielding 
Herbarium. Edited, with an Introduction, by S. H. Vines, 
80. Clarendon Press, 1907. 

Co-editor of the Annals of Botany, 1887-99, to which periodical 
he contributed most of his original papers, especially a 
series on the Proteolytic Enzymes of Plants. 
1889. Farmer, John Bretland. Son of John Henry Farmer, 
Sheepy, Leic. ; born 5 April, 1865. Matric. as Demy 
at Magdalen College, 19 Oct., 1883. First class in Natural 
Science (Botany), Trin. term, 1887. B.A., 30 June, 1887. 
Elected Fellow, on examination in Botany, 6 Nov., 1889. 
M.A., I Feb., 1890. D.Sci., 13 March, 1902. Demonstrator 
of Botany, 1887-92. Assistant Professor of Biology, 1892-5. 
Assistant Professor of Botany at the Royal College of 
Science, South Kensington, 1894, and Professor, 1896, 
then vacating his Fellowship. F.R.S., 1900. Croonian 
Lecturer to Royal Society, 1907. Member of Senate of 
the University of London, 1902-9. 

Married, 1892, Edith May, daughter of Rev. Dr. Pritchard, 
Savilian Professor of Astronomy. 

Author : — 

Practical Introduction to the Study of Botany, 1899. 
Numerous papers and memoirs chiefly on Botanical and 



Cytological subjects in the Transactions and Proceedings of 
the Royal Society, the Annals of Botany, &c. 
Editor : — 

The Book of Nature Study, 6 vols., 1908-10. 
The Gardener^ s Chronicle, 1907-9. 

One of the editors of Science Progress in the Twentieth 
Century, a quarterly journal; and of Annals of Botany, 
Clar. Press. Translator, with A. Darbishire, of Uries' 
Mutation Theory, 1910-11. 

Fletcher, Charles Robert Leslie. Only son of Alexander 
Pearson Fletcher and Caroline Anna, daughter of C. R. 
Leslie, R.A. ; born 1857. Elected Demy (from Eton), 
16 Oct., 1876, and matric. the same day. Second class in 
Classical Moderations, Mich, term, 1877. First class in 
Modern History, Trin. term, 1880. B. A., 11 Oct., 1880. Chan- 
cellor's Essay, 1881, The development of English prose style. 
Elected Fellow of All Souls College, 19 Nov., 1881. M.A., 
26 Apr., 1883. Appointed Tutor in Modern History at 
Magdalen College, 29 Apr., 1885. Elected Tutorial Fellow 
in Modern History, 10 Dec, 1889 ; re-elected 3 Nov., 
1897 ; resigned, 30 May, 1906. Public Examiner in 
Modern History, 1894-6, 1904-6. Delegate of the Press. 

Married, 12 March, 1885, Katharine, elder daughter of 
W. W. Merry, D.D., Rector of Lincoln College. 

Author : — 

Gustavus Adolphus and the struggle of Protestantism for 
existence, 8° 1892. 

A7t introductory history of England from the earliest times 
to the year i8ij, 4 vols., 8°, Lond., 1905-9. 

Mr. Gladshne at Oxford, 8^, 1908. 

Historical Portraits, vol. i (Clarendon Press), 1909. 

A translation of Hauff s Phantasien im Bremener Raths- 
keller'', 80, 1893. 

Articles in Macmillan's Magazine, Murray's Magazine, 
and the Cornhill Magazine; on Clarendon's History of 
the Rebellion in the Church Quarterly Review for Oct., 
1889; &c. 




Editor : — 

The case of All Souls College versus Lady Jane Stafford, 
1587, in vol. i of Collectanea published by the Oxford 
Historical Society in 1885, of which volume he was also 
the general editor. 

Carlyle's History of the French Revolution^ with introduction, 
notes, and appendices, 3 vols., 8^, Lond., 1902. 

On 30 May, 1906, the College accepted a gift from him of a 
portrait (being a copy of an original in the possession of 
the Earl of St. Germans) of John Hampden (member of the 
College in 1610), which was hung in the Hall in July, 1907. 

Moore, Aubrey Lackington. Second son of Rev. Daniel 
Moore, Camberwell. Educated at St. Paul's School. 
Matric. at Exeter College, 12 June, 1867, aged 19. First 
class in Classical Moderations, Trin. term, 1869, and in 
Litt. Hum., Mich, term, 1871. B.A., 22 Dec, 1871. M.A., 
7 May, 1874. Fellow of St. John's College, 1873-6, and 
Lecturer and Tutor, 1873-4. Assistant Tutor at Magdalen 
College, 1875-6. Tutor and Dean at Keble College, 1880. 
Rector of Frenchay, Glouc, 1876-81. Examining Chaplain 
to the Bishop of Oxford, 1878-88. Select Preacher, 1885-6. 
Hon. Canon of Ch. Ch., 6 March, 1887. Whitehall Preacher, 
1887. Appointed Tutor in Metaphysics and Moral Philo- 
sophy at Magd. College (vice Rev. W. D. Allen), 25 July, 
1881. Elected official Fellow as Dean of Divinity, 4 Dec, 
1889. Died, when he had scarcely entered on his new 
duties, 17 Jan., 1890, aged 41 : desideratissimus, et universa 
Academia dejlendus. 

Married Catharine Maria, daughter of Frank Hurt, Nottingham. 

Author :— 

Theology and Law : an assize sermon [on Ps. cxix. 27], 
80, Oxf., 1884. 

The doctrine of Holy Scripture and the attitude of the 
Church with regard to war [an address at the Portsmouth 
Church Congress], 8^ [Derby], 1885. 

Holy Week addresses delivered at St. PauTs Cathedral, 
80, Lond., 1888. 

Darwinism and the Christian Faith, 8^, Lond., 1888. 



Three Sermons, in Sermons preached in Kehle College 
Chapel 1877-88, 80, Lond., 1889. 

Evolution and Christianity [a tract in the second series of 
the Oxford House Paper s\ 120, Lond., 1889. 

Science and the Faith; essays on apologetic subjects [two 
series], 80, Lond., 1889. 

The Christian doctrine of God [essay in Lux Mundi, 80, 
Lond., 1889; tenth edit., 1890]. 

Essays scientific and philosophical, with memoirs of the 
author [edited by Dr. W. Lock], 8^^, Lond., 1890. 

Lectures and papers on the history of the Reformation in 
England and on the Continent [edited by W. A. B. CooHdge], 
80, 1890. 

Some aspects of sin ; three courses of Lent sermons, 8^, 
Lond., 1891 ; second edit, in the same year. 

The message of the Gospel ; addresses to candidates for 
ordination, and sermons, 8° Lond., 1891. 

From Advent to Advent ; sermons preached at the Chapel 
Royal, Whitehall, 8°, Lond., 1892. 
*Turner, Cuthbert Hamilton. Son of Edward Goldwin 
Turner, London ; born 7 July, i860. Educated at Win- 
chester College (Scholar, 1872-9). Matric. at New College, 
as Scholar, 16 Oct., 1879. First class in Classical Modera- 
tions, Trin. term, 1881. Second class in Litt. Hum., Trin. 
term, 1883. First class in Theology, Trin. term, 1884. 
B.A., 10 Oct., 1883. Denyer and Johnson Theological 
Scholar, 1886. M.A., 10 June, 1886. Elected Fellow 
(after examination in Theology), i Feb., 1889 ; re-elected 
as Research Fellow in patristic and critical studies", 
16 Dec, 1896 and 4 Nov., 1903. Vice-President, 1896 
and 1897. Assistant lecturer for the late Dr. Bright, Prof 
of Eccles. Hist., 1888-1901. Speaker^s Univ. Lecturer in 
Biblical Studies, 1906-10. Elected Fellow of the British 
Academy, i July, 1909. 
Author and editor : — 

First editor of the Journal of Theological Studies, Lond., 
1899-1902 : numerous articles in the Journal, 1899-1910. 




Ecdesiae Occidentalis monumenta juris antiquissima^ vol. i, 
parts I and 2 ; vol. ii, part i, 40, Oxf., 1 899-1907. 

"The Collection of the Dogmatic Letters of St. Leo" 
in the Miscellanea Ceriani, Milan, 1909. 

The History and use of Creeds and Anathemas in the early 
centuries of the Church, 80, Lond., 1906; second edit, 1910. 

Articles on the Chronology of the New Testament and on 
Greek commentaries on the Pauline Epistles, in Hastings* 
Dictionary of the Bible. 

Article on the Text of the New Testament, in Murray's 
Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible, 1908. 

Articles in the Church Quarterly Review, 1887-^94 and 

Appendix to Dr. W. Sanday's The Cheltenham list of 
Canonical Books and the Writings of St. Cyprian, in Studia 
Biblica et Ecclesiastica, vol. iii. 

The day and year of St. Polycarfs martyrdom, 8°, ibid., 
vol. iv. 

Jean du Tillet, a neglected scholar of the i6th century, 
appendix 5 in J. K. Fotheringham's Jerome's Version of 
the Chronicles of Eusebius, 4^, Oxf., 1905. 

*Webb, Clement Charles Julian. Son of Rev. Benjamin 
Webb, of St. Andrew's, Wells Street, London. Born 
25 June, 1865. Educated at Westminster School. Matric. 
at Ch. Ch. as Scholar, 10 Oct., 1884. Second class in 
Classical Moderations, Hil. term, 1886. First class in Litt. 
Hum., Trin. term, 1888. B.A., i Oct., 1888. M.A., 23 April, 
1891. Elected Fellow on examination in Classics, 6 Nov., 
1889 ; official Fellow as Classical Tutor, 3 Nov., 1897 ; 
re-elected, 2 Nov., 1904. Junior Dean of Arts, 1892, 1905; 
Senior Dean, 1894-7. Vice-President, 1898-9. Pro- 
proctor, 1894. Senior Proctor, 1905-6. Public Examiner 
in Litt. Hum., 1906-9. Member of the Governing Body 
of Westminster School since 1905. Tutor in Philosophy 
to the Non-Collegiate Students since 1907. 

Married, 15 Aug., 1905, Eleanor Theodora, daughter of 
Rev. Alexander Joseph. 

VII. e; 





Articles (among others) in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian 
Society : — 

Scotus Erigena, 1892. 
John of Salisbury^ 1893. 

AnselnCs Ontological Argument for the Existence of 
God, 1895. 

The Personal Element in Philosophy, 1905. 
Articles in the Journal of Theological Studies : 

The Idea of Personality as applied to God, Oct., 1900. 
Psychology and Religion, Oct., 1902. 
The Notion of Revelation : read to the Pan- Anglican 
Congress, 1908. 

On some recent movements in Philosophy considered in 
relation to the Philosophy of Religion \ read to the Inter- 
national Congress on the History of Religions, Oxford, 

Biographical notice of Benj. Webb in the Dictionary of 
National Biography. 
Editor : — 

Devotions of St. Anselm (in Methuen's Library of Devotion), 
Lond., 1903. 

loannis Saresberiensis Policratici libri VIII; 2 vols., 80, 
Oxf. (Clar. Press), 1909. 
1890. Case, Thomas. Second son of Robert Case, Liverpool ; 
born 14 June, 1844. Educated at Rugby. Matric. at Balliol 
College, 19 Oct., 1863. Entered at Lincoln's Inn, 1866. 
First class in Classical Moderations, Easter term, 1865, and 
in Litt. Hum., Mich, term, 1867. B.A., 12 Feb., 1868. 
M.A., 16 Nov., 1871. Fellow of Brasenose College, 1868-70 
(vacating this fellowship on marriage). Lecturer and Tutor 
at Balliol, 1870-6; at Corpus Christi, 1873-90. Fellow of 
Corpus Christi College, 1882-90. Elected Waynflete 
Professor of Moral Philosophy, 17 July, 1889, and there- 
upon admitted to the annexed fellowship at Magdalen, 
I Feb., 1890. Elected President of Corpus Christi, 1904, 
retaining his professorial fellowship, which the Visitor 




determined was tenable by the statutes together with the 
headship of a College. Resigned the Professorship and 
fellowship in Jan., 1910. Member of the Hebdomadal 
Council, 1891-6, 1909. 
Married, Jan., 1870, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William 
Sterndale Bennett, Mus. Doc, D.C.L., Professor of Music 
at Cambridge. 

Author : — 

Materials for history of Athenian Democracy from Solon 
to Pericles, 1874. 

Realism in Morals, 1877. 
Physical Realism, 1888. 

St, Marys clusters [the pinnacles of St. Mary's Church, 
Oxford]. He had previously issued fly-sheets respecting 
the repairs of the pinnacles, dated 18 May and 3 June, 

Articles on Aristotle, Logic and Metaphysics, in the Sup- 
plementary volumes of the Encyclopcedia Britannica, 1902, 
and in the Cambridge edition, 1910-11. 

Contributor to Lectures on the method of Science, 1906. 

Preface to Bacon's Advancement of Learning, 1907. 
To him the College was indebted for great care bestowed 
upon the details of the new roof of the Hall in 1903, and 
for the restoration of an elegant window which had been 
blocked up, as noted in vol. vi of this Register, p. 158. On 
I Feb., 1910, on notification to a College meeting of his 
resignation of professorship and fellowship, the College 
recorded '^its sense of its indebtedness to him for the advan- 
tage of his knowledge, skill, and devotion in regard to the 
restoration of the Hall roof, and also for his liberality in 
restoring the east window in the Hall", and gratefully noted 

* In June, 1879, issued a fly-sheet advocating the proposal for a cricket- 
ground in the University Park, which was carried in Convocation on 10 June ; 
and in Feb. 1896 an " Undelivered Speech " against the proposal to grant 
degrees to women ; with other occasional papers on matters of University 
controversy, including one in November, 1910, in opposition to the proposed 
statute on Faculties. 

E 2 




his reminder that marks of the original timber-roof of the 
Chapel remain there at the west end over the plaster 
ceiling, together with the slope of the tie-beam at each 
side, affording data for a restoration of the roof should the 
College at any time desire it. And the Vice-President 
(C. Cookson) in his Register, besides fitly enlarging on 
his services rendered through many years to the University 
and the College describes him, inter ccetera, as ^Wir musicse 
per omnem vitam peritissimus, antiquitatis tam in Repubhca 
et Academia quam in Philosophia propugnator strenuus, 
indefessus". The Vice-President also mentions that he 
himself as well as our President had been in undergraduate 
days among the Professor's scholars. 
Ottley, Robert Lawrence. Sixth son of Rev. Lawrence 
Ottley, Richmond, Yorkshire ; born 2 Sept., 1856. Educated 
at King's School, Canterbury. Matric. at Pembroke College 
as Scholar, 29 Oct., 1874, aged 18. First class in Classical 
Moderations, Mich, term, 1875, and in Litt. Hum., Trin. 
term, 1878. B.A., 10 Oct., 1878. M.A., 4 June, 1881. 
Hertford Scholar, 1876. Chancellor's prize for Latin 
Verse, Orbis palceozoicus, 1876. Craven Scholar, 1879. 
Derby Scholar, 1879. Senior Student of Christ Church, 
1879-86, and Tutor, 1881-6. Classical Lecturer at New 
College, 1878-80, and at Keble College, 1882-3. Tutor 
at Keble College, 1881-2. Ordained deacon by the Bishop 
of Oxford, 25 Sept., 1881, and priest, 23 Sept., 1883. 
Examining Chaplain to Bp. Lightfoot of Durham, 1884-7. 
Vice- Principal of Cuddesdon Theological College, 1886-90. 
Commissary to the Bishop of Japan, 1886-1903. Elected 
Official Fellow as Dean of Divinity, 28 May, 1890; and 
as Theological Tutor, 20 July, 1893; resigned in March, 
1897. Pres. to rectory of Winterbourne Bassett, Wilts, 
20 July, 1897. Examining Chaplain to Bp. Stubbs of 
Oxford, 1890-3. Principal of Pusey House, Oxford, 
1893-7. Bampton Lecturer, 1897. Appointed Regius 
Professor of Pastoral Theology and Canon of Ch. Ch., 
1903. D.D. by decree of Convocation, 10 Nov., 1903. 




Exam. Chaplain in England to the Bishop of St. John's, 
Kaffraria, 1904. Hon. Fellow of Pembroke College, 1905. 

Married, in 1897, May, second daughter of F. Alexander, 

Author : — 

Essay on Christian Ethics^ in Lux Mundi, 8^, Lond., 1889. 

Lancelot Andrewes, 1893. 

Doctrine of the Incarnation ; 2 vols., 1895. 

Aspects of the Old Testament (BsLmpton Lectures), 1897. 

The Hebrew Prophets, 1898. 

A short history of the Hebrews, 1901. 

The grace of life, 1903. 

The religion of Israel^ 1905. 

Christian ideas and ideals, Lond., 19 10. 
1891. *Benecke, Paul Victor Mendelssohn. Son of Charles 
Victor Benecke, and grandson of the great composer 
Mendelssohn Bartholdy; born 7 June, 1868. Elected 
Demy, from Haileybury, 29 March, 1886, and matric. 
21 Oct. First class in Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 
1888, and in Litt. Hum., Trinity term, 1890. B.A., 30 Oct., 
1890. Junior Hall and Houghton Greek Test, prize, 1890, t 
and Senior, 1892, and Senior Septuagint prize, 1893. 
Denyer and Johnson Theological Scholar, 1891. Ellerton 
Theological Essay, An enquiry into the primitive doctrine and 
practice of confession and absolution, 1893. M.A., 27 April, 
1893. Elected Fellow on exam, in Classics, 22 Oct., 1891 ; 
Official Fellow as Tutor, 31 May, 1899, and 30 May, 1906. 
Junior Dean of Arts, 1895. Vice-President, 190a Home 
Bursar, from 1902. Classical Tutor, from 1894. Examiner 
in Honour School Litt. Hum., 1910. 
Editor : — 

LiddeWs History of Rome ; revised and in part re-written, 
80, Lond., 1891. 
*Macray, William Dunn. Third son of John Macray; born 
in London, 7 July, 1826. Educated at the College School, 

+ A special prize had been awarded to him after the Examination for this 
prize in 1889. 


1836-40. Academical Clerk, 1844-50; Bloxam's Reg.^ ii. 
121; matric. 17 Oct., 1844. Chaplain, 1856-70; ibid.f 180. 
B.A. (Hon. fourth class Litt. Hum.), 14 June, 1848. M.A., 

30 April, 1851. Ordained deacon by Bishop S. Wilberforce 
at Cuddesdon, 26 May, 1850, and priest at Bradfield, 
Berks, 15 June, 1851. Chaplain of New College, 1850-80. 
Chaplain of Christ Church, 1851-6. Curate of St. Mary 
Magd., Oxford, 1850-67. Pres. by the College to the rectory 
of Ducklington, Oxon, 1870 ; to the rectory of Yelford (to 
hold in conjunction) by E. K. Lenthall, esq., 1899. 

Married, 2 Sept., 1856, Adelaide Ottilia Alberta, second 
daughter of Otto Schmidt, formerly of Berlin; (deceased 
15 Sept., 1905, aged 73). 

From 1864 to 1878 engaged on a manuscript Calendar of 
the College muniments, containing about 14,000 charters 
and documents, comprised in 49 small volumes, preserved 
in the MS. Room in the Library. Elected a Research 
Fellow for the purpose of continuation of the College 
Register, 20 July, 1891 ; re-elected, 20 July, 1898, and 

31 May, 1905. Assistant in the Bodleian Library, 1840- 
1905 ; resigned at Michaelmas, 1905 ; from about 1848 
employed exclusively in the department of MSS., except 
from 1862 to 1870, when superintendent of the preparation 
of a new general catalogue in MS. of the printed books. 
Retired on a pension granted by decree of Convocation 
13 June, 1905. Hon. D.Litt. by decree of Convocation, 
25 June, 1902, on the occasion of the Bodleian Tercentenary. 
Fellow of the Soc. of Antiquaries, 27 March, 1873 ; mem- 
ber of the Council, 1879-80. Vice-Pres. of the Oxfordshire 
Archaeol. Soc, 1900. Corresp. member of the Council of 
Scottish Hist. Soc, member of Soc. of Antiq. of Ireland. 

Author : — 

A Manual of British Historians to a. d. 1600, 80, Lond., 
(Pickering), 1845. 

Catalogue of the Library at Bicton House, Devon, 40, Oxf. 
(privately printed), 1850. 

From a painting by H. A. Tuke, A.R.A.\ 



Catalogus codd. MSS. Ric. Rawlinson in Bihliotheca 
Bodleiana ; Classes A, B (historical and miscellaneous, with 
index), C, D (miscellaneous) ; 40 Oxf. (Clar. Press), fasc. i, 
1862; ii, 1878; iii, 1893; iv, 1898; v (index), 1900. 

Index to the Catalogue of the Ashmolean MSS. in the 
Bodleian Library , 40, Oxf. (Clar. Press), 1867. 

Annals of the Bodleian Library, 8'^, Lond. (Rivington), 
1868; second edit., continued to 1880, 8^, Oxf. (Clar. Press), 

Calendar of the Clarendon State Papers in the Bodleian 
Library] vols, ii, iii, 1649-57; 8^, Oxf. (Clar. Press), 1869-76. 
A third volume continuing the Calendar to the Restoration 
remains at present in manuscript in the Library awaiting 

Index to the Registers in the parish of Ducklington ; 
(Oxfordshire Archaeological Society) 8^, Oxf., 1881. 

Notes from the Muniments of St, Mary Magd, College, 
from the twelfth to the seventeenth century, 8°, Oxf., 1882. 

The Remonstrance of Q. Anne of Cleves ; in vol. xlvii of 
the Archceologia of the Society of Antiquaries, 4° Lond., 

Catalogus codd. MSS. Kenelmi Digby (in Bibl. Bodl.), 
40, Oxf. (Clar. Press), 1882. 

Report on [State Papers relating to England in] Libraries in 
Sweden, [at Skokloster Castle, Royal Library at Stockholm, 
and University Library at Upsala] ; Appendix to the forty- 
third Report of the Deputy-Keeper of Public Records, 
So, Lond., 1882. 

Report on the Royal Archives of Denmark, and further 
Report on Libraries in Sweden [at Skokloster and Upsala] ; 
Appendix to the forty-fifth Report, 8^, Lond., 1884. 

Second Report on the Royal Archives of Denmark, and 
Report on the Royal Library at Copenhagen ; Appendix to 
the forty-sixth Report, 8», Lond., 1885. 

Third Report on the Royal Archives of Denmark [to 1660] ; 
Appendix to the forty-seventh Report, 80 Lond., 1886. 


Eleventh Report, 

part ix, 











Reports on MSS., in Reports of the Royal Commission 
for Historical MSS. :— 

i. Magdalen College; Fourth and Eighth Reports, 

1874, 1881. 

ii. Duke of Leeds, at Hornby Castle 

iii. Bridgewater Trust 

iv. Corporation of Reading 
V. Inner Temple Library 
vi. J. H. Gurney, at Keswick Hall, 


vii. W. W. B. Hulton, Hulton Park, 


viii. Corporation of Higham Ferrers 
ix. Corporation of Newark 
X. Southwell Minster 

xi. Corporation of Hereford 

xii. Capt. Loder Symonds, Hinton 

Waldrist, Berks 
W. D. Macray 

Corporation of Lincoln \ 
Corporation of Bury St. Ed- 1 
munds j 
Corporation of Shrewsbury 
Sir Walter G. Corbet, Acton 

Reynold, Shropshire 
J. R. Carr-Ellison, Newcastle- 
Corporation of Berwick-upon- 

Extinct Corporation of Burford, 

Corporation of Lostwithiel 
Quarter-Sessions of Wilts 
Sir George Wombwell, Newburgh 

Priory (early charters) 
Lord Edmund Talbot 
xxv. Duke of Norfolk, at Norfolk House, 

Thirteenth Re- 
port, part iv, 1892. 

Fourteenth Re- 
port, part viii, 

Fifteenth Report, 
part X, 1899. 

Various Collec- 
tions, vol. i, 1901. 

Various Collec- 
tions, vol. ii, 1903. 



xxvi. Major Money - Kyrle, Homme 
House, Herefordshire 

xxvii. F. H. T. Jervoise, Herriard Park, 


xxviii. Earl of Guildford, Glemham Hall, 


xxix. Extinct Corporation of Orford 
XXX. Corporation of Aldeburgh 

xxxi. Marquess of Lothian at Blickling Hall, 

Suffolk : [early deeds, partially] Report, 1895. 

xxxii. Extinct Corporation of Dunwich 

Various Collec- 
tions, vol. iv,i907. 

Various Collec- 
tions, vol.iv, 1907. 

Now at press for 
^vol. vii of Various 
Collections, 191 1. 

xxxiii. Corporation of Southwold 

xxxiv. Corporation of Beccles 
XXXV. Corporation of Thetford 
xxxvi. Diocesan Registry at Gloucester 

Calendar of Charters of Selborne Priory in Magdalen 
College) printed by the Hants Record Society, 80, Win- 
chester, 1891. 

second series, 8^, Winchester, 1895. 

Register of the Members of St. Mary Magd. College, from 
the foundation of the College ; new series ; Fellows. 7 vols., 
80, Oxf., 1894-1911. 

Pietas Oxoniensis in memory of Sir Thomas Bodley, Knt.^ 
and the foundation of the Bodleian Library ; [assisted the 
Librarian, Mr. E. W. B. Nicholson, in the biographical 
details], 4^, Oxf., Clar. Press, Oct., 1902. Issued on the 
celebration of the tercentenary of the Library. 

Six Sermons in the first series of Sermons for the Christian 
Seasons (edited by J. Armstrong, afterwards Bishop ot 
Grahamstown), 120, Oxf., 1853. 

Index rerum in Field's edition of St. Chrysostom's 
Homilies on St. Paul's Epistles, 1862, drawn up at the 
request of Dr. Pusey. 

The State Services and The Irish Prayer Book ; articles 
in J. H. Blunt's "Annotated Prayer-Book", 1866. 

Articles on Scottish Sects in J. H. Blunt's " Dictionary of 
sects, heresies, &c.", 1874. 



Paper on the proposed Parish Register Bill in 1882, 
written at the request of Bishop MackarnesS; and read at 
the Oxford Diocesan Conference in Oct., 1882; printed 
in Walford's Antiquarian Magazine, March and April, 

Church Plate in the deanery of Witney ; in the Report of 
the Oxfordshire Archaeological Society for 1890. 

Our parish church ; notes of a sermon at Ducklington on 
the village feast-Sunday [with list of rectors from 1222]; 
privately printed, 8^, Oxf , 1891. 

Sixteen articles in the Dictionary of National Biography 
[Sir T. Bodley, dean Hickes, John Kettlewell, &c.]. 

Three articles on Dedications to Englishmen by foreign 
authors and editors, in Pollard's Bibliographica, Lond., 

Report in 1900 to the Convocation of York on the pro- 
ceedings of Convocation recorded in the Pre- Reformation 
Registers of the See of York. The introduction to the 
Summary is printed in the Dean of Durham's Records of the 
Northern Convocation (Surtees Society), 8^, Durham, 1907. 
Editor : — 

Chronicon ahhatice de Evesham, ad annum 1418 (Master 
of the Rolls' series), 80, Lond., 1863. 

Injunctions and Visitation Articles, 1561-1728; Appendix 
E to Second Report of the Commissioners to enquire into 
the rubrics &c. of pubhc worship; foL, Lond., 1868. 

Letters and Papers of Patrick Ruthven, Earl of Forth and 
Brentford, and of his family, a. d. 1615-52, with an appendix 
of papers relating to Sir John Unry, 40, Lond. (the Roxburghe 
Club, presented by the Duke of Buccleuch), 1868. 

Correspondence of Col. N. Hooke, agent from the Court 
of France to the Scottish Jacobites, in the years 1703-7, 
40, Lond. (for the Roxburghe Club), 2 vols., 1870-1. 

The history of Grisild the Second ; a narrative, in verse, of 
the divorce of Queen Katharine of Arragon, written by William 
Forrest, sometime Chaplain to Queen Mary I, 40, Lond. (the 
Roxburghe Club, presented by Baron J. B. Heath), 1875. 



Anecdota Bodkiana, No. i ; A short view of Ireland, 
written by Sir John Harington in 1605, 12°, Oxf., 1879. 

No. a ; Vox Vulgiy a poem by George Wither , 120 

Oxf., 1880. 

Letters relating to the family of Beaumont, of Whitley^ 
Yorkshire ; (the Roxburghe Club) 40, Lond., 1884. 

Index to Dr. Bloxam's Register, S^, Oxf., 1885. 

Chronicon abbatice Rameseiensis a scec. x usque ad an. 
circiter a. d. 1200 (Rolls' series), 8*^, Lond., 1886. 

The Pilgrimage to Parnassus, with the two parts of the 
Return from Parnassus ; three comedies ; 8^ Oxf. (Clar. 
Press), 1886. 

Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, re-edited from the 
MS. with dates and occasional notes, 6 vols., sm. 80, Oxf. 
(Clar. Press), 1888. 

Charters and documents illustrating the history of the 
cathedral, city, and diocese of Salisbury, in the twelfth and 
thirteenth centuries, selected by Rev. W, Rich Jones ; (Rolls' 
series) 8°, Lond., 1891. 

Notes which passed at meetings of the Privy Council between 
Charles II and the Earl of Clarendon, 1660- 1667, with a few 
letters, reproduced in facsimile ; (presented to the Roxburghe 
Club by the Earl of Rosebery) 40, Lond., 1896. 

Breviarium Bothanum, sive Portiforium secundum usum 
ecclesice cujusdam in Scotia ; from a MS. of the fifteenth cent, 
in the possession of John, Marquess of Bute, 40 Lond., 1900. 
On 16 March, 1910, the College, on the proposal of Mr. R. L. 
Poole, Keeper of the Archives, resolved that a portrait 
should be painted for presentation to the Bodleian Library. 
This was executed by Mr. H. A. Tuke, A.R.A.,and presented 
to the Library by the President and College, and accepted by 
the Vice-Chancellor and Curators, 8 Nov., 1910. 
Mulvany, Charles Mathew. Son of John Mulvany, M.D. 
Born at Dunville, Canada. Elected Demy in Classics, from 
St. PauFs School, 29 March, 1886, and matriculated 21 Oct. 
Elected Craven Scholar, 18 Dec, 1888. First class, Classical 
Moderations, Hilary term, 1888. First class in Litt. Hum., 




27 June, 1890. B.A., 10 Oct., 1890. M.A., 27 April, 1893. 
B.Litt., 24 June, 1897. Elected Fellow, on examination in 
Classics, 22 Oct., 1891 ; vacated, 1898. Professor of 
English at Benares, 1897, and of Philosophy, 1904. 
1892. Cooke, George Albert. Son of George Isaac Foster 
Cooke, barrister-at-law, Lincoln^s Inn ; born 26 Nov., 1865. 
Matric, from Merchant Ta3dors* School, at Wadham 
College, as Scholar, 11 Oct., 1884, aged 18. Second class 
in Theology, Trinity term, 1888. B.A., 10 Oct., 1888, 
M.A., I April, 1901. B.D. and D.D., 1909. Pusey and 
Ellerton Hebrew Scholar, 1886. Junior Kennicott Scholar, 
1888. Houghton Syriac prize, 1889. Merchant Taylors' 
Senior Scholar at St. John's College, and Lecturer in 
Hebrew, 1890-2, and also at Wadham College. Ordained 
deacon by Bishop of Oxford, 21 Sept., 1889, and priest, 
21 Sept., 1890. Curate of Headington, 1889-90; of St. 
Mary V., Oxford, 1894-6. Appointed Chaplain of Magdalen 
College, 14 Nov., 1890, and elected as a Theological Fellow, 
25 Oct., 1892. Examiner in the School of Oriental Languages, 
1895-9 and 1904. Pres. to Rectory of Beaconsfield, 18 March, 
1896 ; resigned, 1899, on appointment as private chaplain 
to the Duke of Buccleuch at Dalkeith. Elected Canon of 
St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 1907. Appointed Oriel 
Professor of the Interpretation of H0I3' Scripture, and 
therevvith Fellow of Oriel College and Canon of Rochester, 

1908. Hon. Canon of St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, 

1909. Pubhc Examiner in Theology, 1909, 1910, 191 1. 
Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Rochester, and to 
the Bishop of Edinburgh; Vice-Dean of Rochester Cathedral, 

Married, 1897, Frances Helen, daughter of Patrick Anderson, 

Author : — 

The Htsto7y and Song 0/ Deborah, 8°, Oxf., 1892. 
Text-book of North-Semitic InscriptionSy 8°, Clar. Press, 

The Progress of Revelation, 8°, Edinb., 1910. 




Articles in Hastings' Diet, of the Bible, Encyclopcedia 
Biblica, Encycl. Britannica, edit. 11, and in various journals. 
*Elliott, Edwin Bailey. Son of Edwin Litchfield Elliott, 
Oxford ; born i June, 1851. Educated at Magdalen College 
School. Elected Demy in Mathematics, 9 Oct., 1869. 
Matric, 20 Oct., 1870. Proxime for Junior Mathematical 
Scholarship, 9 March, 1871, and March, 1872. First class 
in Mathematical Moderations, Trin. term, 1872, and first 
class in the Final Examination, Trin. term, 1873. B.A., 
6 Nov., 1873. M.A., 4 April, 1877. Elected Fellow of 
Queen's College, 6 Oct., 1874. Junior Proctor, 1887-8. 
Elected Waynflete Professor of Pure Mathematics, 11 Dec, 
1892, and admitted Fellow of Magdalen, 14 Dec. Moderator 
in Mathematics, 1883-4, 1895-6, 1904-6 ; and Public 
Examiner, 1900-1, 1909-10. F.R.S,, 4 June, 1891. Fellow 
of Royal Astronomical Society, 9 June, 1893. President of 
the London Mathematical Society, 1896-8. 

Married, 27 June, 1893, Charlotte Amelia, daughter of J. W. 

Mawer, Oxford. 
Author : — 

Introduction to the Algebra of Quantics, 8^, Oxf., Clar. 
Press, 1895. 

Numerous papers on mathematical subjects in the Quarterly 
Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics^ the Proceedings 
of the London Mathematical Society, and the Philosophical 
Transactions of the Royal Society. 
Myres, John Linton. Eldest son of Rev. W. M. Myres, 
Preston, Lane, and Swanbourne, Bucks ; born 3 July, 
1869. Educated at Winchester College. Matric. as Scholar 
at New College, 12 Oct., 1888. First class in Classical 
Moderations, Hilary term, 1890, and in Litt. Hum., Trin. 
term, 1892. Burdett-Coutts Geological Scholar, 1892. 
Craven Travelling Fellow, 1892-4. B.A., 10 Nov., 1892. 
Elected Fellow, Oct., 1892 ; resigned, 1895. M.A., 31 May, 
1895. Student and Tutor at Ch. Ch., 1895-1907. Arnold 
Historical Essay (on the place of the Greek islands in the 
early civilization of Greece), 1899. Hon. Secretary of 




Anthropological Institute, 1900-3. Lecturer in Classical 
Archaeology in the University, 1903. Junior Proctor, 1904. 
Secretary to Committee for Anthropology, 1905-7. Public 
Examiner in Litt. Hum., 1906-8. Elected Gladstone 
Professor of Greek and Lecturer in Ancient Geography in 
Univ. of Liverpool, 1907. Elected first Wykeham Professor 
of Greek History in Univ. of Oxford, June, 191 o. Hon. 
Sec. to Liverpool Committee for excavation and research 
in Wales and the Marches, 1908. F.R.Geogr.S., 1896. 
F.S.A., 7 June, 1894. 

Married, 25 July, 1895, Sophia Florence, daughter of Charles 
Ballance, Clapton. 

Author : — 

1891. Materials for the History of the Parish of Clifton- 

Reynes. Records of Bucks, vi. 386-414. 
Parish and Church of Maids Morton. Ibid., vi. 

1892. John Mason — Poet and Enthusiast. Ibid., vii. 9-42. 

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[with W. R. Paton]. Journal of Hellenic Studies, 
xiv. 373-6. 

1895. '^^^ Miser's Doom, a modern Greek Morality, [survival 

of tragic drama in modern Greece]. Journal of 
the Anthropological Institute, xxv. 102-4. 

On some polychrome pottery from Kamarais in Crete, 
[first publication, and identification with fragments 
from Kahun]. Proceedings of Soc. of Antiquaries, 
second series, xv. 351-7. 

Prehistoric Man in the Eastern Mediterranean, i. 
Science Progress, July. 

1896. An attempt to reconstruct the Maps used by Herodotus. 

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Inscriptions from Crete. Journal of Hellenic Studies, 
xvi. 178-87. 

Karian Sites and Inscriptions [with W. R. Paton, 
criticism of the current '^Karian theory" of Aegean 
civilization]. Ibid., 188-271. 



Bronze Coins from Crete. Numismatic Chronicle^ third 
series, xiv. 89-100. 

1897. Researches in Karia [with W. R. Paton]. Geogr, 

Journ., ix. 38-54. 
Excavations in Cyprus in 1894. Journal of Hellenic 

Studies, xvii. 134-75. 
A Marble Relief from the African Tripolis. British 

School Annual, iii. 170-4. 
Prehistoric Man in the Eastern Mediterranean, ii, iii. 

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Copper and Bronze in South-East Europe. Journal 

of the Anthropological Institute, xxvii. 171-6. 
Textile Impressions on an Early Clay Vase from 

Amorgos. Ibid., 178-80. 
Article Cyprus in Hastings* Dictionary of the Bible, 
History and Antiquities of Water Stratford. Records 

of Bucks, vii. 115-36. 
Church Plate of Buckinghamshire ; deaneries of 

Mursley and Claydon. Ibid., vii. 413-29, viii. 


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On some Karian and Hellenic Oilpresses [with W. R. 

Paton]. Journal of Hellenic Studies, xviii. 209-17. 

1899. The Origin and Purpose of the Megalithic Structures 

of Tripoli and Barbary [showing them to be Roman 
oilpresses, and arguing climatic changes]. Proceedings 
ofSoc. of Antiquaries, second series, xvii. 280-93. 
Cyprus Museum Catalogue [with Dr. Ohnefalsch- 
Richter], 8^, Oxford, Clarendon Press, pp. x, 224; 
PI. i-viii. 

1900. On the Plan of the Homeric House. Journal of 

Hellenic Studies, xx. 128-50. 
A primitive figurine from Adalia. Journal of the 
Anthropological Institute, xxx. 251-4. 

1901. Some examples of Senams in Algeria [more Roman 

oilpresses]. Proceedings of Soc, of Antiquaries, 
second series, xviii. 242-6. 




Several short anthropological articles and reviews in 
Man, and in 1902 and 1903. 

1902. Note on the history of the Kabyle pottery. Journal 

of the Anthropological Institute, xxxii. 248-62. 
A History of Rome for Middle and Upper Forms of 
Schools, 80, Lond., pp. xiv, 627, with plans ; second 
edit., revised; 1905. 
Articles Pottery and Precious Stones in Encycl. Biblica. 
Article Cyprus in Supplement to Encycl. Britannica. 

1903. The Sanctuary site at Petsofa, Crete. British School 

Annual, ix. 356-87. 

1904. The Early Pot-fabrics of Asia Minor. Journal of the 

Anthropological Institute, xxxiii. 367-400. 
Articles Athens, Cyprus, Greece, &c., in Nelson^ s Encycl. 

1906. On the List of Thalassocracies in Eusebius. Journal of 

Hellenic Studies, xxvi. 84-130. [Compare Fothering- 

ham, ibid., xx\di. 75, and M3Tes, ibid., 123.] 
The Alpine Race in Europe, [study of longitudinal 

migrations in highland regions]. Geogr. Journ., 

xxviii. 537-60. 
Editor of The Evolution of Culture. [Essays by 

Lt.-Gen. Pitt Rivers, Oxford, Clarendon Press], 

pp. XX, 232, PI. i-xx. 
Prehistoric Archaeology. Yearns Work in Classical 

Studies ; and in 1908 and 1909. 

1907. A History of the Pelasgian Theory. Journal of Hellenic 

Studies, xxvii. 170-225. 
The Sigynnae of Herodotus : an ethnological problem; 

in Anthrop. Essays presented to E. B. Tylor, Oxford, 

Clarendon Press. 
A Bureau of Biometry. Oxford and Cambridge 

Review, i. 131-44. 
The ^' Philistine " Graves found at Gezer. Quarterly 

Statement of Palestine Expl. Fund, 240-3. 

1908. Herodotus and Anthropology ; in Anthropology and the 

Classics, 121-68. Oxford, Clarendon Press. 




Midas beyond the Halys (an inscription from Tyana). 

Liverpool Annals of Archceologyy i. 13-16. 
ArticlG A rchoeology in HRstings' Dictionary 0/ Religion, 

1909. The Influence of Anthropology on PoHtical Science : 

Presidential Address to British Association at 

Winnipeg. Proc. Brit. Ass. (Winnipeg volume), 

London, Murray, 1910. 
The Place of Classical Geography in a Classical 

Curriculum : a plea for correlation of studies. Proc. 

Class. Assoc. Scotland, 1908-9. 
Interim Reports on the Cesnola Collection of Cypriote 

Antiquities. Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of 

Arty New York, iv. 

1910. The Geographical Study of Greek and Roman Culture. 

Scottish Geographical Magazine, March, pp. 113-30. 
Articles Dorians, lonlans, Iberians, Esperlus, Cyprus 
(and Cypriote Cities) in Encycl. Brltannlca [eleventh 

The Value of Ancient History [lecture at Oxford, 
13 May, 1910], pp. 39, Lyceum Press, Liverpool. 

Phoenicia in the light of recent research. Cambridge 
University Press, 191 1. 

Alt-Grlechlsche Ethnologic (mlt Einschluss der Illyrer 
und Thraker) in Winter's Ethnologlsche Blhllothek, 
Heidelberg [still under revision ; probably early 
in 191 1 ]. 

1893. Lang, [William] Cosmo Gordon. Second son of Rev. 
John Marshall Lang, D.D., Principal of Univ. of Aberdeen ; 
born 31 Oct. 1864. Educated at Glasgow Univ. Elected 
Scholar of BalHol, and matric. 17 Oct., 1882, aged 17. 
Second class in Lltt. Hum., Trin. term, 1885. First class 
in Modern Hist., Trin. term, 1886. B.A., 4 Feb., 1886. 
Student at the Inner Temple, 1884-9. Elected Fellow of 
All Souls College, in Mod. Hist., Nov., 1888; re-elected, 
1899. M.A., 8 June, 1889. Ordained deacon by the Bishop 
[Stubbs] of Oxford, i June, 1890, and priest, 24 May, 1891. 
Curate of Leeds, 1890-3. Elected Official Fellow of Magd. 





as Dean of Divinity, 20 July, 1893 ; resigned, 27 May, 
1896; elected Honorary Fellow, 26 May, 1909. Vicar of 
St. Mary V., Oxford, 1894-6. Select Preacher at Oxford, 
1896, and at Cambridge, 1897 and 1902. Exam. Chaplain 
to the Bishop of Lichfield, 1894-6, and to the Bishop of 
Oxford, 1894-1901. Vicar of Portsea, 1896-1901, and 
Chaplain of H.M. Prison at Kingston. Hon. Chaplain to 
Queen Victoria, 1899-1901. Canon of St. PauFs, 1901-8. 
Consecrated as Bishop Suffragan of Stepney, i May, 1901. 
Hon. D.D. Oxf., 28 May, 1901. Nominated to the Arch- 
bishopric of York, 15 Nov., 1908; elected, 16 Jan., 1909, and 
enthroned 25 Jan. P.C. President of the Church of England 
Men's Society ; a beautiful crosier was presented to him 
by over 45,000 members of this Society in 1909 in token 
of their high esteem and in recognition of his unwearied 
exertions for its extension and establishment. And a set 
of library furniture was given by nearly 5,000 subscribers 
in Stepney and East London at a gathering in Stepney in 
Feb., 1909. 
Author : — 

The young Clanroy; a romance ofthe'4j;, 8^, Lond., 1897. 
The Miracles of Jesus, as marks of the Way of Life , 1900. 
The Parables of Jesus, 1906. 

The Opportunity of the Church of England, 8^, Lond., 1905. 
[See Appendix for other publications.] 
1894. *Cookson, Christopher. Eldest son of Rev. Christopher 
Cookson, Dallington, Northamptonshire ; born i April, 
1861. Matric. as Scholar of Corpus Christi College, from 
Clifton College, 20 Oct., 1879, aged 18. First class in 
Classical Moderations, Mich, term, 1880. Second class 
in Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1883. Gaisford Greek verse, 
1881. B.A., 25 Oct., 1883. M.A., 12 June, 1886. Assistant 
Master in St. Paul's School. Appointed Classical Tutor 
at Magd. Coll., 13 Dec, 1893. Elected Fellow, 16 Oct., 
1894; re-elected, 10 July, 1901. Junior Dean of Arts, 
1897-9 ; senior Dean, 1901-9. Moderator in the Classical 
Schools, 1901, 1902, 1908, 1909. Pro-proctor, 1905. Delegate 



for Training of Teachers and Examination of Schools, 
1905-10. Vice-President, 1910, 191 1. 

The principles of sound and inflexion, as illustrated in the 
Greek and Latin languages ; by J. E. King and C. Cookson ; 
80, Oxf., Clar. Press, 1886. 

Editor of Essays on Secondary Education, by various 
contributors; 8°, Oxf., Clar. Press, 1898. Contains an 
Essay on Sixth Form Teaching in a Day School, by Mr. 

*Pedder, Arthur Lionel. Son of William Henry Pedder, 
Devon. Elected Demy in Mathematics, from Reading 
School, 25 Jan., 1886. Matric. 21 Oct., 1886, aged 18. 
First class in Mathematical Moderations, Trinity term, 
1887, and in the Final School, Trinity term, 1890. B.A., 
5 July, 1890. Appointed Mathematical Tutor, 19 Nov., 
1891, M.A., 27 April, 1893. Elected Official Fellow as 
Mathematical Tutor, 12 Dec, 1894; re-elected, 6 Nov., 
1901. Public Examiner in Mathematics, 1906-7. 

Smith, Newell Charles. Son of Horace Smith, Metropolitan 
magistrate, Westminster; born 24 Feb., 1871. Matric. as 
Scholar of New College, 10 Oct., 1890. First class in 
Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 1892, and in Litt. Hum., 
Trinity term, 1894. B.A., 25 Oct., 1894. M.A., 13 May, 
1897. Elected Fellow, 16 Oct., 1894; resigned, Oct. 1897, 
on election as Fellow of New College. Tutor, Dean, and 
Precentor of New College ; resigned, 1905. House Master 
at Winchester College, 1905. Head Master of Sherborne 
School, June, 1909. 

Married in 1901 Cecil Violet, third daughter of Augustus 
George Vernon Harcourt. 

Editor of Wordsworth's Poetical Works, Wordsworth's 
Critical Prose, and of Selections from his poems. Editor 
of Lord Brooke's Life of Sir P. Sidney. 
1895. *Miers, Henry Alexander. Third son of Francis 
Charles Miers ; born at Rio de Janeiro, 25 May, 1858. 
Scholar of Eton College, 187 1-7. Geographical Society's 
Public Schools Gold Medallist, 1875. Scholar (Classical) 

F 2 



of Trinity College, 12 Oct., 1877. Second class in 
Classical Moderations, Mich, term, 1878 ; in Mathematical 
Moderations, Trin. term, 1879; and in final Mathem. et 
Phys.y Trin. term, 1881. B.A., 19 July, 1881. M.A., 
12 June, 1884. D.Sc, 6 Dec, 1900. First Class Assistant 
in British Museum (Natural History), Mineral Department, 
1882-95. Lectured for the Professor of Mineralogy in 
1895. Elected first Waynflete Professor of Mineralogy, 
with Fellowship attached, 13 Dec, 1895. Admitted actual 
Fellow, I Feb., 1896. Vice-President, 1902, 1903. F.R.S., 
1896 (on the Council, 1901-3). F.Geol.S., 1882; Vice- 
President, 1903-4. F.Chem.S., 1888 ; Vice-President, 
1903-4. President Mineralogical Soc, 1904-9. Fellow of 
Eton College, 1903-8. Elected Principal of the University 
of London, 22 July, 1908. Elected to Fellowship of Magd. 
College without emolument, 9 Dec, 1908. Corresp. Member 
of K. B. Akad. Wissensch., Munich, 1910. Honorary 
Member of Accademia degli Zelanti, Acireale, 1903; 
Societe Linneenne de Normandie, 1908 ; Royal Cornwall 
Polytechnic Society, 1910. President of Section C of 
British Association, 1905 ; Section L, 1910. Member of 
Hebdomadal Council, Oct. 1905 to 1908. Secretary to 
Delegates of University Museum, 1902-8. Delegate of 
the Clarendon Press, and for Examination of Schools. 
Author : — 

The Soil in relation to Health (in conjunction with Dr. R. 
Crosskey), Lond., 1893. 

A Visit to the Yukon goldfields, 1901, Printed by the 
Canadian Government. 

Mineralogy y An Introduction to the Scientific Study of 
Minerals^ Lond., 1902. 

Scientific and other papers : — 

1882. Cerussit von La Croix. Zeitschrift fur Krystallographiey 

vii. 598. 

1883. Barytes from Chirbury. Nature, xxix. 29. 

1884. On the Crystalline Form of Meneghinite. Mineralogical 

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1895] FELLOWS. 69 

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Note on Crystallographic Characters of a new variety 

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The Hemimorphism of Stephanite, the Crystalline 

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Russian-English Alphabet (in conjunction with J. 

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A Students' Goniometer. Mineralog. Mag., ix. 214. 

1892. Danalite from Cornwall (in conjunction with G. T. 

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Mittheilungen aus dem Krystallographischen Labora- 

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Inaugural Address to Birkbeck College. Also in School 

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Theories — Address to Students at St. Mary's Hospital 

Medical SchooL SLMary's^-'j, 




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Nov. T, 1909. 

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vii. 22-32. 

1910. Science and the Amateur. Knowledge. 

Presidential Address to the Education Section of the 
British Association at the meeting at Sheffield, 1910, 
pp. 14. 

Scientific Observation. British Medical Journ., p. 

"Diamond"; article in Encyclopcedia Britannica. 
*Gotch, Francis. Son of the Rev. Dr. Gotch; LL.D. (Trinity 
College, Dublin), of Bristol (one of the Revisers of the 
Authorized Version of the Old Testament). Born 13 July, 
1853. Educated at Amersham Hall School, near Reading, 
and University College, London. B.A., London, 1873. 
University Scholar in Mental Philosophy. B.Sc, London, 
1875. M.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1881. Sharpey Scholar Univ. 
Coll., London, 1882. Assistant to the Waynflete Professor 
of Physiology, Univ. of Oxford, 1884-91. Hon. M.A. 
(Oxon), 10 Nov., 1885, and M.A. by decree, 14 May, 1895. 
Holt Professor of Physiology, University College, Liverpool, 
1891-5. Fellow of Royal Society, 1892. Elected Wayn- 
flete Professor of Physiology and Fellow, March, 1895. 
Public Examiner in Natural Science, 1902-3. Member 
of Council of British Association, 1 899-1905. Member of 
the Council of the Royal Society, 1904-6. D.Sci., Oxon, 
25 May, 1901. Hon. D.Sc, Univ. of Liverpool, 1906. 
President of Section L British Assoc., 1906. Representative 
of Royal Society on the Court of Univ. of Liverpool 
(appointed 1906). Member of the Hebdomadal Council, 
Oxf., 1907. 

Married Rosamund Brunei, daughter of J. C. Horsley, R.A., 

Some Aspects of the Scientific Method, 8°, Oxf., Clar. 
Press, 1906. 



Two Oxford Physiologists. S^, Oxf., Clar. Press, 

Author of various communications in the Philosophical Transac- 
tions and the Proceedings of the Royal Society, the Journal 
of Physiology, and other scientific journals. Among these 
papers are the following : — 

Electromotive properties of Torpedo Marmorata. PhiL 
Trans. (Lond.), 1887. 

Further Observations on Torpedo Marmorata. Ibid., 

The Central Nervous System (with Sir Victor Horsley, 
F.R.S.): Croonian Lecture of the Royal Society. Ibid., 

The Electromotive properties of Malapterurus Electricus. 
Ibid,, 1896. 

The Electrical organ of the Skate. Journ. of Physiol., 
1888 and 1889. 
The Tendon Reflex. Ibid., 1897. 

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1896 and 1910. *Carter, Cyril Robert. Eldest son of Rev. 
Will. Adolphus Carter, Eton ; born 6 Jan., 1863. Educated 
at Eton and Cheltenham. Matric. as Scholar of Corpus 
Christi College, 19 Oct., 1882. Second class Mathematical 
Moderations, Trin. term, 1883. Second class Classical 
Moderations, Trin. term, 1884. Third class Lttt. Hum.^ 
Trin. term, 1886. B.A., 21 Oct., 1886. M.A., i Aug., 1891. 
Ordained deacon by the Bishop of Oxford, 20 Sept., 1891, 
and priest, 25 Sept., 1892. Assistant Master at Wellington 
College, 1886-96. Elected Fellow as Dean of Divinity, 
15 Oct., 1896 ; re-elected, 20 July, 1901. Home Bursar, 
17 March, 1897. Curator of the Botanic Garden, 1902. 
Resigned fellowship, 1902. Head Master of Cordwalles 
School, Maidenhead, 1902-10. Re-elected Fellow as 
Estates Bursar (to come into office at Michaelmas), i Feb., 

Married, 18 April, 1900, Maud Talbot, daughter of Sir James 

Drewitt, John Arthur James. Educated at Magd. College 
School. Elected Demy, March, 1891 ; matric. 21 Oct., 
1891. Second class in Classical Moderations, Hilary 
term, 1893. First class in Litt, Hum.f Trin. term, 
1895. B.A., 24 Oct., 1895. M.A., 20 Oct., 1898. Elected 
Fellow, 15 Oct., 1896 ; vacated fellowship, 1903. Lecturer 
in Classics at Wadham College, 1904. Elected Fellow of 
Wadham College, 7 June, 1907. 

*Gunther, Robert William Theodore. Son of Dr. Albert 
Charles Lewis Gotthilf Gunther, F.R.S. ; born 23 Aug., 
1869. Elected Demy in Natural Science, from London 
University College, 17 Oct., 1887; matric. 16 Oct., 1888. 
First class in Natural Science, Trin. term, 1892. B.A., 




10 Oct., 1892. Biological Scholar, 1893. Geographical 
Scholar, 1895. M.A., 2 May, 1895. Appointed College 
Lecturer in Natural Science, i Feb., 1894. Lecturer in 
Comparative Anatomy, 1900. Elected to an Official fellow- 
ship as Tutor, 16 Dec, 1896; re-elected, 16 Dec, 1903. 
F.R.Geogr.S., 1897. F.L.S., 1900. Associate of the British 
School at Rome. Governor of London University College 
^ School. 

Married, 20 Dec, 1900, Amy, daughter of Eustace Neville- 
Rolfe, C.V.O., H.B.M. Consul-General for Southern Italy. 
Author : — 

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1897. Bate, Herbert Newell, Son of Rev. George Osborn 
Bate, Wesleyan minister. Born 31 May, 1871. Educated 
at St. Paul's School. Elected Scholar of Trinity College, 
Dec, 1888; matric. 12 Oct., 1889. First class in Classical 
Moderations, Hilary term, 1891, and in Litt. Hum., Trin. 
term, 1893. B.A., i March, 1894. Liddon Student, 1894. 
Hall Senior Greek Testament prize, 1895. M.A., 22 Oct., 
1896. Tutor of Keble College, 1895-7. Ordained deacon 
by Bishop of Oxford, 20 Sept., 1896, and priest by Bishop 
of London, 6 March, 1898. Examining Chaplain to the 
Bishop of London, 1901. Elected Fellow as Theological 
Tutor, 17 March, 1897. Dean of Divinity, 12 March, 1902. 
Tutor in Modern Languages, 17 Dec, 1902. Resigned 
fellowship on appointment as Vicar of St. Stephen's, 
Hampstead, Dec, 1903. 




Married, 7 Jan., 1904, Isobel Button, daughter of Col. William 

Mathwin Angus, C.B., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Author :— 

Church History to a. d. 325, Lond. (Rivingtons), 1910. 
The healthful spirit^ B^, Lond., 1910. 
Reviews and articles in the Journal of Theological Studies 
and other periodicals. 
1898. Hilton, Harold. Son of Rev. H. G. Hilton, Ickham, 
Kent. Born 22 Oct., 1876. Educated at Lancing College. 
Matric. at Hertford College, 18 Oct., 1895. University 
Mathematical Exhibitioner, 1896,1897. Senior Mathematical 
Scholar, 1899. First class in Mathem. Moderations, Trin. 
term, 1896, and in Final Mathem. School, Trin. term, 
1898. B.A., 20 Oct., 1898. M.A., 17 May, 1902. Elected 
Fellow after examination in Mathematics, 25 Oct., 1898. 
Assistant Lecturer in Mathematics, University College of 
North Wales, 1902-7. Head of the Mathematical Depart- 
ment in Bedford College for Women, London (University 
of London), 1907. 
Married, i Sept., 1903, Edith Marsley, only daughter of 

Rev. John Skinner Jones, Bangor. 
Author : — 

Mathematical Crystallography, 8^, Oxf. (Clarendon Press), 

The Theory of continuous groups of Finite order^ 8°, Oxf. 
(Clarendon Press), 1908. 
Articles in — 
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society. 
Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, 
Messenger of Mathematics. 
Philosophical Magazine. 
Zeitschrift fur Kristallo graphic. 
Mineralogical Magazine. 
Centralblatt fur Mineralogie. 
Report of the British Association. 
*Poole, Reginald Lane. Younger son of Edward Stanley 
Poole, of Science and Art Department of P. C. Committee 




on Education; born 29 March, 1857. Matric. at Balliol 
College, 24 Oct., 1874, where he gained the Busby Theo- 
logical prize in the next month. Elected to a Hody Hebrew 
Scholarship at Wadham College, but resigned it in Trinity 
term, 1877, and returned to Balliol. Third class in Classical 
Moderations, Trin. term, 1876. Second class in Theology, 
Trin. term, 1878. B.A., 20 June, 1878. Second class in 
Modern Hist., Trin. term, 1879. Lothian Historical Prize 
Essay (see infra\ 1879. M.A., 5 Apr., 1881. Appointed 
an Assistant in the Department of MSS. in the British 
Museum, 5 April, 1880, but resigned at Michaelmas, 1881, 
on election to a Hibbert Travelling Scholarship, tenable 
for two years, with the object of studying mediaeval history 
on the Continent. 
Matric. at the University of Leipzig, 29 Oct., 1881. Philosopkice 
Doctor, 14 Jan., 1882. Returned to Oxford from Riesbach, 
near Zurich, in 1883. Member of the first Council of the 
Huguenot Society, 1885. Appointed Lecturer in History 
at Jesus College, 1886. Examiner in twelve examinations 
in 1889-1904. Examiner in Honour School of Modern 
History in 1896 and 1897. Examiner for Taylorian 
Scholarship in German, 1893. Has acted as a judge for 
the Stanhope and Lothian prizes, and has examined for 
scholarships and prizes at Cambridge. External examiner 
in History at the Victoria University of Manchester in 
1889-91, 1906-7. Delegate of Privileges, 1897, 1898, 1900, 
1901, 1902, 1904, 1908. Member of the Board of Faculty of 
Arts for Modern History in 1888, and re-appointed onwards ; 
of the Board for Oriental Languages, 1893-4. Appointed 
University Lecturer in Diplomatic in 1896, and re-appointed 
onwards. Elected Fellow for historical research, i Feb., 
1898; re-elected, 14 Dec, 1904. Elected Honorary Fellow 
of the Royal Historical Society in 1895, and in June, 1905, 
Fellow of the British Academy. One of the representatives 
of the University at the Historical Congress at Rome in 
1903. Honorary LL.D. of the University of Edinburgh, 
10 April, 1908. Elected Keeper of the Archives, 3 June, 




1909. Ford Lecturer at Oxford in English History, 

Married, 4 Aug., 1881, Rachael Emily, second daughter of 

F. R. Malleson. 
Author :— - 

A history of the Huguenots of the dispersion at the recall 
of the Edict of Nantes (Lothian Prize Essay), 8^, Oxf , 

Sebastian Bach, 1882. 

Illustrations of the history of Medieval Thought^ 1884. 
Wy cliff e and Movements for Reform^ 1889. 
Articles in the Church Quarterly Review : — 

i. Abailard as a Theological Teacher, vol. xli, Oct., 1895. 

ii. Universities in the Middle Ages, vol. xliii, Oct., 1896. 
Articles in the English Historical Review : — 

i. The suppression of the Talmud by Pope John XXH, 

vol. vi, April, 1891. 

ii. On the intercourse between English and Bohemian 

Wycliffites in the early years of the Fifteenth 
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vii. Mary Bateson, vol. xxii, Jan., 1907. 

viii. The dates of Henry IPs Charters, vol. xxiii, Jan., 


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i. Records of Deans and Chapters of Worcester and 

Lichfield, and the Registry of the Bishop of 
Worcester, in Appendix viii to the Fourteenth 
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ii. Bishop of Chichester, and Deans and Chapters of 

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iii. Bishops of Salisbury and Exeter, and Dean and 
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Reports on the muniments of the Bishop of London and 
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are now at press. 

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Editor : — 

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edited for the Wyclif Society, 8^, Lond., 1885. 

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Radulphi [archiep. Armachani] de pauperie Salvatoris libri 
I-IV, edited for the Wyclif Society, 80, Lond., 1890. 

Translator from the Dutch of Land's Principles of Hebrew 
Grammar, part i, 1876. 

Assistant editor of the English Historical Review, under 
[Bishop] M. Creighton, from its establishment in 1885, and, 
from 1891, under S. R. Gardiner; then, from 1895, joint 





editor with the latter, and finally^ since January, 190 1, 
sole editor. 

Formerly contributor, until 188 1, to the Saturday Review, 
to the Guardian until about 1896, to the Aihenceum until 
April, 190 1, and to other journals. 
*Vernon, Horace Middleton. Second son of Thomas Heygate 
Vernon ; born 3 Oct., 1870. Educated at Dulwich College, 
1884-8. Matric. at Merton College as Postmaster, 17 Oct., 
1888. First class in Natural Science (Chemistry), Trin. 
term, 1891, and in Physiology, Trin. term, 1893. Naples 
Biological Scholar, 1894. Rolleston Memorial prize, 1896. 
George Henry Lewes Student, 1896. Radcliffe Travelling 
Fellow, 1897. B.A., 22 Oct., 1891. M.A., 5 Aug., 1896. 
M.B., 5 Aug., 1896. M.D., 20 May, 1899. Elected Fellow 
in Medical Science, after examination, 25 Oct., 1898, and 
re-elected under Statute IV. 20. b, 1906. Demonstrator of 
Physiology at University Museum, 1899. Lecturer on 
Physiology at Exeter, Queen's, and Brasenose Colleges. 
Public Examiner in Natural Science, 1904, 1905, 1909. 
Member of Board of Faculty of Natural Science since 
1903, and of Board of Faculty of Medicine since 1907. 
Married, 12 Dec, 1899, Katharine Dorothea, daughter of 

Rev. William Ewart, M.A., Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire. 
Author : — 

Variation in Animals and Plants, London and New York, 

Intracellular Enzymes ; Lectures given in the Physiological 
Laboratory, University of London, 8°, Lond., 1908. 

A History of the Oxford Museum ; by H. M, Vernon and 
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G 2 




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1899. Genner, Ernest Ely. Only son of Job Genner ; born 




2 June, 1877, at Handsworth, Staffordshire. Educated, 
1886-95, at King Edward's School, Birmingham. Elected 
Scholar of Balliol College, 29 Nov., 1893, and matric. 
14 Oct., 1895. First class in Classical Moderations, Hilary 
term, 1897, and in Mathematics, Trin. term in the same 
year, and first class in Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1899. Craven 
Scholar, 1897. Ireland Scholar, 1898. Gaisford Greek 
Prose, 1898. Derby Scholar, 1900. Junior Hall and 
Houghton Greek Testament prize, 1899, Senior, 1901. 
B.A.,-3 Aug., 1899. M. A., I May, 1902. Elected Fellow, 
25 Oct., 1899 ; resigned on election as a Fellow of Jesus 
College, I April, 1903. Librarian and Assistant Tutor of 
Jesus College. Examiner in Classical Honour Moderations, 
1906-9 ; in Responsions, 1909 ; in Pass Moderations, 1910. 
Pro-proctor, 1910. 

On the Causes and Conditions of Naval Supremacy (Greek 
prose prize), Oxf., 1898. 
1903. *Brightman, Frank Edward. Second son of Charles 
Brightman, Bristol ; born 18 June, 1856. Educated at 
Bristol Grammar School. Matric. as Scholar at University 
College, 22 Oct., 1875, aged 19. First class Mathematical 
Moderations, Trin. term, 1876, and second class Classical 
Moderations, Trin. term, 1877. Second class Litt. Hum., 
Trin. term, 1879, and second class TheoL, Trin. term, 1880. 
B.A., 22 Oct., 1879. Denyer and Johnson Theological 
Scholar, 1882. Hall and Houghton Senior Septuagint 
prize, 1882, M.A., 27 Apr., 1882. Ordained deacon by 
the Bishop of Oxford, 21 Sept., 1884, and priest, 20 Dec.^ 
1885. Librarian of the Pusey House, 1884-1903. Chaplain 
of University College, 1884-7. Assistant curate of St. John 
the Divine, Kennington, 1887-8. Elected Fellow as Tutor 
in Theology, 17 Dec, 1902; re-elected 9 Dec, 1909. Dean 
of Divinity, 1904. Vice-President, 1906. Examiner in 
Theological School, 1899-1901. Hon. D.Ph. et Litt., 
Louvain, 1909. 
Author and editor : — 

Liturgies Eastern and Western, being the texts, original or 




translated, of the principal Liturgies of the Church, with 
introductions and appendices ; vol. i, 80, Oxf., 1896. 

What Objections have been made to English Orders? 
(Church Hist. Soc), 1895. 

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* Cowley, Arthur Ernest. Fourth son of Frederick Thomas 
Cowley, London; born Dec. 13, 1861. Educated at St. Paul's 
School. Matric, as Exhibitioner, at Trinity College, 11 Oct., 
1879, aged 17. Second class in Classical Moderations, 
Trin. term, 1881. Fourth class Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1883. 
B.A., 31 July, 1883. M.A., 28 Apr., 1887. D.Litt., 23 May, 

1908. Assistant Master at Sherborne School, 1885-9; at 
Magdalen College School, 1890-5. Assistant Sub-Librarian 
in Bodleian Library, 1896-9 ; Sub- Librarian, 1900. Elected 
Fellow (Semitic Study), 28 May, 1902; re-elected 17 March, 

1909. Examiner in the School of Oriental Studies, 1898, 

1903. Master of the Schools, 1899, 1904. Vice-President, 

1904, 1905. Junior Dean of Arts, 1910, 191 1. 
Author : — 

Catalogue of Hebrew MSS. in the Bodleian Library; vol. ii, 
40, Oxf. (Clar. Press), 1906. 

Articles in the fewish Quarterly Review ; Proceedings of 
the Society of Biblical Archceology ; Jewish Encyclopcedia ; 
Encyclopcedia Biblica ; Encyclopcedia Britannica (nth ed.). 
Editor : — 

The Original Hebrew of a portion of Ecclesiasticus (in 
conjunction with Dr. Adolf Neubauer), 4^, Oxf., 1897. 

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8°, Oxf., 1898 ; 2nd ed., 1910. 




Aramaic Papyri (m conjunction with Prof. A. H. Sayce), 
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The Samaritan Liturgy, 2 vols., 8^, Oxf., 1909. 

1903. Broun, Claud Leonard. Son of Rev. C. Broun, 
Verwood, Dorset ; born 31 July, 1879. Educated at 
Winchester. Matric. as Scholar of New College, 15 Oct., 
1898. First class Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 1900. 
First class Litt, Hum.^ Trin. term, 1902. First class in 
Sacra Theologia, Trin. term, 1903. Junior Greek Testa- 
ment prize, 1901. Liddon Student, 1902. Denyer and 
Johnson Scholar, 1904. Elected to a Theological fellow- 
ship, 21 Oct., 1903. Ordained deacon by the Bishop of 
Glasgow, 1905, and priest, 26 May, 1907. Curate of Ch. Ch., 
Glasgow, 1906 ; of St. Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow, 1909. 

Married, July, 1908, Hedwig, daughter of Heinrich Thewe of 
Hagenau, Germany. 

Jackson, John. Son of Robert Jackson, Asby, Westmor- 
land (afterwards Caldbeck, Cumberland); born 17 Oct., 
1881. Elected Hastings' Exhibitioner at Queen's College, 
from Appleby School, Dec. 1898; matric. 21 Oct., 1899; 
Gunton Exhibitioner, Aug. 1899 ; Honorary Scholar, 1900. 
First class in Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 1901 ; 
third class in Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1903. Ireland 
Scholar, 1901. Craven Scholar, 1901. B.A., 22 Oct., 1903. 
Craven Fellow, 1903. Elected to a Classical fellowship, 
after examination, 21 Oct., 1903 ; vacated the fellowship at 
the end of the year of probation. 

Translation of Virgil, Oxf. (Clarendon Press), 1908. 

1904. *Pickard-Canibridge, William Adair. Son of Rev. 
Octavius Pickard-Cambridge, Bloxworth, Dorset; born 
14 Dec, 1879. Educated at Weymouth College, Scholar, 
1890-8; School Organist, 1896-8. Elected Classical 
Scholar of Balliol College, Nov. 1897; matric. 17 Oct., 
1898. First class Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 1900. 
First class in Litt. Hum.j Trin. term, 1902. Hon. mention for 
Hertford Scholarship, 1900. Jenkyns Exhibitioner, Balliol 
College, 1902 : Organist at Trinity College, J an .-June, 




1902. B.A., 2 Aug., 1902. M.A., 22 June, 1905. Assistant 
Master at Winchester College, Sept. 1902 - Easter 1905. 
Elected Fellow, 25 Oct., 1904. Assistant Tutor at Jesus 
College, from Oct. 1906, and Assistant Lecturer at Hertford 
College from the same date. Junior Dean of Arts, 1909. 
Examiner in Pass Moderations, 1907-8; in Final Pass 
School, 1909-10; for Gaisford Prize, 1908, and Abbott 
Scholarship, 1909-10. Examiner at St. David's College, 
Lampeter, from June, 1908. 
Musical Composer : — 

An Evening Service in B^. 

Six Songs for a low voice. \ 

Two Sonatas for Pianoforte and Violoncello : 
(i) in B^, (ii) in D. ^Z\sLa 

Trios for female voices, with piano accom- shortly 

Motet (in 10 parts) " Omnia Vanitas." ^ 
*E,aleigh, Walter Alexander. Son of Alexander Raleigh, 
D.D. ; born 1861. Educated at various schools; Univer- 
sity College, London ; King's College, Cambridge, 1881-5. 
Professor of English Literature at the Muhammadan Anglo- 
Oriental College, Aligarh, 1885-7. Professor of Modern 
Literature, University College, Liverpool, 1890-1900. 
Professor of English Literature, University of Glasgow, 
1900-4. Professor of English Literature, University of 
Oxford, from 1904. Elected Fellow, 20 July, 1904. Public 
Examiner in English Literature, 1905-7 ; 1909-10. Clark 
Lecturer in English Literature, Trinity College, Cambridge, 
1898-9; 1910-11. Appointed a Member of the Lord 
Chamberlain's Advisory Committee for Censorship of Plays, 
Nov. 1910. Fellow of University College, London. Hon. 
LL.D. Glasgow. Hon. D.Litt. Durham. 
Married, 1890, Lucie Gertrude Jackson, daughter of Mason 
Jackson, for many years Art Editor of Illustrated London 
Author : — 

The English Novel, Lond,, 1894. 




The Riddle [a drama] ; privately printed, Liverpool, 

Robert Louts Stevenson, Lond., 1895. 

Style, Lond., 1897. 

Milton, Lond., 1900. 

Wordsworth, Lond., 1903. 

The English Voyages, Glasgow, 1907. 

Shakespeare, Lond., 1907. 

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Editor : — (Prefaces, &c,) 

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*Thompson, James Matthew. Son of Rev. Henry Lewis 
Thompson; born Sept. 27, 1878. Scholar of Winchester, 
1892. Scholar of Christ Church ; matric. 16 Oct., 1897. 
Second class in Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 1899; 
First class in Litt. Hum., Trin. term, 1901. B.A., 10 Oct., 
1901; M.A., 10 Nov., 1904. Ordained deacon by the 
Bishop of London, 1903, and priest, 1904. Curate of St. 
Frideswide's, Poplar, in 1903-4. Elected as a Tutorial 
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Assisted in editing the Oxford Hymn Book (Clarendon 
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1905. *Bell, Charles Francis. Son of Robert Courtenay Bell ; 
born 28 April, 187 1. Appointed Assistant- Keeper of the 
Ashmolean Museum, i July, 1896. Hon. M.A., 6 Dec. 
1898. M.A. by decree of Convocation, 10 June, 1904. 
F.S.A., 23 Nov., 1899. Elected as a Research Fellow, 
I Nov., 1905. Elected Keeper of the Department of 
Fine Art, Ashmolean Museum, 6 Dec, 1908. Appointed 
a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, 15 Feb., 




Author : — 

A list of the works contributed to public Exhibitions by 
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Papers and catalogues relating to the works of Turner 
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*Moore, Tom Sidney. Son of George Moore ; born 19 Feb., 
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1899. First class in Natural Science (Chemistry), Trin. 
term, 1902. B.A., 17 Dec, 1902. Elected Fellow, after 
Examination in Chemistry, 24 Oct., 1905. M.A., 26 April, 
1906. Lecturer in Chemistry. Delegate for training of 
Elementary Teachers. 
Married, 31 July, 1907, Mabel, youngest daughter of Charles 

Clifton Moore, Liverpool. 
Articles in the following Journals, &c. : — 
1898. Uber die Sak- und Hydrat-Bildung der Azophenole. 

(Berichte der Deutschen Chem. Gesellschaft.) 
1900. The reversibility of Voltaic cells. (Philosoph, Magazine.) 
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doctrine of the Logos as applied to our Lord. Ordained 
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priest, 7 March, 1909. Elected Fellow, after examination in 
Classics, 24 Oct., 1906. M.A., 29 April, 1909. Elected 
Chaplain-Fellow of Exeter College, 4 Feb., 1909. Librarian 
of Exeter College, 1910. 

Contributed an Essay on '^A Recent Theory of the Origin of 
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Prof. W. Sanday, Oxf. (Clarendon Press), 191 1. 

1907. *Gordon, George Stuart. Son of William Gordon, of 
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1906. M.A., 24 Apr., 1909. Elected Fellow, 24 Oct., 

1907. Appointed a University Lecturer in English Litera- 
ture, Dec. 1910. Stanhope Historical Essay, 1905 : The 

Married, 29 June, 1909, Mary Campbell, elder daughter of 
T. W. Biggor, of Polmont, Stirlingshire. 

1908. *Smitli, Arthur Lionel Forster. Son of Arthur Lionel 
Smith ; born 19 Aug., 1880. Educated at Rugby. Elected 
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3 Nov., 1904, Elected Official Fellow of Magdalen College, 
as Tutor in History, 27 May, 1908, and admitted 15 Oct. 
Senior Dean of Arts, 1910, 191 1, 




1909. *Bowman, Herbert Lister. Son of J. Herbert Bowman 
of Greenham Common, Newbury ; born 15 March, 1874. 
Matric. at New College from Eton (1888-92), 14 Oct., 1892. 
Second class in Natural Science, Chemistry, Trin. term, 
1895, and in Physics, Trin. term, 1896. B.A., 24 Oct., 
1895. M.A., 15 June, 1899. D.Sci., 17 Dec. 1908. Demon- 
strator in Mineralogy, 1898-1909. Elected Waynflete 
Professor of Mineralogy, 11 Feb., 1909, and admitted to 
the annexed Fellowship, 13 Feb. Fellow of the Chemical 
Society and of the Geological Society. Vice-President of 
the Mineralogical Society (1910-11). Member of the Society 
frangaise de Mineralogie. Secretary (1900-03) and Recorder 
(1904-06) of the Geological Section of the British Asso- 
Published Papers : — 

[With Prof. H. A. Miers.] Crystallographic Notes on 
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Fotheringham, John Knight. Son of Rev. David Fothering- 
ham ; born 14 Aug., 1874. Educated at City of London 
School. Matric. as Exhibitioner at Merton College, 18 
Oct., 1892. Second class in Classical Moderations, Hilary 
term, 1894. First class in Litt. Hum,, Trin. term, 1896, 
and in Modern Hist., Trin. term, 1897. B.A., 10 Oct., 
1896. M.A., 19 May, 1899. D.Litt., 24 June, 1909. 
Elected to a Senior Demyship, i Feb., 1898. Elected 
Student at the British School at Athens, Dec, 1898. 
Lecturer in Classical Literature at King's College, London, 
1904-9, and Lecturer in Ancient History, 1909. Elected to 
a Research Fellowship, 8 Dec, 1909. 

Editor : — 

The Bodleian MS. of Jerome* s version of the Chronicle of 
Eusebius, reproduced in Collotype, with an introduction, 40, 
Oxf , 1905. 

[G. E. 'Qrodrick^s] History of England, 1^01-1^'^^', revised 
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Johnston, John Leslie. Son of Rev. Canon J. O. Johnston; 
born I Dec, 1885. Educated at Radley College. Elected 
Demy, 19 Dec, 1902. Matric. 23 Oct., 1904. First class 
in Classical Moderations, Trin. term, 1906, and in Litt, 
Hum., Trin. term, 1908. B.A., 22 Oct., 1908. Squire 
Scholar (for students in Theology, for Holy Orders), 1904, 
resigned in same year. Liddon Scholar, 1908-9. Elected 
to a Theological Fellowship, after examination, 25 Oct., 
1909. Lecturer in Theology, New College, 1910. 



igio. *Hiinter, Leslie Whitaker. Son of Leslie Hunter; 
born I April, 1886. Educated at Winchester College. 
Scholar of New College; matric. 14 Oct., 1905. First 
class in Classical Moderations, Hilary term, 1907 ; and 
in Lift. Hum., Trin. term, 1909. Gaisford Prize, Greek 
verse, 1906 ; prose, 1908. Latin verse, Zenobia, 1907. 
Craven Scholar, 1908. B.A., 21 Oct., 1909. Latin Essay, 
Rus Vacuum, 1910. Passmore Edwards Scholarship, 1910. 
Derby Scholar, 1909-10. Elected Fellow, after examina- 
tion in Classics, 21 Oct., 1910. 
*Smith, Herbert Arthur. Son of Vincent A. Smith, M.A. ; 
born in India, 4 Aug., 1885. Educated at Cheltenham 
College. Elected Scholar of St. John's College, 15 Dec, 
1903, and matric. 12 Oct., 1904. Second class in Classical 
Moderations, Hilary term, 1906, and in Lttt. Hum., Trin. 
term, 1908. B.A., 10 Oct., 1908. English Essay, 1909, The 
influence of British rule in India on home politics. Robert 
Herbert Memorial Prize, 1910. Entered at Inner Temple, 
I Oct., 1906. Called to the Bar, 2 June, 1909. Elected to 
a Tutorial Fellowship in Law, 14 Dec, 1910. 

[Accidentally omitted from Vol. IV at p. 163. 
1690. Woodward, George. Demy, 1683; Dem. Reg., iii. 42 
(where for date of B.D. degree read 23 March, ifff). When 
expelled from his demyship by the Royal Commissioners 
in 1688, he was admitted at St. Edmund Hall, whence he 
took his M.A. degree on 3 July in that year. Died 9 March, 
1701, and letters of administration were granted at Oxford 
five days afterwards.] 


Elected under the Ordinance of the University Commissioners 
in 1857, and the Statutes made in 1881. 

1862. Phillpotts, Henry, Bishop of Exeter. See vol. v 
of this Register, pp. 136-42, 171-5. 

Palmer, Sir Roundell, afterwards first Earl of Selborne. 
See vol. vi, pp. 96-102. 

Parsons, William, Earl of Rosse. The distinguished 
astronomer, who in 1842-50 erected the monster telescope 
in his grounds at Birr Castle, King's County. He 
matriculated, as Lord Oxmantown, at Magdalen College, 
I Feb., 1 82 1, aged 20 (at the same time with his younger 
brother, John Clere Parsons, aged 18), and in Michaelmas 
term, 1822, was in the First class in Mathematics together 
with his brother,^ taking his degree of B.A. in that term, 
and becoming F.R.S. in 1824 at the age of 24. B.A. ad 
eundem and M.A. Dublin, Nov., 1832. He succeeded his 
father (the second earl) in the earldom in 1841. In 1842 
he was created Hon. LL.D. at Cambridge. In 1843 he 
was President of the British Association ; 1845, Knight of 
St. Patrick ; 1849-54, President of the Royal Society; 1853, 
Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences ; 1855, 
Knight of the Legion of Honour of France ; 1862, Chancellor 
of the University of Dublin, and Hon. LL.D. in 1863. 
Died 31 Oct., 1867. [See vol. vi, pp. 28, 54.] 
Letters on the state of Ireland. 80, Lond., 1847. 
An account of his telescope, with a description of all the 
instruments and machinery, was printed at Parsonstown 
in 1844. 

1 An unusual distinction deserving special notice. The brother entered at 
Lincoln's Inn, and died 20 Aug., 1828. 




1868. Phillips, John, eldest son of John Phillips, Marden, 
Wilts. Born in 1801. Matriculated at Magdalen College, 
25 Oct., 1853, aged 52. M.A. by decree of Convocation, 
27 Oct., 1853, D.C.L. 13 June, 1866, He commenced 
his scientific career as Keeper of the Museum of the 
Yorkshire Philosophical Society in 1827, and became a 
Fellow of the Geological Society in the following year. 
Assistant- Secretary of the British Association, 1832. 
F. R.S., 1834. Professor of Geology, King's College, 
London, and also in Dublin University, 1844. LL.D., 
Dublin, 2 Sept., 1857. President of the Geological Society, 
1859-60. LL.D., Cambridge, 1866. Deputy Reader in 
Geology, Oxford, 1853-7. President of the British Asso- 
ciation, 1868. Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, 1854-70. 
Professor of Geology and Keeper of the University Museum, 
Oxford, 1857-74. Died 24 April, 1874. 

His valuable and numerous geological works do not need 
recapitulation here. 

1880. Westwood, John Obadiah. Born at Sheffield, 22 Dec, 
1804. Originally by profession a solicitor, he forsook legal 
practice for the varied studies of entomology, palaeography, 
and of antiquities with special reference to ivories and sculp- 
tured stones, and, widely different as these branches of know- 
ledge are, he excelled in all. Of the Linnaean Society he 
became a Fellow in 1827, and in 1833 was one of the founders 
of the Entomological Society, of which he became Secretary 
and afterwards President. When the Rev. F. W. Hope 
founded the Professorship of Zoology at Oxford in 1861, 
having in 1858 presented his entomological collections to the 
University, and having added b}^ purchase Westwood's own 
collections and appointed him the Keeper, he nominated 
him as the first Professor. With unwearied skill and exact 
knowledge he devoted himself to the work of his department, 
while at the same time publishing the well-known works 
which made him a recognized authority on illuminated 
MSS., inscribed stones, and fictile productions. He was 
created Hon. M.A., 6 May, 1858, when admitted as a member 




of Magdalen College, and also M.A. by decree of Con- 
vocation, 7 Feb., 1861. He was a member' of many foreign 
Entomological and Zoological Societies, and several species 
of moths, &c., are named after him. 
He married in 1839 Eliza Richardson, who died in 1882. 
He himself died just when entering on his 88th year, 2 Jan., 
1893, buried in St. Sepulchre's cemetery in Oxford ; 

"quem ob caritatem venerabilem, ob studia cum entomologica 
turn palaeographica clarissimum, maxime deflemus." V. P, 
Reg, A most life-like portrait of him by Sir, W. B. Richmond 
is in the Ashmolean Museum, which represents faithfully 
that geniality and kindliness which were so appreciated by 
all who knew him. 
1888. Durnford, Richard, Bishop of Chichester. See vol. vi, 
pp. 84-5. 

1892. 2 Nov. Sir John Stainer, second son of William Stainer, 
Southwark; born 6 June, 1840. Educated at St. Paul's 
Cathedral School as a chorister. Matric. at Ch. Ch., 
26 May, 1859 ; afterwards at St. Edmund Hall. Mus. Bac, 
10 June, 1859. Admitted Organist of the College (in suc- 
cession to Benj. Blyth) 18 May, i860 ; B.A., 1864; D.Mus., 
1865; M.A., 1866. Hon. D.Mus., Durham. 
His work as an organist was commenced at the very early age 
of 15 at the church of St. Benedict and St. Peter, London, 
From thence he was removed by Sir Frederick Ouseley 
in 1857 to be organist of St. Michael's College, Tenbury, by 
whose recommendation he became our organist in i860. He 
succeeded Sir John Goss as organist of St. Paul's Cathedral 
in 1872 (see vol. vi, p. 68), resigning in 1888. On the death 
of Sir F. Ouseley in 1889 he was elected Professor of Music 
on 18 June, but resigned on 2 May, 1899. Inspector of 
Music for the Government Education Department. Vice- 
President of the Royal College of Organists. Member of 
the Council of the Royal College of Music, and Hon. 
Member of the Royal Academy of Music. Knighted 10 July 
1888. Knight of the Legion of Honour in 1878, after 
having been a Juror at the Paris Exhibition. Died sud- 

H 2 




denly at Verona, 31 March, 1901, and was buried in 
Holywell cemetery, Oxford, on 6 April. 

Married 27 Dec, 1865, Eliza Cecil, only daughter of Thomas 
Randall, J. P., Oxford. 

His numerous compositions for cathedral use are known and 
sung everywhere, and his name will remain "among the 
posterities " of AngHcan Church-music lovers. For notice 
of his and Mr. Bramley's collection oi Christmas Carols, see 
vol. vi, p. 165. He was joint-editor with W. A. Barrett of 
a Dictionary of Musical Terms, of which a revised edition 
was published in 1898, and with Rev. W. Russell of the 
Cathedral Psalter. In 189 1 he printed privately a Catalogue 
of English Song-books, Foreign Song-books, Carols, and 
Books on Bells, in his possession. A handsome series of 
his works given to the Library by Lady Stainer in 1902 
{supra, p. 21) comprises also the following publications : — 
The Orga7i. 40, Lond., n. d. 

Choral Society Vocalization, Instruction, and Exercises. 
40, Lond., n. d. 

The Daughter of Jairus : a sacred cantata [composed for 
the Worcester Festival in 1878]. 8^, Lond., n. d. 

St. Mary Magdalen : a sacred cantata [composed for the 
Gloucester Festival in 1883]. 8<^, Lond., n. d. 

The Crucifixion : a [choral] Meditation. 8^, Lond., n. d. 

Harmony, with Exercises. 8^, Lond., n. d. 

Composition. 8^, Lond., n. d. 

The Classification of Chords ; 9th edit. 8^, Lond., n. d. 

The Music of the Bible. 8^, Lond., n. d. 

Hymn Tunes [and Carols]. 80, Lond., 1900. 

[Twenty-seven Church Services, with special title-page 
and table of contents. 8^, Lond., 1901.] 

Also many separate Anthems and Songs, and much 
Organ Music. 

A portrait, painted by Mr. Riviere, was given to the College 
by the artist in 1872 (vol. vi, p. 68) ; and another was 
ordered to be painted in 1892 (supra, p. 11); and a third, 
by Sir H. von Herkomer, painted by subscription, is in the 



10 1 

Examination Schools. A marble relief was placed by sub- 
scription in St. Paul's Cathedral ; and a memorial tablet 
presented by Lady Stainer was placed in our Ante-Chapel, 
24 Nov., 1905. 
1895. Burden-Sanderson, Sir John. See p. 35 supra, 
1897. Lock, Walter, D.D. See vol. vi, pp. 178-9. 
1906, 30 May. Kenyon, Frederic George. Supra, pp. 42-4. 
30 May. Parratt, Sir Walter. Son of Thomas Parratt, 
Huddersfield; born 10 Feb., 1841. Educated at the Col- 
legiate School, Huddersfield. Commenced his musical 
career as organist of Armitage Bridge Church, Yorkshire ; 
then, successively, organist at Great Witley, Worcestershire, 
Wigan Parish Church, and at Magdalen College in 1872, 
resigning 5 July, 1882, on appointment to St. George's 
Chapel, Windsor [see p. 4 supra']. Matric. 6 Nov., 1872. 
Mus. Bac, 15 May, 1873. Hon. Mus. Doc, 30 Jan., 1894 
Elected Professor of Music 5 May, 1908, and thereupon 
created M.A. and Mus. Doc. by decree of Convocation 
19 May in that year. Hon. Mus. Doc. Cambridge, 7 June, 1910. 
Knighted 1892. M.V.O., 1901. Formerly Private Organist 
to H. M. Queen Victoria. Master of the King's Music. 
Professor at the Royal College of Music. President of the 
Royal College of Organists. Examiner in Music at various 
times in the Universities of Oxf., Camb., London, and Wales. 
Married, i June, 1864, Emma, daughter of L. Gledhill, 

Author : Article on Music in Ward's Reign of Queen Victoria, 
Articles in Grove's Dictionary of Music, 
Music for the Tale of Troy, 
30 May. Payne, Joseph Frank. See vol. vi, pp. 170-1. In 
Easter Term, 1909, Dr. Payne gave six lectures at Oxford on 
the History of Greek Medicine up to the age of Hippo- 
crates. He died at his house, Lyonsdown, New Barnet, 
Hertfordshire, 16 Nov., 1910, aged 70. A full obituary 
notice appeared in the Times newspaper of 18 Nov. 
1909, 26 May. Hamilton, Sir J. A. See p. 35 supra. 

Lang, C. G., Archbishop of York. See pp. 65 supra, 124 infra. 


Not previously recorded m the two Series of this Register^ 
from their not having been Members of the College 
previous to their appointment to the Headship. 

1448. On the foundation of St. Mary Magdalen Hall, on the 
site of Bostar Hall and Hare Hall [in High Street], leased 
from the Hospital of St. John Baptist, Bishop Waynflete, 
in his charter dated 18 Aug., appointed John Hornley, or 
Horley, B.D., as President of the Hall. Nine years later 
the Hall was superseded by the College, erected on the site 
of the Hospital itself, which was surrendered, in pursuance 
of letters patent from King Henry VI of 26 Oct., 1456,^ 
on 25 Sept., 1457. Hornley thereupon ^'retired to Dartford 
in Kent, where he died and was buried in 1477 " (Chandler's 
Life of Waynflete, p. 93). 

1457. William Tybard, B.D., was appointed the first President 
of the new College by Waynflete in his foundation charter 
of 30 Sept., repeated in the following year on 12 June, on 
the final completion under Papal authority of the suppression 
and annexation of the Hospital. Tybard was then Principal 
of Haberdasher Hall, and had been Proctor in 1431. 
For twenty-one years he administered the affairs of the 

1 The Hospital, five years before suppression, appears to have fallen into 
some disorder and disrepute, for on 5 March, 1452, Archbishop Kempe of York 
issued, as Chancellor of England, a Commission to the Abbot of Oseney and five 
others to visit the Hospital ' ad inquirendum de et super criminibus, excessibus 
et defectibus quibuscunque . . . perpetratis sive commissis ' (Kempe's Register, 
Dioc. Registry at York, ff, 150^-151), At the time of the dissolution of the 
Hospital there were in it five priests, viz. Richard Vyse the Master, Walter Rede, 
John Selam, John Vobe, and Robert Heyes. They were each licensed, 19 June, 

1458, to hold one ecclesiastical benefice. (Charter in Muniment Room, Miscell. 
281.) Rede died in 1460 (^Miscell. 202). 

1457] PRESIDENTS 103 

College by his own authority, no regulations having been 
imposed; but in 1480, on the Founder's issuing his body 
of Statutes, Tybard/'plenus annorum et senio confectus," 
resigned his office to Mayew as his successor on 23 August. 
He only lived three months longer, departing this life on 
17 November. He was buried in the Inner Chapel, and 
Ant. Wood records that a brass plate bearing a figure with 
hands erect marked the spot, with the following inscription 
beneath : — 

" Willelmi Tybard conduntur membra magistri 
Hoc tumulo. Preses primus et hie fuerat, 
Bis denis socios ulla sine lege Statuti 
Annis atque uno pace quiete regens,^ 
Quem virtus, labor et studium decoravit in almo 
Oxonie gremio, cujus alumnus erat, 
Procuratorem quem res hec publica cepit, 
Atque Bachallar[i]um pagina sacra dedit. 
Nunc abit in cineres veluti mortalia cuncta 
Unde venit rediens; sic caro queque perit. 
Tybardi precibus vestris memorate magistri 
Ut poterit citius leta vider[e] Dei." 

Round the brass was this further inscription : — 
" Orate pro anima magistri Willi. Tybarde, Sacre Theolo- 
gie Bacallarii et hujus CoUegii primi Presidentis, qui obiit 
xvii*^ die mensis Novembris anno Domini milHmo cccclxxx^^ 
Cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen." 

The brass was removed about 1625, and then placed under 
the west window in the Ante-ChapeL Within the last cen- 
tury it was removed altogether, in mutilated condition, and 
then lost sight of ; but now is restored to the Chapel, by 
College order of 22 March, 191 1, having happily been found. 
Part of the head was wanting, and the greater part of the 
inscription round the brass. 

^ The exhortation which Mayew delivered on admission "ad unitatem et 
pacem " may seem to show, as Mr. Wilson suggests {Magdalen College, 1899, 
p. 34), that Tybard's ruling without Statutes had rather failed to secure peace. 
Mayew's governing with Statutes was, however, not more successful. 

I04 PRESIDENTS • [1457 

The record of his death in the College Register (A, fol. 6) 
is as follows: 17 Nov., 1480; ^' venerabilis vir et bone 
memorie M. Willelmus Tybarde, sacre theologie bachalariuS; 
primus Presidens hujus Collegii, postquam dictum collegium 
xxi annis absque statutis honorifice et laudabiliter rexerit 
et gubernaverit, plenus annorum et senio confectus, diem 
clausit extremum et requievit in Domino, sepultusque est 
honorifice in medio chori capelle dicti Collegii. Requiescat 
in pace. Amen." 

His will, dated 31 Oct., 1480, is as follows: — "Ego, 
Willelmus Tybarde, clericus, compos mentis, condo testa- 
mentum meum in hunc modum. In primis^ lego et com- 
mendo animam meam in manus sanctissimae ac miseri- 
cordissimae Trinitatis, corpusque meum sepeliendum in 
ecclesiastica sepultura. Insuper lego ecclesise parochiali de 
Bryghtwell in com. Berk, c solidos pro quodam portiphorio 
pro eadem ecclesia emendo. Item lego matrici et cathedrali 
ecclesise Sarum xx^. Item lego ecclesiae parochiali de 
Myddelyngton juxta Burnecester vi^ viii^. Et eciam 
ecclesiae parochiali de Wyggyntone vi^ viii*^. Item lego 
ecclesise parochiali de Cracombe in com. Somers. xiii^ iiiid. 
Item lego Agneti Trendeley sorori meae in pecuniis 
iiiii iii^ viii^. Item lego eidem sex coclearia argentea. 
Item eidem unum craterem argenteum stantem cum 
coopertorio. Item eidem unum lectum album cum cortotina 
(lege cortina), et i plumare cum uno servicali [lege cervicali) 
et pelowz eidem pertinentibus. Item lego eidem unum par 
lodicum de fustian, et iii paria lintheaminum de melioribus, 
et i quylte cum i superlectili rubeo cum testar[io] perti- 
nente eidem. Item lego eidem duas togas cum capiciis de 
melioribus meis. Item lego Thomae Trendeley filio sororis 
meae i par lintheaminum, i togam, unam mappam cum uno 
tigil[lo] {lege togilla). Item lego Elizabet filiae sororis meae 
i togam talarem cum capucio, i mappam cum uno togil[lo], 
et i par lintheaminum, ac eciam unam oUam aeneam 
secundum dispositionem dictae sororis meae. Item magistro 
Henrico Tybarde i portiforium, i alium librum dictum 



Destructorium viciorum. Item eidem unam Bibliam, 
I librum dictum Johannes Crysost. in opere tmperfecto cum 
omnibus repartoriis (lege repertoriis) meis. Item lego eidem 
magistro Henrico habitum meum blodium cum capicio 
pennulato. Item lego pro quadam refectione pro sociis 
collegii beatse Mariae Magdalenae si contigerit me mod 
ibidem xiii^ iiii<i. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum 
non legatorum, debitis meis prius inde persolutis, do et lego 
magistris Willelmo Attewater et Henrico Tybarde, clericis, 
et Agneti Trendeley sorori meae, quos facio, ordino et 
constituo exequutores hujus mei testamenti, ut ipsi veri exe- 
quutores mei exequuantur et perimpliant (lege perimpleant) 
banc voluntatem meam in singulis, prout eisdem hie vel 
alias nuper una (lege viva) voce declaravi. Et volo quod 
quilibet dictorum magistrorum Willelmi et Henrici habeat 
pro labore et diligencia suis circa banc voluntatem meam 
perficiendam xl«, ita quod accipiant administrationem bono- 
rum meorum ut veri exequutores mei." (Reg. A. f. 6.) 

He was appointed rector of Middleton Stoney 4 Nov., 
1424, but had resigned it within ten or twenty years after- 
wards (see J. C. Blomfield's Hist, of the deanery of Bicester, 
Part IV, 1888, p. 75). He was also rector of Crowcombe, or 
Craucombe, Somerset, and, as appears from his will, of 
Wiggington, near Banbury, and of Brightwell, Berkshire. 
In the inventory of vestments, &c., made in the year 1522 
[see vol. ii, p. 209], there is mention of one red vestment 
on the orphrey of which was this inscription : Orate pro 
anima Magistri Tyberd." Probably this was worn at the 
celebration of his obit. 

1480. Mayew [al. Mayow], Richard. Appointed President by 
Waynflete in August, upon his providing the code of 
Statutes which hitherto had not been enacted. Mayew 
had been a Fellow of St. Mary Winton College, alias New 
College, and Waynflete signalized his regard for that 
College by enjoining that future Presidents might be 
chosen from it should no one of his own foundation be 




elected. The new President appears to have taken the 
degree of B.C.L., 4 Feb., 1456; he was subsequently D.D., 
but the date is not known. The account of his admission 
as President is given from the Register in vol. i, p. 5. His 
first year was troubled by the unruliness of some of the 
Fellows, who refused, after twenty-four years of self- 
government, to submit to the imposition of statutes ; but 
they yielded when they found that persistent refusal 
involved suspension. On 30 Oct., 1485, he attended the 
coronation of Henry VH at Westminster Abbey, and by 
Waynflete*s order the College defrayed his expenses, 
amounting only to fifteen shillings and threepence halfpenny, 
a very moderate sum even if multiplied ten times for present 
reckoning. He no doubt favourably impressed the King, 
as two years afterwards the latter visited him in College, 
and on 23 Sept., 1490, appointed him, in conjunction with 
Robert Rydon, the Clerk of the Council, a Commissioner 
to deliver the ratification of the treaty with Spain, which 
included the agreement for the marriage of Prince Arthur, 
then four years old (Rymer's Foedera, xii. 429), who was 
entertained afterwards in College when ten years old. And 
the tapestry in the College representing the marriage at 
St. PauFs Cathedral, 14 Nov., 1501, was probably given 
after the ceremony, at which we may assume that Mayew 
was present [see Wilson's Magdalen College, p. 53]. He 
held the office of the King's Almoner. In Jan., 1493, ^e 
was appointed Archdeacon of Oxford, and on 9 Aug., 1504, 
by provision of Pope Julius H, Bishop of Hereford. He 
was consecrated at Lambeth 27 Oct., and the temporalities 
were restored to him as bishop-elect i Nov. [Rymer*s 
Foedera, xiii. no]. This led to the promotion of another 
member of the College, for in 1508 Mayew appointed 
Edmund Frowcester, Fellow in 1482, to be a Prebendary, 
and at length, by successive steps. Dean, of Hereford 
[vol. i, p. 99]. But Mayew's episcopal absence from College 
resulted in his resignation of office. The whole Society 
was torn by quarrels and recriminations and general dis- 




regard of the statutes, ending in an appeal to the Visitor, 
Bishop Fox of Winchester, of the proceedings at whose 
visitation by his Commissary in 1507 I have given the full 
record in vol. i, pp. 35-41. Mayew had violated the 
statutes greatly by his non-residence, and, on being sus- 
pended, resigned. He died 18 April, 1516, and was buried 
in Hereford Cathedral. To the restoration of his monument 
there the College subscribed in 1861 (see vol. vi, pp. 51, 62). 
His will was dated 24 March, 1516, and was proved 10 May. 
The original is preserved in the MS. Room in the Library, 
and is accompanied by an inventory of his plate. The two 
documents are on large vellum sheets : the will, 19^ inches 
long and 19 wide, much rubbed at the edges, and in several 
places stained; the inventory, 17I inches long. They have 
recently been bound together. I print these very interesting 
documents from copies which I made some years ago. 

I. Will. 

" In Dei nomine, Amen. xxiiij*t> die mensis Marcii anno 
Domini secundum computacionem Ecclesie Anglicane 
Millesimo quingentesimo xv^. Ego Ricardus miseracione 
divina Herfordensis Episcopus, eger corpore compos tamen 
mentis, Deo gratias, condo testamentum meum sub hac 
forma. In primis lego animam meam omnipotenti Deo, 
corpusque meum sepeliendum in Ecclesia mea Cath[edrali] 
Herfordensi ad pedes Imaginis divi et gloriosi Regis et 
martiris Ethelberti. Volo insuper et ordino primo et ante 
omnia quod executores mei inferius specificati persolvant 
omnia et singula debita mea etc., Et presertim debita 
Ecclesie, videlicet quingentas marcas de implemento et 
stauro ecclesie cathedralis Herfordensis, quam summam 
recepi de predecessore meo domino Adriano Castellensis 
tituli sancti Grisogoni presbitero Cardinali ad usum et 
commodum successoris mei immediati et successorum 
Episcoporum Herefordensium imperpetuum. Item do et 
lego ecclesie mee cathedrali pro salute anime mee ad 
usum successorum Herefordensium Episcoporum meam 




mitram et baculum pastoralem et quendam librum de Officio 
pontificali sive pastorali. Item do et lego ad usum coti- 
diane misse beate Marie Virginis ad honorem ipsius dive 
Marie et gloriosi Thome Confessoris organa mea noviter 
empta situanda in Capella eorundem infra ecclesiam meam 
cathedral em Hereford. Item do et lego ecclesie et sponse 
mee in honore gloriosi martiris divi Ethelberti et ad 
usum confratrum meorum et chori ibidem meum vas 
argenteum et deauratum vocatum Holywaterstoke cum le 
spryngell argenteo et deaurato que nuper habui ex dono 
domine Katerine Regine Anglie. Item do et lego xxiiij^^ 
pauperibus debilibus et senibus xxiiij^^^ togas de ffryse nigri 
coloris vel grisii ad voluntatem executorum meorum. Item 
lego xxiiijoj" aliis pauperibus masculis sive feminis xxiiij<^^ 
camisia sive smokes ut ipsi orent pro me et pro quibus 
teneor, et quod iste xxiiij^r toge et xxiiij^r camisie dentur 
et liberentur ante diem obitus mei si commode fieri poterint 
vel ante diem sepulture mee. Item do et lego quinquaginta 
sacerdotibus Oxon. studentibus et proficientibus, sive sint 
de CollegiiS; Aulis, vel monasteriis et claustris, cuilibet eorum 
vjs viij<i ut ipsi orent pro me devote in suis missis et aliis 
suffragiis. Item lego quinquaginta aliis scolasticis in sacris 
non constitutis indigentibus et Oxon. proficientibus cuilibet 
eorum iij^ iiijd distribuendos per unum executorum meorum. 
Item volo quod infra xx^i dies post obitum meum et sepul- 
turam fiant exequie mortuorum in collegio Magdalene et 
in collegio Marie Virginis vocate Wynchestur College in 
Oxon, et missa de requiem in crastino pro salute anime 
mee et omnium fidelium defunctorum, et praesentes in dictis 
exequiis et missa habeant pro pitancia eodem die xx^, et pro 
vino xiiis iiij^ in utroque videlicet collegio iij^^ vj^ [sic]. 
Item volo quod in die trigintalis mei omnes canonici 
ecclesie mee cathedralis presentes in exequiis mortuorum 
pro me in choro et in missa de requiem in crastino et pro 
me devote orantes quilibet videlicet eorum habeat vjs viij^, 
et quilibet vicarius choralis etiam presens ut prius et devote 
orans habeat pro labore iij^ iiij^. Item volo quod in die 



sepulture mee dividantur et distribuantur inter ducentos 
pauperes et indigentes masculos et feminas ducenti dimid. 
grotys vel inter centum pauperes ut prius centum gross[i?]. 
Et consimilis distribucio fiat in die trigintalis mei de centum 
gross[is]. Item do et lego centum marcas pro repara- 
cionibus viarum communium et publicarum, unde xU^ dis- 
ponentur reparacionibus viarum juxta Hereford, et residuum 
prope Whightborn et alia loca vicina et circa alias vias 
reparacione indigentes in diocesi mea. Item do et lego 
libros meos theologicales ac libros meos juris canonici et 
libros philosophie sub forma que sequitur, videlicet, 
omnes libros meos juris do et lego Collegio dive Marie 
Magdalene Oxon. ac librum Moralium divi Gregorii in 
pergameno et alios libros in pergameno scriptos ; Item 
omnes libros et opera de Postillis dict[os] Nic. de Lira de 
litera impress[a.] ^ Item do et lego collegio dive Marie 
Virginis vocato Winchester College in Oxon hos libros 
theologicales, videlicet, opera beati Augustini, Jeronimi, et 
Ambrosii, et opera Hugonis de Vienna super Evangelia 
et Psalterium. Item volo et ordino quod executores mei 

disponant et distribuant libros meos parvos de 

artibus humanitatis sive de grammatica et logica inter 
pauperes scolasticos proficientes et indigentes prout melius 
eis videbitur. Item do et lego militibus et ceteris ministris 
cotidie michi minestrancium [sic] et famulancium integrum 
salarium suum unius anni post obitum meum cum esculentis 
et poculentis usque ad diem mei anniversarii. Item do et 
lego tribus patrinis meis communiter vocatis godsons, 
videlicet, Richardo filio Johannis Crofte, item Richardo 
filio Ricardi Croft, item Richardo filio Johannis Wassborn, 
cuilibet eorum xx^. Item lego cuilibet puero in capella 
mea vj^ viij^. Item volo quod Johannes Hunter servitor 
meus habeat unum ciphum stantem deauratum cum cooper- 
torio vel saltem unum de meis [ciphis?] et coopertorium. 
Item volo quod ilia duo vasa mea deaurata vocata gylt 

1 Two folio volumes of Lyra's Postillce, printed without place or date, were 
in the Library, but at present are missing. 




flagons vendantur per executores et precium ac valor 
eorundem extendens ad summam xxx^i distribuatur inter 
pauperes et indigentes sive scolares sive laicos et quosdam 
devotos sacerdotes seculares vel religiosos, ut ipsi orent 
pro me et pro hiis pro quibus teneor orare ex causa, et quod 
hujusmodi distribucio fiat inter triginta pauperes vel sexa- 
ginta vel nonaginta. Item volo quod Inventarium de vasis 
meis argenteis et deauratis sit annexum et consutum huic 
testamento [pro ?] instruccione executorum meorum. Item 
volo et ordino quod postquam ista legata per me sint per- 
soluta si remaneant de bonis meis aut debitis vel in pecuniis 
sive in plate vel aliis supellectilibus ad summam quadraginta 
librarum, tunc voluntas mea est quod tanta summa per 
executores meos exponatur et applicetur ad procurandum 
tarras \sic\ de valore ac [precio ?] xl^^^ solidorum ad exequias 
pro anniversario meo imperpetuum observandum in ecclesia 
mea cathedrali per canonicos et vicarios chorales, sic quod 
decanus et capitulum subeant onus pro licencia quod 
dicte terre ad manum mortuam perveniant, quodque inter 
canonicos ibidem in anniversario meo presentes et pro me 
devote orantes dividantur xxvj^ et viij^, et inter vicarios 
chorales et [clericos ?] presentes et orantes distribuantur 
xiijs et iiij<i annatim \sic\ si Magnus Dominus et Optimus 
voluerit. Item volo quod executores mei mente teneant et 
frequenter secum cogitent quom[o^i?o?] pro dilapidacionibus 
et reparacionibus maneriorum ad ecclesiam meam Heri- 
ford \sic\ pertinencium nichil a precessore meo domino 
Adriano hucusque recepi, non obstantibus Uteris ad eundem 
transmissis per me Richardum antedictum, non obstanti- 
busque quamplurimis instanciis factis ad procuratorem 
ejusdem domini Adriani, et Nichilominus Ego dictus 
Richardus Hereford[ensis] Episcopus exposui termino 
et spacio undecim annorum quibus eidem ecclesie prefui 
pro reparacionibus necessariis circa palatium, maneria, 
horrea, molendina, stagna le werys et le stank^ ut patet 
per libros compoti, mille marcas et ultra, et oculata f acie 
probari poterit. Item volo quod nullus executorum meorum 




subscriptorum aliquam acquietanciam faciat alicui nisi cum 
consensu duorum coexecutorum suorum. Et hos constituo 
executores hujus mei testamenti M. Willelmum Webbe 
Archidiaconum Hereford[ensem], M. Willelmum Porter 
Precentorem ecclesie mee cathedralis, M. Henricum Martyn 
Archidiaconum Salop., et M. David Walker Registrarium 
meum, et cuilibet trium predictorum executorum, videlicet 
M. Willelmo Webbe, M. Willelmo Porter, et M. Henrico 
Martyn, do et lego qu[inque] ma[rcas et ciphum] argen- 
teum stantem et deauratum tanti valoris, et M. David 
Walker iiij^i" marchas [sic] et ciphum tanti valoris Item 
constituo et ordino venerabilem virum confratrem 
[meum?], M. Edmundum Frouceter Decanum ecclesie mee 
cathedralis antedicte supervisorem hujus testamenti mei, 
cui do et lego pro labore et diligencia sua unum ciphum 
argenteum et deauratum ad valorem quinque marcarum. 
Residuum vero bonorum meorum non legatorum volo 
quod executores mei disponant pro salute anime mee 
secundum et juxta eorum discretiones et consciencias. 
Hiis testibus, Johanne Clark, Johanne Gregory et Johanne 
Hunter, servientibus meis." 
[Seal lost. Apparently signed with an imperfectly written R.] 

n. Inventory. 

" Inventarium omnium et singulorum vasorum tam argen- 
teorum quam argenteorum et deauratorum existentium in bonis 
Reverendi patris Ricardi Mayow, Herefordensis Episcopi 
tempore mortis sue. 

In primis ij flagons of selver playne weyinge vij^^ unces, price 

of an unce iij". Summa, xxj^i. 
Item, a standynge Cupp gylt with a George in the top of the 
cover, weyinge xxxix and dim. unces, price le unce iij^ vi^. 
Summa, vji^ xviij^ iij^. 
Item, ij pottes of selver with conyis in the toppis weynge 

Ixiiij unces, price le unce iij^ ijd. Summa, x^' v^ iiijd [sic]. 
Item, ij Saltes with a cover with dropis parcell gilt weying 
1 unces, price le unce iij'' ij^. Summa, vij^» xvij^ iiijd [sic]. 




Item, a Notte peyntid with a cover weynge xxj unces, price le 

unce iijs vj<^. Summa, iij^i xiijs vi^^. 
Item, xij Sponys of selver with woddows in the endis, weynge 

vj unces, price le unce, iij^ ij^. Summa a li. viij'^ [sic]. 
Item, a grete Spone with an ymage of Jhu weynge ij unces 

and dim., price le unce iij^ ij^. Summa, vijs xjd 
Item, a standyng Maser weyng viij unces, price le unce iijs ij^. 

Summa, xxiiijs v]^ [sic]. 
Item, a Spice plate of Portugall fation with bestes parcell gylt 

weyinge xviij unces, price le unce iij^ ij^. Summa, Ivij^. 
Item, a pott payntid of a quart weynge xij unces and dim., 

price le unce iij^. Summa, xxxvij^ yj<^. 
Item, ij gylt gooblettes with a cover weyinge xxxij unces, price 

le unce iij^ v'}^. Summa, v^i xij^ 
Item, ij selver gooblettes parcell gylt with a cover, weying 

xxxij unces, price le unce iij^ ijd [? omit ij^]. Summa, 

iiijii xvjs. 

Item, iiij whit bollis with a . . . and a ring in the topp, and 

weyng Ixxxvij unces, price le unce iij^. Summa, xiii^i j^. 
Item, a cupp with a cover gylt havyng in the topp lyke a 

portrolis [poricolis] of xix unces, price le unce iij^ vj<^. 

Summa, iij^^ vj^ vj<^. 
Item, a chaffinge dyshe, weyng xxxj [read xxv] ?] unces, price 

le unce iij^ ijd. Summa, iijii xviij^ ij^. 
Item, ij litill saltes gylt with a cover, of xx unces, price le 

unce iijs vj^. Summa iijii x^. 
Item, ij gilt chales with ij patens of xxxviij [xxxvij ?] unces, 

price le unce, iij^ v]^, Summa, vj^^ ix^ vj^^. 
Item, a pax of selver parcell gilt of v unces, price iij^ ij^. 

Summa, xv^ x^. 

Item, ij selver playne candelstickes of viij unces and dim., 

price le unce iij^ ij^. Summa xxvj^ viij'^ [sic]. 
Item, a box of selver for bread of i unce and dim., price le 

unce iij9 ij^. Summa, iiij^ ix*^. 
Item, a litill paxe of selver with a 3^mage of our Ladye of 

mother of perle, of i unce and dim., price iiijs vj<i. 
Item, a bell of selver weyng vij unces, price le unce iij^. 

Summa, xxj^. 



Item, xj spones with letters in the endeS; of xiiij unces and 

dim., price le unce iij^. Summa, xliij^ vjf^ 
Item, V spones with wrethis in the endes, of v unces and dim., 

price le unce iij^. Summa, xvjs vj^l 
Item, a rounde Cupp of goblet fathion, a knop in the cover 

with port colis and a sheff of arows and a Rose in the topp, 

weyng xxj unces, price le unce iij^ vj^. Summa, iij^i xiij^ vj^^. 
Item, a new powncid cupp, gilt, with a Rose in ye topp of the 

cover, of xxvij unces and quarter, price le unce iij^ vj<^. 

Summa, iiij^i xv^ x^^ ob. 
Item, a basen of sylver, with a braunche in the botum, with an 

Ewer, of Ixxiij unces, price le unce iij^ Summa, x^^ xix^. 
Item, another basyn of silver, with a rose in the middes, with 

my lordes armis parcell gilt, with an Ewer with a pipe, 

weyng Ixxviij unces, price le unce iij^ ijd. Summa, xij^i vij^. 
Item, ij gylt flagons with cheynys, weyng vij^^ and x unces, 

price le unce iij^ Summe, xxvj^i v^. 
Item, a selver pott parcell gilt of xl unces, price le unce iij^ ij*^. 

Summa, vj^^ vjs viij"^. 
Item, a litill cupp gilt with a close crowne in the topp, weyng 

XX unces and dim., price le unce iij^ vj<^. Summa, iiij^i xj^ 


Item, a cupp call id Queue Elizabethis cupp, gilt, weyng 
XX unces and dim., price le unce iij^ vj^. Summe, iij^^ 
xij3 ixd [sic]. 

Item, ij gilt saltes with a cover, weyng xxxvij unces, price le 

unce iij^ vj^. Summa, vjii ix^ vj<^. 
Item, a litill salt gilt withowt a cover of vij unces and dim., 

price le unce iij^ iii}^. Summa, xxv^. 
Item, a cupp with a trayle caulid xx^i gilt, weyng xxiiij unces, 

price le unce iij^ vj*^. Summa, iiij^^ iiij^. 
Item, a Magdalen box of selver gilt, of viij unces and dim., 

price le unce iij^ vj^. Summa, xxix^ ix^. 
Item, ij Cruettes of selver, on gilt with letters, of ix unces and 

dim., price le unce iij^. Summa, xxviij^ vj'^. 
Item, a standyng Cupp and a cover, with a flowre de lows in 

the topp, weyng xxj unces, price le unce iij^ vj^. Summa, 

iijii xiij3 v}^. 




Item, a holiwater stock with a spryngill gilt, of xxiiij unces, 

price le unce iij^ vj<^. Summa iiijii iiijs [sic]. 
Item, a bacull pas to rail of silver and gilt, with the salutacon of 

our ladi and the xii Appostylles, weyng Ixx unces, price le 

unce iijs yj<i. Summa, xijli v^. 
Item, ij gilt saltes gutter fashion with a cover, weyng xlij 

unces, price le unce iij^ vj^. Summa, vij^i vij^ 
Item, an olde salt of thyn plate for the hall, of iiij unces, price 

le unce iij^. Summa, xij^. 
Item, a chalice gilt, with a vernacle in the paten, of xvij unces, 

price le unce iijs vj^. [Summa] lix^ vj<^. 
Item, an other chalice gilt, with the trinite in the paten, of 

xxij unces, price le unce iij^ v']^, Summa, iij^^ xvij^ 
Item, iij masars, price xvj^ 
Item, a Mytre with labelles, price xl^^ 

Item, a pix of selver parcell gilt with a crusifix in the topp, 
off X unces and dim., price le unce iij^ ijd. Summa, 
xxxiijs iijd. 

Item, a payre of crewettes of selver and gylt, of vj unces, 

price le unce iij^ vj^. Summe, xxj^. 
Item, a payre of cruettes with my lordes armis, of ix unces, 

price le unce iij^. Summa, xxvij^. 
Item, a litill pax of selver with a branche of corall, of j unce 

and half, price le unce iij^ Summa, iiij^ v}^. 
Item, a Crismatore with a litill conceyt for oyle, price xiij^ 


Item, ij pouncid caundelstickes of selver, weyng xvj unces, 
price le unce iij^. Summa, xlviij^. 

1552. Haddon, Walter, LL.D., Master of Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge. He was arbitrarily appointed President, on 
Oglethorpe's forced resignation, by Edward VI and his 
Council in August, 1552. Particulars respecting his intrusion 
are given in vol. ii of this Register, pp. 57-8, and in Bloxam's 
Register, vol. ii, pp. 1-lv, 320-2 ; but of any proceedings on 
his part during his short year of headship there is no notice 
in the College records. On Bishop Gardiner's Visitation 



of the College, consequent upon Queen Mary's injunctions 
voiding all ordinances made since the time of Henry VIII, 
he resigned his office on 31 Oct., 1553, and Oglethorpe 
was statutably restored. In June, 1555, he was amicably 
entertained in College : (see vol. ii, p. 30). 

Haddon's subsequently distinguished career is fully narrated 
by Mr. Thompson Cooper, in the Dictionary of National 
Biography, where a complete list of his printed works is 
given. He died in London, 21 Jan., 1574, and was buried 
at Christ Church, Newgate Street. 
1650. Goodwin, Thomas, of Catharine Hall, Cambridge, the 
well-known Independent minister, was appointed President, 
on the death of John Wilkinson, by order of the House 
of Commons, on 8 Jan. (Whitelock's Memorials)^ the day of 
the burial of his predecessor. He was created D.D. by 
diploma, 23 Dec, 1653. At the approach of the Restoration 
he removed on 9 May, 1660, from his office, and retired to 
London, where he continued to minister to Non-Conformists. 
He died 23 Feb., i6J§, aged 80. His numerous works 
were published collectively in five folio volumes, edited in 
the earlier volumes by Thankful Owen and James Baron 
(Fellow, 1648-62), at London, in 1681-1703, where in the 
last volume a life of Goodwin is added. 

The story told of him by Addison in No. 494 of the Spectator 
is familiar, and also the nickname of "Nine-Caps" said by 
Ant. Wood to have been given him on account of the 
many head-coverings which he wore as protectives against 
colds. For the little notice of his College life which our 
records afford, see vol. iv, p. 7 ; and see also vol. ii of 
Bloxam's Register, pp. cix-cxi, cxvii, and vol. v, p. 169. 

The diploma conferring on him the degree of D.D. describes 
him as "dignissimus theologiae a multis annis Baccalaureus, 
et nisi per invictam hactenus verecundiam stetisset jam 
olim gradu si quis ultra Doctoratum esset a nobis ultro 
insigniendus, ut qui et scriptis in re theologica quamplurimis 
orbi Anglicano qua Christianus est abunde inclaruerit, et in 
munere quo apud nos fungitur concionatorio non minori 

I 2 


impendio nostro animarum quam corporis sui virium et 
salutis dispendio, et Deo Opt. Max. et bonis omnibus ac- 
ceptam navaverit operam " [^Convocation Register, T. p. 229]. 

1687. Parker, Samuel, Bishop of Oxford. Son of John Parker, 
a judge under the Commonwealth. Matric. at Wadham 
College, 29 Oct., 1657. B.A., 28 Feb., i6f|. M.A., as 
at Trinity College, 9 July, 1663. Ordained, 1664. F.R.S., 
1665. Incorp. at Cambridge, 1667, and created D.D. there 
by royal mandate, 26 Nov., 1671. Installed Archdeacon of 
Canterbury, 1670, retaining that appointment until his 
death. Nominated Bishop of Oxford, 22 Aug., 1686, 
elected 18 Sept., and consecrated 17 Oct. Nominated 
President of Magdalen College, by K. James II, 14 Aug., 
1687, being then in bad health ; installed by proxy in 
Chapel, 25 Oct., Robert Charnock being the only Fellow 
present; took possession personally of the Lodgings, 
2 Nov. Died, 21 March [or night of 20 March], 168J, 
aged 47 ; buried, 24 March, by torch-light on the south 
side of the Ante-Chapel, but the place is not marked by 
any memorial. 

All the particulars connected with his appointment as Pre- 
sident are given in Bloxam's Magdalen College and James II y 
1886, and a full hst of his political and other pubHcations is 
given in his Life by Rev. W. H. Hutton in the Dictionary 
of National Biography. 

The eminent publishers at Oxford for several generations, 
Parker and Son, are lineally descended from the Bishop. 

1688. Giffard, Bonaventure. Second son of Andrew Giffard 
of Chillington in Brewood, Staffordshire ; born at Wolver- 
hampton in 1642. Educated at the English College at 
Douay. Ordained as a secular priest for the English 
Mission. Created D.D. by the Sorbonne at Paris. 
Appointed by James II to be one of his chaplains. Nomi- 
nated to be a bishop, 30 Jan., 168J, and consecrated as 
Bishop of Madaura, in partibus, in the Banqueting Hall at 
Whitehall, 22 April, by Ferdinand d*Adda, Archbishop of 
Amasia, assisted, it is said, by Bishop Leyburn, and two 



Irish bishops. Appointed Vicar-Apostolic for the Midland 
district. Nominated President of the College by the King, 
by mandate dated 26 March {V. P. Reg.), and admitted 
31 March, and installed by proxy; took possession per- 
sonally, 15 June ; was removed, 25 Oct. He was arrested 
at the Revolution when on his way to Dover, and was 
committed to Newgate, but released on bail, 9 July, 1690, 
on condition of leaving the country within a month. This, 
however, he did not do, but remained in London, living 
quietly and usually undisturbed, although once committed 
to Hertford gaol. But after the accession of George I he 
frequently had to move about, to avoid arrest. In December, 
1 716, he is mentioned as approving of a proposed form of 
oath to be taken by Roman Catholic clergy to live in 
peaceable and quiet submission to the King (Calendar of 
Stuart Papers in Windsor Castle, vol. iii, pp. 350, 416-17, 
1907). He died at Hammersmith, 12 March, 173!, in 
his 92nd year [see Notes and Queries, 3rd Series, xii. 191], 
and was buried in St. Pancras Churchyard, but his heart 
was, in accordance with his will, buried in the College 
Chapel at Douay. And his remains were removed from 
the cemetery at St. Pancras to St. Edmund's College, Old 
Hall, near Ware, 4 Oct., 1907.^ There is a portrait of him 
in that College (Notes and Queries, vii. 242, 1853), and 
Claude du Bosc engraved a portrait in 1719 [ib., xii. 190, 
1867]. He was charitable to the poor, and lived a quiet 
life. A memoir is in the Dictionary of National Biography, 
by Mr. Thompson Cooper, of Cambridge. 
The full account of his short intruded occupation of the 
Presidency is given in Dr. Bloxam's Magdalen College and 
James II, 1886. See also vol. iv of this Register, pp. 43-7. 

^ Information kindly given by the President of the College. 


In vol. i, I have given some interesting notes from the three 
earHest batell-books, being those in Mayew*s time, which I have 
there shortly described at pp. ix-x. It is worth while to add some 
additional extracts. There are more names of guests than I give 
here, but these are, I think, sufficient to show that the ^'magna 
Aula" was never without strangers partaking of hospitality, 
although but very seldom, as it seems, from other Colleges. 
One would like to believe that the ^' Master Caxton " who in com- 
pany with the Greek scholar Grocyn dined with the President 
in 1490 (fol. 50), was the Caxton of Westminster, who might, in 
his old age, have come to Oxford to visit some of the same 
name then living in St. Mary Magd. parish, and who afterwards 
were buried there. But Caxton " is found also dining with the 
Fellows in i486 (fol. 66). College tradesmen are found dining : 
tanners, grocers, carpenters, wool-dealers, with the Fellows; 
butchers, barbers, and others with the servants. Mr. Wilson 
suggests (Magdalen College^ p. 21), that a William Mason, who 
frequently appears among guests as Master W. Mason, is the 
same as William Orcheyerd, the architect of the College. 

As a study of handwriting it is interesting to compare in these 
books the handwriting of the various Fellows, as from week to 
week they in turn act as Stewards of the Tables. Occasionally 
one or two write with the clear formal hand of the trained 
scribe; others usually with the loose, irregular, abbreviated 
scribble of a writer in haste. 

1483-4. " Custus Capelle. Pro cista cum ligamentis ferreis, sera 
et clave, in qua reponitur liber punctatus, iijs i^. [f. 15b.] 
Custus domus pauperum. Henrico Multone pro diligencia 
et necessariis adhibitis circa unum juvenem lesum infra 
claustrum, ex voluntate domini Presidentis, vj^ viij^. [f. 16.] 


Custus Coquine. Aurifabro pro sculptura unius sigilli quo 
signabantur vasa, vj^." [f. 16^.] 

The name of the Chaplain and organist who is incorrectly 
called by Bloxam (ii. 124, 181) Clanning is Clavering. The 
stipend of *'M. Lucas'* as "lector Sophistarum " for the 
term was 218 8^^. 

" Pro vino dato M. Fiharbardo [Fitzherbert] et Willielmo 
Spenser, et aliis venerabilibus ad vices xx<^ ob. Pro cero- 
tecis datis Willielmo Robyns, ij^. Pro cimba pro domino 
Presidente et magistro Berne equitantibus ad Stanlake iij*^ 
die Julii, viij^l" [ff. 33^ 34.] 
1485-6-7. Among guests, at different times, with the Fellows 
were the Vicar of Ry and the rector of Boxford, a fisherman 
who brought salt fish (and in 1497); Philip Harrys farmer 
of Stainswick, a fisherman of Bristol (twice), the son of 
William Cowper the Founder's Clerk of the Kitchen, dom. 
Thomas Bramhow, the farmers of Wanborough, Harwell 
(frequently) and Brightwell, Geoffrey Dormer (often) and 
his son, "magister Hawkyns, pannarius London.", doctor 
Harward, W. Smyth rector of Coldwalton, a farmer of 
Thame, the Clerk of Account, the steward of the Abbess 
of Godstowe, m. Norbery, the executor ofWilham Lum- 
bard (see vol. i, p. 14), dom. Thomas Boudon, dom. Hardy, 
m. Maryott, a mason ("latomus") of Henley, the father of 
m. Crofftes and the father of Cleymond, John Mylton, 
Nicholas Mayew (the President's brother), Robert Mayew, 
Thomas Mayew, the sub-dean of Westbery, the vicar of 
Colyngburne, dom. Plesyngtone, Nicholas Nash farmer of 
Horsepath, Thomas Cobcott or Copcott (often), m. Gebons, 
W. Tocker or Toker (often), W. Wytweye, William 
Whitney, W. Barnard, a deacon named Roger (Aprys?), 
m. John Prestwell, a parchment-maker of Abingdon, 
Whytnam of Abingdon (probably the same), d. Spert, Hugh 
Walton, m. Grove, WiUiam Widhoke, — Davidysone, m. 
Husey, Thomas Avenell. 

On St. Mary [i486, "in die Sabati, viz. die Sancte 
Marie Magd.", the day in that year falling on Saturday] the 

120 EXTRACTS FROM THE [1486-90 

guests, and their order of precedence, are thus enumerated 
(f. 83) : Ad prandium dominus Presidens, Doctor Nicholaus 
IVIayow frater ejus et M.Thomas Da[njvers ad prandium in 
farculo {sic: L ferculo) cum Presidente. Ad tabulam dicti 
Presidentis cum Vicepresidente, M. W. Mayson, et in aho 
fine tabule Procurator M. Reve nuncius matris Regis et 
M3xhegude bidellus. Eodem die cum theologis Johanne 
Anwyk}'!!, et cum sociis in alia tabula tres bidelli, famulus 
M. Davers. et consanguineus thesaur[ar]ii domini Funda- 
toris, et tres cantatores. Et duo clerici compoti et Thomas 
Ma3^ow cum sociis. Et famulus M. Doctoris cum famulis. 
Item eodem die ad prandium cum sociis pater domini 
Aleyn et ejus proximus cum eo." 

Mr. Wilson's note {Magd. Coll., p. 28j that the consecration 
of the Chapel was obsen.'ed on 20 Oct. is confirmed by an 
entry on f. 41 of the " Festum Dedicationis in die Jovis on 
which da}' of week and month that feast occurred in 1485. 

The rather frequent mention of entertainment of "cantatores " 
attests the fondness of the College for good music from its 
earliest days. 

Two butchers, John and Walter "carnifex" and "bocher", 
frequentl}' dine "cum famulis", and in 1487 a glazier of 
Aylesbury, ''unus \'itriator de Helysbr}-", who was em- 
ployed by the President, and John the barber. 

The name of William Groc\Ti, who was the Divinity Reader, 
is found in the lists in 1485-7, at the head of the Fellows, 
next, usually, to the Vice-President. I have not met with 
the name of John Colet. 
1490. In the second week of the first term, on Saturday, the 
King's sub-almoner with two sen^ants, and the Vicar of 
Quinton wiih. his ser\'ant, dined with the Fellows. 

Others in this year are "M. Presidentis tabilarius " [secre- 
tary?]; Waters the vicar of St. Peter's in the East and 
Stanbr}'gge the Schoolmaster on the day that the two 
Spanish Ambassadors dined {see vol. i, p. 22) " in fine alte 
mense", and several strangers and two ser\'ants of the 
ambassadors vdih. the ser\'ants ; the subdean of Wallingford, 

1490-93] EARLIEST bursars' BOOKS 


" M agister Tybard et alius vicarius secum," m. Wyld, Alyff s 
father, — Wodyngton, the vicar of Woodstock, Grocyn, 
Edward Mortymer, the vicar of Chippenham Chypnam 
the vicar of Brackley, 'Mominus Dwunche," 'Muo fihi 
magistri Sannys/' ^' unus sacerdos ex elemosina/' a farmer 
of Blewbery, Catermaynys " (Quatermayne) of Chalgrave. 
1490 or 1491. ''Quidam Rector de Brasyn Nose" twice, 
"quidam deWynchester collector redituum domine Darell"; 
two carpenters (afterwards named as Tyson and Mylys) 
of Northampton '^pro materia de Brakley"; the rector of 
Warnton [Wardington ?] ; '^unus qui duxit sindulas pro 
stauro Collegii " ; an esquire of Leicestershire, and his 
son ; a kinsman of the Bishop of London ; " quidam bene- 
ficiatus prope Seel " ; a doctor of Abingdon and Fawkener 
subdean of Wallingford ; with the President m. Grosyn 
and m. Caxton (with their servants); a Master of Cam- 
bridge ; a singer of London ; Cowdrey of Basingstoke ; 
"unus scolaris mundans muros claustri"; "quidam capella- 
nus Fundatoris," and again, in 1493, quondam capellanus 
"duo cantatores capelle domini episcopi Hartfordensis " 
(sic)] "unus firmarius vocatus Phylyppe Harrys (often, 
and once with his wife) et alius bene cantans " ; " quinque 
de Brakley in camera magistri Heyford, de mandato 
Vice-pres. " ; Dr. Preston, " duo scolares Aule Knee " ; 
the rector of Woodstock ; " custos silve Tugney (sic) " ; 
"extraneus de curia Regis"; "capellanus doctoris Nykke^ 
pro materia de Chapell Wyke"; the parish priest of 
Brightwell ; on St. M. Magd. day " una generosa"; doctor 
Veysy ; the Vicar of Faringdon ; a wool-buyer. With the 
servants, a tanner of Holton ; Nicholas, a singer ; two who 
brought money from m. Codyngton on progress; a poor 
man of Ewelme. 
The President dined " in magna Aula " on the great Festivals 
and on St. Mary Magd. day, as well as occasionally at other 

1493, first week of third term 1493 "Bernes venditor silve 
* Richard Nykke, afterwards Bishop of Norwich. 


de Tubney " ; fourth week, third term, (f. 78) " unus 
carpentarius ex induccione Vice-pres.". 
Eighth week (f. 82) * cum Vice-pre. m, David Biford, et cum 
sociis d. Gam de Collegio Animarum \ 
1496-7 (?) 7th week, third term, (f. iii) Henry Peynter, Phepowe 
butcher, emptor vellerum," the farmer of Horspath, George 
Goldesmythe, ni. Martyne " Ypodydasculus " [Bloxam*s- 
Register, iii. 68], 
loth week, " unus monachus de Standley et famulus ejusdem."^ 
13th week, third term (ff. 119^-120). Wulcy" appears as the 
steward for the week, and in the Hst of persons entertained 
is "familiaris magistri Wulcy ad cenam". In the Hst of 
Fellows he comes in the place of John Franklyn, between 
Grove and Charlys, al. Charillis.^ The Common Bellman 
of the town of Oxford is at supper one day. Of this week's 
account the accompanying photograph gives an exact fac- 
simile ; and on comparison with a facsimile of Wolsey*s 
handwriting prefixed to vol. i of Dr. J. Gairdner's 
Letters and Papers . . . of Rich. Ill and Hen. VII (Rolls 
Series, 8^. Lond., 1861), there seems no doubt that in 
this week's table we possess our only specimen of his 

In the 14th week the servant of master Fetip[l]ace the sheriff 
is entertained. 

^ In Bloxam's Register, iii. 25, note 3, for "anno r. r. Hen. VII. ix°" read 
"anno . . . xiv". The indenture of the Bursars' account in 15 Hen. vii, cited 
by Bloxam (iii. 26 n.) only from Gutch's Appendix to Wood, is in a chest 
containing the rolls in the Muniment Room. 

Facsimile from Baiell Book fok Thirteenth Week oi- Tlnno Term, 1497. 


Vol. ii, p. 97. Middleton, Francis. He was Head Master of 

Sherborne School in 1 560-1. 
Vol. vi, p. 95. [Hughes, Rev. J. B., died 19 Nov., 1909, aged 92.] 

p. 140. Welby, John Earle. Dele the parenthesis and add 
Died, 8 May, 1905. 

p. 141. Paul, George Woodfield. Died 7 April, 191 1, aged 91. 

p. 154. Knight, John Walker. Died 9 Nov., 1909, aged 82. 

p. 1^0. Welby, Montague Earle. Died 31 Dec, 1910, aged 83. 

p. 161. Sedgewick, John. Died 14 Nov., 1909, aged 86. 

p. 166. Henderson, John Edward. A most life-like portrait, 
representing him walking in the College Walks, hangs in 
the Bursary ; painted by Tonneau after his death, from 
memory and sketches. 

p. 167. Pitcairn, David. He was for some years law-reporter 
to the Times newspaper, and a writer in the Law Journal. 
Died at Harrow, 24 Nov., 1910, aged 75. 

p. 179. Baker, George Edward. He resigned the office of 
Estates Bursar at the end of the year 1909, as recorded 
at p. 33 supra. He was thereupon, i Feb., 19 10, re-elected 
as a Fellow without emolument. In 1905, the College 
ordered that a portrait should be painted {^see p. 25), 
which now hangs in the Bursary; and on 17 Dec, 1910, 
a replica of this portrait was presented to him by the 
College tenants, together with a handsome rose-bowl and 
an address with 184 signatures. 

p. 181. Goolidge, William A. B. In 19 10 he gave to the 
College a valuable collection of specimens from the actual 
summits of Alpine rocks. 

p. 189. Warren, Thomas Herbert. Elected Professor of 
Poetry, 16 Feb., 191 1. 



Vol. vii, p. 25. [Hall, Rev. E. Vine, died 7 July, 1909, aged 72.] 
p. 53. Beneeke, P. V. M. First Class in Theology, Trin. Term, 
1 89 1. Junior Hall Greek Test. Prize, 1890, and Senior, 
1892; Senior Hall-Houghton Sept. Prize, 1893. Junior 
Dean of Arts, 1894-5 ; Senior Dean, 1898-9. Vice-Pres., 
1 900-1. In last line, for ' 1891 ' read * 190 1 '. 
p. 65. Lang, W. Cosmo Gordon. Supplemental list of publi- 
cations : — 

Syllabus of a course of Lectures on Political Economy. 80, Oxf., 

Syllabus on English History, Tudor Period. 80, Oxf., 1888. 

The Future of the Church in Scotland) [an address on the subject 

of Re-union]. 80 1895 (?). 
Biography of Ernest R. Balfour (with R. J. Mackenzie). 80, 

Edinb., 1897. 

Pride of Words ; sermon before Univ. of Oxf 8^, Lond., 1901. 
The Empire and the Church ; [in * Empire and the Century ']. 8^, 
Lond., 1905. 

Foreign Missions; [in ' Addresses to Business men']. 8°, 1906. 
Principles of Religious Education; three sermons in St. PauPs 

Cathedral. 80, Lond., 1906. 
Churchmen ; [in 'Mission Preaching for a year']. 1908. 
Ministry of Laymen ; [in * Pan- Anglican Papers ']. 8^, Lond., 1908. 

Editor :— 

Strength and Refreshment ; Selections from St. Francis de Sales, 
160, Oxf., 1900. 

New Cathedral Psalter, in conjunction with H. Scott-Holland, 

C. H. Lloyd, and C. Martin. 80, 1909. 
p. 78. Poole, R L. Resigned his Lectureship at Jesus College 
in June, 19 10. 

p. 90. Thompson, J. M. Resigned office of Examining Chaplain. 


Vol. i,p. 25, 1. 18 "Warde" ^' Warener 

p. 70. The word "insula" only describes the President's 

lodgings as being an isolated building, 
p. 12^ J for "two far higher arbitrators, Wolsey himself and 

the Bishop of Winchester read " a far higher arbitrator, 

Wolsey himself as being Bishop of Winchester in com- 


Vol. ii, p. 93, 1. 4 " 23rd " read " 22nd ". 

p. 228, index, Garbrand, Thos., for *' 107 " read " 197 
Vol. V, p. 167. Morgan, William. For correction of this erroneous 

notice see vol. vi, p. 76. 
Vol. vi, p. viii. The later Order-Books are indexed in separate 




[ The figures in black type mark the biographical notices, and precede 
casual references. 1 

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